A storm was heading for the Keys yesterday. Not strong enough to be named. Got strong overnight. Named. Gordon.

Gordon made a lot of noise last night as it passed over Key West. Woke me a couple of times. Thunder and lightning big time. The lightning coming through the blinds and lighting up the bedroom. Heavy rain, of course.

Winds 45 mph, with gusts up to 60 mph.

Gordon hit land in the upper Keys. As a tropical storm. It is now in the Gulf. Heading for Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Anticipated that when it hits one of these areas, Gordon will be a category 1 hurricane.

The impact of last year’s September hurricanes still with us. Cudjoe to Marathon still recovering from Irma. Many remain homeless.  Food a problem. Debris still be removed.

The Boca Chica Naval Station beginning its second phase of repairs. A $22 million restoration. Expected to be complete by February 2020.

Puerto Rico took two hits last September. First, Irma. Then, Maria. Puerto Rico remains desperate. A forgotten island.

I blame Trump for Puerto Rico’s condition. He turned his back on the island. Even though Americans. Last wednesday Trump said, “I think we did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico.”

What is he smoking?

Key West’s Womenfest begins tomorrow. Runs through September 9. A major event. Thousands of women will arrive from all over the world. The lesbian community and their friends take over the town. Fun time!

The ladies play Flag Football. Practice is friday at Bayview Park. Saturday the big game. Claimed to be a “friendship game.” Watch them play!

I periodically write and speak of iguanas and pythons. Both populations out of hand. The State waited too long to deal with their invasions. Now permanent Florida residents. The government can only contain, not eradicate.

Lizards have entered the picture. I wrote about them recently. They are here and becoming a problem. I hope the State will get into eradication now rather than tomorrow. Tomorrow will be too late.

A seven foot 150 pound lizard took up residence in a family’s back yard somewhere in mid Florida last week. Refuses to leave. Thus far has escaped capture.

Officials still trying to capture the lizard. The homeowners were told not to be concerned. The lizard was of a type not dangerous to humans.

Alligators becoming a problem also. Attacks in Florida on the rise. From 1988-1999, one attack every 3 years. From 2000-2019, 6 per year.

Planet of the Apes on the way. The only difference the nature of the beasts. This time, the reptiles.

The Kavanaugh hearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on TV at the moment. Has been running since 10. Now 11:30. A war! Democrats screaming for fairness and more time. Republicans know they have voting control sitting back letting the Democrats vent.

Nothing more can be said regarding John McCain. Last week he was praised in every possible fashion. The man a true American, a true American hero. Words will quiet down. His memory not. He will remain with us for generations to come.

Meghan McCain’s words will frequently be recalled and repeated: “The America of John McCain does not need to be make America great again, because America was always great.”

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. recently completed a study re the economy. The results of the study clearly established Trump’s “Greatest Economy Ever” is not. The American dream has vanished.

A great number of the American people are struggling with debt and lack of savings. Eighty percent define “American dream” to be financial security and owning a home. More than half believe it is unattainable. The white picket fence gone. The American dream evaporated.

And yet Trump frequently tells us the U.S. is experiencing the greatest economy ever. Ninety percent of the people do not believe it. The man lives in a dream world.

Enjoy your day!


A California Catholic high school recently scored big time in a new stock offering. To the tune of $34 million.

The school St. Francis High School. Mountain View, California. Part of the Silicon valley. One of the wealthiest locations in the United states.

St. Francis already had an endowment of $25 million. Tuition is $17,980.

Several years ago, it was suggested that the school make an investment of $15,000 in the start up company Snap. Snap went public as Snapchat. Day one St. Frasncis’ investment was worth $34 million.

God is good!

A little preferential treatment in this instance?

I have enjoyed Key West for more than a quarter of a century. It is amazing how much I still do not know about the community. I continue to learn.

On Whitehead, just beyond the water tank and across the street from Kelley’s, is a huge metal gate. Tall and wide. Rarely open. I always thought it was merely an entrance to Truman Annex that Truman Annex opted to keep closed. Not so.

Known as the Presidential Gates, they were built in 1906. Designed to be opened for United States Presidents only. The U.S. Navy base was at the far end of the street after entering the Gates.

Truman and Eisenhower used the Gates. A perfect entry to the Little White house.

John Kennedy was the last U.S. President to pass through the Gates. During the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

We are into hurricane season. A couple of tropical storms so far. None near Key West.

Today, Tropical Storm Franklin is on its way to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Till the end of November, hurricanes will enter into Key west conversations. Especially if one is several days away yet heading directly for us.

