FLORIDA WEEKLY…..Key West Edition

An enjoyable time at Sq. 1 last night. The company!

I was seated at the corner of the bar sipping a gin and reading the newspapers. All of a sudden, they came in. Five of them. Four women and one man. Lively and interesting.

I could not help overhearing their conversation. Felt sorry for the man. A tough night with four ladies.

The conversation that caught my attention was one re botex, eye lifts, and other facial corrections/updates. The two women really into it surprised me. Claiming they had to do something. Neither needs now nor will need facial work for at least 20 years.

Female vanity.

Let me introduce you. The gentleman, Louis Spelios. Anyone with the name Louis has to be a good guy. He was. Once a dentist in Miami, now a retired dentist in Key West working two days a week. A golfer. Plays every wednesday morning. His group follows Don Manaher’s. A story unto itself.

Louis’ wife was Jenna. One of the two beauties discussing facial work.

Jenn was another one of those who thought she needed help. No way! Her name, Jenn Doll. Jenn is the Publisher of the Key West edition of Family Weekly. A new paper on the island. Only six weeks old.

I was given a copy. Read it later at home. A winner! Great articles. Excellent writers. Tons of colorful advertising. Perfect layout.

The remaining two ladies Dawn and Marsha. Can’t say anything about them. Jenna, Jenn and the two Louis’ monopolized the conversation.

I enjoyed their company. Had a good time. Would enjoy running into them again.

Walked over to La Te Da for dinner at the outside bar. I wanted crispy duck.

As good as the company was at Sq. 1, it sucked at La Te Da. Two women sat next to me. Fortyish. One a snowbird. Has owned a Key West home 12 years. The other her house guest.

Both know it alls! Pains in the ass! I could not wait till dinner was done and I could leave.

Fantasy Fest is a specified adult event. There is now another in Key West. Kamp Key West. Two years old. A summer camp for adults. The purpose is to get people in touch with their inner child.

Ongoing this week. Water sports, dances, bar hopping, etc. Sounds clean in comparison to Fantasy Fest. Different strokes for different folks.

The Kamp ends sunday with La Te Da’s Tea Dance and Drag Bingo at 801.

This morning’s Key West Citizen noted that on this day in 1940, Thelma Strabel took out a building permit to construct a house at 400 South Street. The home when constructed was considered the southernmost point in the United States.

I wrote an article about Strabel three years ago. She authored Reap the Wild Wind. Made into a movie starring John Wayne. Serialized in the Saturday Evening Post.

Strabel used her earnings from the Saturday Evening Post to build the house.

The house is long gone. Someone tore it down to build a larger one.

Saturday. Tonight, I will be at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town. Bobby Nesbitt time.

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday for me is as friday for most others. The end of the work week! Time to take a few days off.

Friday through tuesday are research, writing and radio days. Nine thirty tuesday night ends it for me. The time my blog talk radio show concludes.

Wednesday is a do nothing day. Love it! Some celebrate wednesday as hump day. For me, a screw off day.

Happy birthday Don Manaher! Finally, 40! Ho ho!

Big birthday party tonight at Don’s Place. Seven o’clock. Great entertainment. Larry, Christine, Kathleen, and Ray amongst others. Don’s children and grandchildren. Son in laws to be. And the best of the best, wife Stephanie.

A big time Christmas event this evening. The Lighted Bike Parade. Bikes thoughtfully decorated. Riders, also. Parade itself starts at 6:30 from Bayview Park. To Mallory Square and back to Bayview. Partying  at Bayview begins at 5. Santa Claus has promised to be there.

Spent yesterday researching further and fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A multitude of sins covered. From Helen Sperling and the Holocaust to Pittsburgh police who refuse to be drug and alcohol tested.

An early dinner at Roostica. Love Bobby’s food! Last night sausage covered with peppers and onions in a red sauce. Five pieces. Plus, great bread. All for $10!

Hurried home to watch the Syracuse/Colgate basketball game. Syracuse supposed to win. Colgate nowhere the same class. Last night was Syracuse’s 50th consecutive victory over Colgate.

The score 78-57. Syracuse was supposed to win that big. The team looked better than their last game. Not there yet, however. Rebounding continues to be a problem. Each team had 32 rebounds.

It was Mike Hopkins’ first college victory. He is the acknowledged Boeheim successor. May he have a 1,000 victory career!

One of the most strenuous and exasperating days for me is when I have to renew my drug coverage and supplemental hospital plans. Comcast easier to communicate with.

Monday, I did the drug plan. AARP sponsored United Health Care Plan. Only took an hour this year. Only had to talk to four different people. Waiting between them forever.

I have to do the supplemental hospital renewal. Same company, a different phone number. Tried monday following the drug plan renewal. Hung on the line a good 15 minutes waiting for a body. Listened to suck music. Finally, a recorded voice told me it was better if I tried between 7 and 9 in the morning. I have yet to get to it.

Sea turtles a loved species in the Florida Keys. Everything is done to protect them. We even have a Turtle Hospital. The Turtle Hospital this past weekend hosted the Annual Sea Turtle Workshop. Over 120 attendees. From as far away as Italy.

Enjoy your day!