Bernie Sanders argued for a free college education in the recent primaries. College is expensive. Tuition a back breaker. Rent a killer. Borrowing resulting in long term debt.

There is a new phenomenon in the country. It has become increasingly popular in recent years. Considered trendy.

It is referred to as the girlfriend experience. Ladies selling their bodies for a fee. The ladies generally college girls or in their 20s. The men rich.

No pimps or street corners involved. The ladies use the internet to make contact.

The ladies sell their bodies in order to pay tuition, student loans, rent and some to afford designer labels.

The girlfriend experience is the new prostitution economy.

The experience is not a meet, quick bang and thank you m’am. More is involved. The men want the perfect short term girl friend. Well groomed, cultured, classy, able to converse about anything. A lady that never brings her personal problems to the relationship.

The time involved may be an evening, a day, a weekend, a trip.

The men are older. Decidedly so. Generally 40 to 60 years. Affluent. Money no object to them.

The wages of sin are pretty good. All over the place. The price generally set forth in the site ad. Anywhere from $400 an hour to $2,000-$5,000 an evening. Some higher.

One young lady in South Africa offers herself for $42,000 an evening. She will travel anywhere. I cannot conceive what she can do for that kind of money.

The lady friend of today is the sugar baby of yesterday. The men, the sugar daddies of yesterday. Interestingly, both labels still apply.

Most arrangements last 1-3 years. A weekly meeting. A set figure in advance. Many contract for $5,000 a month. That is $60,000 a year. One hundred eighty thousand dollars over three years.

The ladies generally have 2-3 sugar daddies they provide service for during the course of a week.

The money earned astronomical. Described as an allowance.

The men seek a cultured sexual relationship with a much younger lady. The ladies view the relationship as a job. They do it for the money. No emotional entanglement involved.

The men view the women as sex objects. Whores. Beneath them. Though the ladies are treated with respect at all times.

Most of the men involved are married. They receive from the younger ladies that which their wives fail to provide.

In addition to the agreed remuneration, there are perks/incidental gifts. Extra cash, shopping sprees, jewelry, travel. Benefits of a high end easy life.

The ladies kiss. A no no in the prostitution trade. Men do not kiss the ladies and the ladies not the men. The relationship of sugar daddy/sugar baby is closer and different. The relationship more than that found in other prostitution situations. Kissing is expected and welcomed.


The parties meet via the internet. The leading site is More female subscribers than men by a 10-1 ratio. The ladies in their ads set forth their asking price. Men, their net worth.

The ladies are listed free. The men pay $44.95 per month. For an additional $1,200 paid by the man, Seeking Arrangement offers a Diamond Club. The Diamond Club verifies incomes and net worth for the ladies.

Other oft mentioned internet sites are and

The feminist movement has mixed feelings. To some, it is empowering. The ladies are entering the work force. The sex industry. Others consider it slutty.

Some maintain the ladies involved are oppressed. Many of the sugar babies have a contrary opinion. They believe those working for $7 an hour are the oppressed ones.

The business world has found a new way of not paying new or entry level employees. They call them interns and make them work for nothing. A sugar baby does not have to tolerate such an experience.

2014 found a large spike as regards the ladies. Especially in southern states. The University of Austin had the greatest growth. Two hundred twenty seven percent.

The top four universities in every area reported were Georgia State University, Kent State University, Arizona State University, and New York University. Number one was New York University.

A top ten listing of cities with the highest density of daddies

showed  Atlanta #1 and Austin #10.

The ladies are sometimes referred to as hidden hos. Websites such as Seeking Arrangement as convenience stores for adulterers. More dignified, a virtual brothel.

I wish to venture a personal opinion.

Prostitution is illegal in the United States, except for Nevada. Whether sexual activity constitutes a crime is dependent on the services provided. If something more than sex is provided, the acts are not viewed as prostitution. The something more such things as house cleaning or companionship. All difficult of proof.

More than 15 nations world wide have legalized prostitution. Included are New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Columbia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Sometime in the early 2000s, Germany legalized prostitution. The reason/excuse was to give dignity to the women. Also provide a means by which the ladies had rights, pension plans, and hospitalization coverage.

The real reason was Germany wanted to tax prostitution. They taxed it at every level of government and form of participation. Germany has made a ton of money and continues to do so.

The ladies have not benefited as anticipated. The reason being the influx of immigrants from Europe’s eastern block and North Africa. Too many new prostitutes. Prices for services rendered dropped dramatically. The old story of supply and demand.

The United States has moved swiftly in the past ten years in certain areas. Same sex marriage, transgendered  accepted in the military, marijuana legalized.

Marijuana is not yet legal in every state nor via federal law. It will be in the next 5-10 years.