How best to describe a hurricane? Recall the movie Key Largo. Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Edward G. Robinson. Robinson a big time hoodlum. One of his flunkies was asked what a hurricane was. His response…..The wind blows so hard the ocean gets up on its hind legs and walks right across the land.

An unfortunate incident occurred friday evening at the Hogfish Marina.

Some people had been drinking at the Hogfish bar. One had a dog. Words were exchanged over the dog.

The three ended up at a boat owned by one of them in the marina. Words continued to be exchanged. One man shot another three ties in the groin and shot the dog one time.

The occurrence highly unusual. Nothing of any consequence ever happens at Hogfish other than everyone having a good time.

Key West’s history is rampant with whore houses. No more. Escort Services and Gentlemen’s Clubs are the places to find sex today.

Back at the turn of the century (the 1900’s), many were the brothels in Key West. One the Iron Lady Bar on Duval. The bar itself not the whore house. Upstairs was for that purpose.

A fellow from Pennsylvania owed the bar and its upstairs. His wife 300 pounds. She was the lady of the night. Daytime, also. Available on demand.

Her husband took the fee downstairs at the bar. The men went upstairs to the wife. She insisted that each man take a bath first. There was an old lead bathtub in the room. The bed was referred to as the Playground.

The bath water was changed only once a day. Ughhhh! Customers attempted to time their visits when the water was first poured.

Many who went upstairs were drunk. Some fell asleep in the tub. When awakened, they were dressed and sent back downstairs not knowing they never got to do anything.

The next day the wife would meet the sleepers at the bar and tell them what a great time they had the night before.

Such was Key West in those days.

Enjoy your day!


The Casa Antigua is an integral part of Key West history.

One of Key West’s first built hotels. In 1919. By Benjamin Trevor and George Morris. Constructed with bricks from Fort Zachary Taylor and a building torn down at the time across the street. The Casa Antigua located at the corner of Simonton Street and Rose Lane.

The facility was named the Trev-Mor Hotel. On the first floor was a Ford distributorship also called the Trev-Mor.

Ernest Hemingway is primarily responsible for the building’s historical notoriety.  He and wife Pauline arrived from Paris. they were on their way to New York. Intended to drive. Pauline’s uncle had bought them a new Ford which they were to pick up at the Trev-Mor distributorship.

The car was not waiting for the Hemingways. Late in arriving. They were told it would be there in two days. Ernest and Pauline put into the Trev-Mor Hotel to await its arrival.

Two days turned into ten before the car arrived. In those ten days, Hemingway discovered Key West. He fell in love with Key West. Remained ten years.

During the time, he wrote A Farewell to Arms.

There are other stories concerning the Casa Antigua. They remain for another day to tell. Except for the most recent one.

A new Key West attraction opened two weeks ago on the first floor. The Key West Room Escape. Sound’s like a fun place!

Sort of a search and find items of Key West historical significance.

Teams of up to eight customers are locked in a room. The room filled with all kinds of objects. The team has sixty minutes to find a hidden item. Like the missing page of a manuscript.

Clues are given. An announcer behind a window gives hot and cold clues.

The cost is $35 for an adult and $25 for 16 and under.

Sounds like a fun place. My game plan is to take Robert and Ally.

Did a late Hot Dog Church yesterday afternoon. The Back Door empty, except for Donna, Terri and Laurie. Spent a couple of humorous hours before returning home.

I continue to run tired. Kept to home basically the past few days. See the heart doctor at 5 today for the results of last week’s tests.

The semblance of a storm forming in the Gulf 50 miles off Tampa. Not a hurricane. Right now a tropical depression. Result of low pressure. Not expected to become a big deal.

There will be big time rain today and tomorrow however as a result. Winds will not be of consequence.

Appears hurricane season as a practical matter is around the corner.

East Martello Fort is going to get a $2 million repair job. Money coming from grants.

East Martello is a Civil War Fort. Built by the Union to help in warding off Confederacy ships. The Confederacy ships never arrived.

One hundred fifty five years old. Time again for a touch up.

Two strange events of a similar nature occurred in 1975.

On this date, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. On September 9, Key West Fire Chief and convicted drug dealer Bum Farto disappeared. Both swiftly swept off by third parties never to be seen again.

Farto’s disappearance left Key West with a famous saying. On tee shirts, in the media and conversation: Bum Farto Where Are You?

Multi-talented Terri White coming over later to change a shower fixture and put together a new desk chair for me. The benefits of having a lesbian wife.

Enjoy your day!