Is Trump feeling the heat? Is the Russian probe revealing possible Trump involvement?

Whatever, Trump’s firing of Comey last night indicates something is going on. Behind the scenes. Matters we as a people are not aware of yet.

The people made a mistake in electing Trump. It is becoming increasingly obvious. The chaos he is causing world wide is now happening here at home.

Washington is being called upon to test the fundamental issue. Balance of power. Trump does not respect it. He does not understand it. Will Congress remember it and do its duty. Duty before destruction of our democracy. We are neither a third world country nor a banana republic.

What is happening is a stress test of our basic beliefs.

The chorus for a special prosecutor is becoming thunderous. Hopefully, Congress will recall its duty and the balance of power which imposes that duty on them.

Rod Rothenstein requires comment. The new Deputy Attorney General. In office only thirteen days. A Judas in Comey’s midst. His 30 pieces of silver the job and who knows what further in the Justice Department.

The grounds Trump relies on for firing Comey occurred in July and October. Some nine and seven months ago. If Trump was concerned, he should have fired Comey as soon as he took office.

Trump’s letter to Comey included the following: “It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.”

I would change the quote a bit to evidence what is going on in our country: “It is essential that the Nation find new leadership in the Presidency that restores public trust and confidence in the office.”

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I spent yesterday lying around.  Taking things slow. Concerned about my health. Probably not that bad. In my head. But, that’s me.

As a result of a do nothing sunday, I have no Key West goodies to share. Today, a political blog.

The Presidential campaign makes me ask whether this is my country? Your country? Our country? It is so different. Destructive. Sick.

Is democracy so fragile? I would not have believed it. Disagree, yes. Threaten violence and move to violence, no.

Gabriel Schoenfeld shared some thoughts re Trump this weekend in the New York Daily News.

He referred to Trump as a moronic Pied Piper. Hard to argue with. Many are blindly following Trump.

Schoenfeld stated our democracy is fragile.

Further and most scary, as Trump’s campaign flails, the violence and threads of violence multiply by the day. Bloodshed possible/probable.

Bloodshed, a heavy word.

Saturday night, a local Republican headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina was firebombed. The headquarters was also spray painted with a swastika and the words: Nazi Republicans leave town or else.

Trump responded to the event with a tweet stating the event was perpetrated by…..Animals supporting Clinton.

I find it hard to believe the event was Democrat caused. Hillsborough and the county it is a part of is 3-1 Democratic registration.I sense a set up by Republican supporters creating a situation to blame the Democrats for.

I could be wrong. It is a gut feeling.

Trump tweeted re Saturday Night Live yesterday morning. He is now anti SNL. He has lost his sense of humor.

He referred to SNL as a “hit job.” Said it was “time to retire the show.” Finally, Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him “stinks.”

Sensitive! He can hand it out, but cannot take it.

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Still nursing/babying myself. At 80, you do this. Cold much better. Another day should do it.

Yesterday was typical of a person on the mend. I read, watched TV, and napped. A lot of napping.

I took my time researching tonight’s blog talk radio show. Great topics! Authoritarianism and Trump, Gaddafi and the predicted Jihad that followed his death, an Israeli study showing marijuana an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, Congress adding $64 billion to Budget Bill for Ukrainian neo-Nazi party, Saudi Arabia buying up water deprived farm land in California and Arizona, Uber getting into helicopters,and more.

June Nelson e-mailed me an article she thought would interest me. It did. I am going to talk about it a bit this evening on my blog talk radio show. I share the theme/tenor with you at this time.

It is an article in Politico. Titled: The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter. It is by Matthew Mac Williams 1/17/2016. I recommend you read it. It can be found on

Briefly, authoritarianism is a blind submission to authority. The authoritarian leader generally having a short tenure. It is the opposite of Democracy. It involves the loss of individual freedom.

Authoritarianism has been studied by social scientists since the rise of Nazi Germany.

With authoritarianism, people rally and follow a strong leader, respond aggressively to outsiders (especially when feel threatened). Things such as I will make America great again, build a wall on the border, close the mosques, bar Muslims, and the like.

An interesting article.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is at 9 tonight my time. Join me for a quick moving half hour.

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