Today’s blog will be short. I developed a dental problem last night. I have a very early appointment this morning.

I told Anna not to go to Greece. She is going. Leaves today.

She spoke with friends yesterday in Athens and Santorini. They all said come. Everything normal, except for the demonstrations. No one will bother you. Life normal.

We shall see. I hope she received good advice.

I would love to be in Greece these days. Has to be exciting. History in the making! The demonstrations should not be a problem if they are similar to those I experienced. Yesterday, 10,000 were protesting in front of Parliament. Where I stood with 4,000-5,000 demonstrators on three occasions several years ago.

I have been watching news reports re Greece on TV. I question if we are being provided with the true picture. We see the protests. We do not see lives outside the protests. Lives going on as usual.

A warning. A Louis one. The Eurounion/Greece problem is opening the door for a Greece, Russia, China deal. Watch. Putin at work again.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. An interesting show.

Topics include the President’s eulogy, the two Supreme Court decisions of import last week, the U.S. Navy short of ships, a new way to sneak cocaine out of Columbia, and a Greece update.

I will have heard from Anna by show time tonight with her first impressions of Athens. I will share them.

Enjoy your day!