It always amazes me how little I know. The older I get, the more I learn.

I came across a very brief note this morning in the Key West Citizen re curfews for minors in Key West. I did not know.

The curfew applies to children up to the age of 17. They must be home by 11 week nights and 12 on the weekend. Exceptions exist. Where they are supervised, working or involved in school activities.

In addition, I learned there is a Florida model curfew law.

I question the need for a minors curfew. I would be surprised if a need existed at the time the City Commission approved the law. In the many years I have lived in Key West, I have concluded the community is conservative. Ultra conservative where home values are involved. Middle America.

Key West is not the first three blocks of Duval.

My Republican readers are going to love the next statement. I believe government substitution for parental responsibility wrong. Key West parents are good people. They instill proper attitudes in their children.

Key West recently settled two negligence cases. Total dollars $200,000 plus. The reason given to avoid what could result in a more costly judgment.

I spent my career in the court room. Any person or entity that cries wolf too many times is going to be taken advantage of. Eventually a party such as Key West becomes a target for lawsuits. Why? An easy touch. A quick dollar. Gun shy to try a case.

Such an attitude results in more dollars being cumulatively paid. There are times a City must stand and fight.

Part and parcel of the situation might be the Duck Train case. It ultimately cost Key West $8 million several years ago.

I finally left the house yesterday. Cleaned up first. Shaved. It took two blades. The first one ended up feeling like my razor blade after my former wife used it to shave her legs.

Drove to the Marriott. Wanted to pick up a copy of this week’s KONK Life. Not on the stand yet. Returned to my car in the garage.

I was exhausted! A short walk. Knocked me on my ass! Makes sense. I had been prone for eight days.

I was determined to at least have lunch out. Decided on Outback. Nothing fancy. Wanted a bowl of potato soup. Their potato soup excellent!

The walk to and from the restaurant from the parking lot an ordeal. Instead of staying out, I drove home and went back to bed.

I am out this morning, again. A business meeting followed by a haircut. Hopefully followed by a light lunch.

I am better. No question. Another day or two of pills. Still have a slight pain in the same place occasionally.

I need to be with people!

Enjoy your day!