Two events have occurred in my lifetime which I consider momentous. Man on the moon and the Berlin Wall coming down. No other event excels.

Man walking on the moon blew my mind. A real WOW! Inconceivable.

The Berlin Wall went up in 1969. Communist Russia and the United states were at each other’s throats for years. Fear of war overwhelmed us.

On this day in 1987, President Ronald Reagan stood before the Berlin wall and said to Secretary Gorbachev, “Take down this wall!”

Reagan had brass balls.

The Wall came down two years later. The Berlin people themselves knocked it down. Brick by brick, stone by stone.

Absolutely amazing!

The Soviet Union would dissolve two years later. Who would have thought?

Pride and Women’s Equality Parades yesterday. Both successful events. Crowds on the sidewalk cheering. Pride floats magnificent. Everyone happy!

One hundred feet of the Rainbow Flag was carried the length of the Parade.

The group on one of the floats kept repeating : Love, not hate, that’s what makes America great. A fitting slogan. A better variation on anything Trump has said thus far.

Today in Bayview Park, 49 Rainbow Flags are flying to commemorate the 49 lives lost one year ago today at Orlando’s Pulse Club.  In addition, a one hundred foot section of the Rainbow Flag flies in Orlando today.

Love one another!

William Hackley’s diary entry of yesterday in 1856 noted that his daughter Lucia had the chicken pox.

I recall the chicken pox when I had them at 3 or 4 years of age. My father dabbing me with calamine lotion to ease the itching.

Then came my four children. All close in age. We had 4 in 5 years.

They all came down with chicken pox the same summer. Not all at once, however. One every two weeks. A long summer!

I did as my father. Dabbed the sores with calamine lotion.

Qatar a problem place. For a short time, I hope. Muscle flexing by Saudi Arabia and a few other Arab states.

Qatar is small. Very small. Very rich. It has huge supplies of natural gas. Qatar and Iran have shared the benefits of the natural gas together for years.

Qatar has hired former Attorney General John Ashcroft and his law firm to represent Qatar in its problems with Saudi Arabia and others. Ashcroft was Attorney General under Bush 2.

The pay is good. A retainer of $2.5 million. For only the first 90 days of work.

Terri sings tonight with the Dueling Bartenders at Aqua.

Enjoy your day!




Wednesday is my friday. First day of no writing, except for my daily blog. Ergo, I refer to it as my screw off day. This week thursday joined the club. I enjoyed a second simple day and evening.

Hogfish for lunch. Season over. Not crowded.

La Trattoria on the Ocean for dinner. At the bar. Stephanie bartending. First time I met her. A go getter.

She has been a bartender 30 years. Been in Key West 2 years. Originally from Long Island.

Stephanie is going into business. She is opening an organic fruit drink bar at Body Zone in the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center. Work underway. Should open in three weeks. Drinks will be available street side and inside.

I wish her well.

That takes care of lunch and dinner. Nothing else till 9 in the evening.

Last night watched the Clinton/Sanders Debate from the comfort of my bed. A boxing match. Both equally good. Hillary’s major fault is she can be evasive and fail to respond to a question.

I recently ate at Square Grouper. Discovered where the name came from.

In the 1970s, the lower Keys were the U.S. entrance for fisherman carrying bales of marijuana. A bale of marijuana was also known as a square grouper.

James Fenimore Cooper. An acknowledged and respected writer. Especially of Indian tales. Last of the Mohicans and Leatherstocking Tales. He also authored non Indian stories.

One was venued in the Florida Keys. The name Jack Tier, or, the Florida Reef. Set on a naval ship. Cooper early in his life had been a midshipman in the U.S. Navy.

The story involves a sailor and ship captain. The relationship appears to verge on a homoerotic relationship. At the end of the book, it is discovered the sailor is a woman. Not just a woman. The captain’s wife.

The book gathers dust to this day. Was not popular when written nor is it today.

Cooper’s home was Otsego Hall in Cooperstown. A 40 mile drive from my home town Utica. Cooperstown the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, also. Otsego Hall has been rebuilt. It is a tourist attraction. Also site of many cocktail parties. Several of which I was fortunate to attend.

This week’s KONK Life column is Shakespeare Incidentals. It was linked this morning to Key West Lou. .keywestlou.com. It also appears in todays KONK News E-Blast.

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Last night was nostalgia time.

I had dinner at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town with Buffalo’s Tom and Fran. They return home wednesday.

Tom mentioned they had received a telephone call from their daughter earlier in the day. She lives somewhere else in the U.S. She told her parents they were needed a week from this weekend. It was tomato canning time.

That opened the door. Fran is of Italian extraction. Italian cooking obviously part of her life.

I mentioned that as far back as 3 and 4, I could remember helping my parents can tomatoes. Four or five bushels each time. My job was to skin the tomatoes after they had been boiled.

Tom and Fran are a generation behind me. She uses a machine to squish the tomatoes. I have no recollection of a machine. Everything was done by hand.

The tomatoes led to other canning experiences. We got into wine making, canning pears, canning peaches, canning peppers, and making sausage in oil.

A pleasant trip back in time.

We also chatted about Syracuse football. A great start! 2-0. Can freshman quarterback Dungey lead the team to a glorious season?

Robert and Elena Spottswood stopped by to say hello. Two of the nicest people in Key West. I see Robert about once a year. I had not seen Elena in probably five. Her beauty has not changed one iota in the 15 years I have known the couple.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. It was Body Owners proprietor’s first day back from her honeymoon. The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Then to Tammy for a manicure. Love the lady! We talk about everything.

Lunched at home. Must grocery shop. I am down to next to nothing. Even the freezer is empty.

Today is James Fenimore Cooper’s birthday (1789-1851).

Fenimore spent most of his life in Cooperstown. Cooperstown is a 45 minute drive from my old home town Utica. Visited Cooperstown often for business and pleasure. Cooperstown primarily known as home to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Fenimore was a novelist. One of his most famous works Last of the Mohicans.

His home is a tourist attraction. It sits grandly overlooking Otsego Lake. I have been in the home many times. As a tourist/visitor, with my twin grandsons, and at social events.

It is not Fenimore’s original home. That burned down sometime around 1850. The present one was built nearby by Fenimore’s daughter who used bricks and materials salvaged from the burned down home as part of the building materials..

Most visits to the Fenimore house included of course a stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Not a place to be missed.

Kim Davis is a religious fanatic. Sorry if I step on some toes. What she is doing is wrong. She is in effect imposing her religious beliefs on those she was elected to represent. She is also making a mockery out of the law.

I refer specifically to her changing the face of the marriage certificate. Crossed out is County Clerk and written over is by order of a federal court decision. The name of the County has been omitted also. In its place is the community where issued. Medford.

The marriage  certificate form and substance is probably by State law. Kim has no right to unilaterally change such. She is neither the Kentucky State Legislature nor Governor.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics include a bit more re Kim Davis, Afghanistan’s opium and heroin business doing well in spite of war, the European migration situation, where and when the Middle East problem got its start, a Russian bank that was discovered to be using fake gold as reserve capital, Merkel pushing for a European military, and more.

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