What a title!

I was sitting at the round table in the Chart Room last night with some old friends and some new. Alicia was the culprit. I had met her once before. She is Sheila’s friend. Also at the table were Alicia’s husband Trevor and a North Carolinian Mark. Both new to me. Plus, the eternal David.

Alicia asked if I wanted to see some porn food. I squeamishly asked what it was. After some joking around the table, I was shown cell phone pictures of porn food.

Turns out Alicia is a gourmet cook. Loves to cook! The pictures were of various dishes she had prepared. Alicia described how most of the dishes were put together. Interesting. Mouth watering.

I commented man has two great drives. His mouth and his genitals. Ergo,  it made sense to describe food from a sexual perspective.

Mark works part time as a Washington, DC  public relations consultant. I enjoyed chatting with him.

Alicia and Trevor are returning to Key West in March. It was agreed a cook out would be held at Sheila’s apartment at that time. Sheila is a fabulous cook, also. I hope they remember to invite me.

As expected, Don and Chris arrived. My Syracuse friends. They got up at 3;30 yesterday morning to catch a 6 am plane. They live outside Syracuse. When they left the house at 4:30, it was minus 10 degrees.

Don and Chris are here for a week. I will see them frequently. We have become good friends over the years.

Tonight is Syracuse basketball! Playing Florida State at 8. Don, Chris and I will be watching the game at Don’s Place.

Which brings me to Dan and Lisa. You have been hiding! I understand you have been in town a week. For shame, we did not get together. Join us at Don’s Place for the game.

Dan and Lisa are from Skaneateles, a town outside Syracuse. They own a restaurant. They will be here for two months.

The game is at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. The poor Florida State players are going to get a taste of real COLD!

Syracuse is favored by 12 points. I have no comment. I do not know anymore.

I am impressed with the march that is to take place in Paris today. The French people are standing up to the terrorists. What is most impressive is the number in the march is estimated at 1 million. Another impressive factor is that the heads of many nations are joining the march. Forty four. Leaders such as Germany’s Merkel, Britain’s Cameron, Italy’s Renzi, and Israel’s Netanyahu.

I hope nothing happens during the parade.

Enjoy your Sunday!