I see prostitution on the same path as same sex marriage and marijuana approval. Legalization. The government will approve legalization because of the large tax dollars prostitution brings.

Legalization is coming. You can bet on it. In 10 years or less.


I can’t win!

I continue abusing my body.

Broke a little toe again. Last night. This time on a foot of the bed.

Spent most of yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column: The New Prostitution. Popularly referred to as the girlfriend experience. Young ladies. Older affluent men. Most college girls. Looking to pay tuition, college debt, rent. Some to buy designer clothes. Some just for fun.

The dollars big.

It is the new way regarding sex solicitation and activity. No pimps, no walking the streets, no standing on street corners, no brothels. All done one on one via the internet.

The article interesting and revealing.

I wanted to get out after I finished the column. Opted for Louie’s Backyard. Sat at the deck bar in the shade. Enjoyed a couple of drinks while looking out over the ocean.

The war continues between the Key West community and the hospital. The Lower Keys Medical Center. The hospital is owned by Community Health Systems. A major national health conglomerate.

The conflict proper. The hospital is taking advantage of its patients/customers.

A David and Goliath battle. A small community taking on a major medical corporation.

Immigrants in the news daily. A problem for most countries. Big time.

All cannot be labeled as bad. The proof is in the pudding.

Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant. A poor immigrant. He came to the colonies looking for a better life. He came from the Caribbean island of Nevis in 1773. His age young. Either 16 or 18.

Three years later, he was fighting in the Revolution. George Washington took a liking to him. Considered the young Hamilton an economic genius. Washington was correct. Hamilton was a key figure at the Constitutional Convention. He also guided the new nation for many years economically.

Disturbances have been occurring in France. Increasing in intensity. The basis for the conflicts are immigrants and terrorism.

The head of France’s Security Services recently advised that if the problem persisted, it could lead to a civil war. Lead by France’s far right.

I worry about something happening in the U.S. Not from the immigration/terrorist problem. From the black/police problem. The past week evidence. Dallas could have turned into a major eruption. The weekend protests likewise. The wood is dry. Only a spark required to create a conflagration.

Enjoy your day!



Last night was supposed to have been dinner with Jenna at Azur. Jenna taking me out for my birthday. She telephoned in the morning. The flu. We are rescheduled for Thursday night.

My rescheduled evening began at Don’s Place. Chatted with Don, David, Boomer, Jimmy, Stan and Clare. Don, David and I decided to go to dinner. No one  wanted to join us. We decided on the outdoor bar at La Te Da.

Don and David became engrossed with two ladies to their left. I with a couple to my right. Alexandra and James, aka Alex and Jim.

I forgot to mention to Alex that I have an 11 year old granddaughter living here in Key West with a similar first name. Alexandra. We call her Ally.

Alex and Jim interesting folks. Down from Wellington, Florida. Wellington is located in Palm Beach County near Boca Raton.

I constantly learn. Wellington is the equestrian capital of the world. Horse activity at the highest level. Show jumping and polo, for example.

Alex and James are involved. Both are equestrian judges. Jim a trainer, also.

They are involved with training the equestrian Olympic team that will be competing this winter. They also are involved with polo events at the highest levels of competition.

Alex is originally from Maryland. Jim almost a neighbor of mine. From Avon, New York. Just outside Rochester.

Too bad they are leaving this morning. I enjoyed their company and would have liked to spend more time with them.

My afternoon yesterday was spent researching this week’s KONK Life column. I will write it this afternoon.

The topic a current one. The girlfriend experience. Sugar babies and sugar daddies. Older men and younger women. Generally, college age.

I am sure such has existed over the ages. However, in the past several years it has kicked into high gear. It is a phenomenon sweeping the United States. A new type prostitution economy.

The young ladies enter into long term relationships with benefactors. The money received helps to pay student loans, rent and provide the ability to afford designer labels.

The dollars big.

The Underwater Music Festival was held yesterday at Looe Key. Hundreds attended. Party time. Involved the Reef.

Two years ago, I wrote a column about the Scopes Trial. Also known as the Monkey Trial. It began this day in 1925. Referred to at the time as the trial of the century.

William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow opposing each other. Scopes the young teacher on trial.

My column laid out how the whole scenario was a fraud. From the very beginning. The only ones not in on the fraud were Bryan and Darrow.

Dayton was a small community in Tennessee. The City fathers thought their businesses needed a boost. They wanted national attention so people would visit Dayton.

They fabricated the facts leading to the trial. Pure and simple. It did succeed in getting national attention. It failed to achieve its primary purpose. People did not flock to Dayton afterwards.

Enjoy your Sunday!