The 1967 movie Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner came to mind yesterday. Starred Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, and Sidney Poitier.

Tracy and Hepburn are surprised by their daughter bringing home an African-American she wants to marry. The couple wants the parents’ approval. It must be given by midnight as the husband to be is off on a plane for Paris and the daughter wants to go with him.

Hepburn accepts her daughter’s decision. Through most of the movie, Tracy not.

Tracy and Hepburn go for a ride to talk things over. Tracy wants ice cream. They stop at an ice cream parlor. Tracy orders boysenberry. The last time he had boysenberry was at the same ice cream parlor 20 years earlier.

The boysenberry did not taste the same. Tracy made a face and complained to the server. The young lady looked at Tracy as if to say it was 20 years ago.

I am in Coconut Grove over night. The Volkswagen needed tuning at a Volks dealer. Staying at the Ritz Carlton.

The last time I was in Coconut Grove was 20 years ago. Stayed at the Ritz Carlton then, also. Still a great hotel. Totally remodeled.

Took an afternoon walk into Coconut Grove’s main area. Could not find anything I was looking for. Restaurants, stores, etc. from 20 years ago.

Stopped for lunch at an interesting pub. A good choice!

I asked the young lady serving where this and that was. She knew nothing of what I was talking about. I had told her I had last been in the Grove 20 years ago. She finally looked at me and said…..That was 20 years ago!

Just like the ice cream girl indicated to Spencer Tracy.

I thought to myself…..Louis, you got old and sound old. I am and sometimes do.

Joe’s Stone Crab for dinner last night. Always good, always the best!

The waiter told me Martha Stewart was two tables behind me and Billy Crystal at the other end of the room. Saw Stewart. Could not see Crystal.

I pick up the car at noon. Needed a lot of work. I have to return as they do not have all the parts necessary.

Tons of interesting things in this morning’s Key West Citizen.

The County Commission voted to buy a third helicopter. $2.5 million for a used one rehabilitated. A good move!

The Key West hospital is a large urgent care center. Size immaterial. It is the service that is available. Ergo, it is necessary to helicopter serious cases to Miami for care. In life and death situations where time is of the essence.

The County charges the patient only what his/her insurance pays. If no insurance, the charge is nothing. Applies only to County residents.

To contrast, the City Commission committed Key West to start  construction on the almost $4 million amphitheater. By a 4-2 vote.

The project is not ready for construction. Income costs have not been determined, parking for 1,500 cars not resolved, street access not worked out, etc..

There is a rush to begin construction. I cannot figure it out. I guarantee the final cost will be well above $4 million. Every thing Key West does is always astronomical in the end. The result of poor planning in the beginning.

David Wolkowsky rarely writes a Letter to the Editor. He did and it appeared in this morning’s Citizen. Short and to the point.

A Key West Naval History exhibit has opened at the Custom house. David attended.

Cori Convertino is curator. Cori, a Chart Room acquaintance. David said of the exhibit, “…..a major triumph for Cori Convertino, the curator.”

I must see the exhibit.

Enjoy your day!


Two outstanding Key West personalities are Clayton and Valerie. Husband and wife. Liked by all.

Hard workers. Visionaries. Not afraid to dream. Never fearful of trying.

Five years ago yesterday, Clayton and Valerie opened Vinos on Duval. Mid Duval. 810 Duval to be specific. After much aggravation with the City over building permits. A story unto itself.

They have worked hard. Vinos on Duval is a success. Unquestionably.

Success is a motivation in and of itself. Clayton and Valerie have opened two additional Vinos. In major venues. One in coconut Grove and the other on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale.

My congratulations to them.

I rarely stop into Vinos. Sadly so. I do not drink wine. I am strictly a gin drinker. I do not enjoy sipping a Diet Pepsi while everyone else is getting on a buzz.

I enjoyed a couple of drinks at the outside bar at Aqua’s last night with Mark Watson. Met Carl and Stacey. Nice people. Key Westers through and through. Enjoyed my conversation with Carl.

I have become a recent fan of Latitudes on Sunset Key. A five minute boat ride from Key West to Sunset Key where Latitudes is located. The island additionally has a resort called Sunset Key Cottages. Part of the Westin operation.

Diane Schmidt is General Manager of the entire Westin operation which includes Sunset Key Cottages. A professional in every respect.

Sunset Key Cottages is also a Luxury Collection Resort.

Sunset Key Cottages was recently named the #1 resort in the continental United States and #8 worldwide by Travel and Leisure magazine. Quite a distinction. Congrats to Diane and her highly qualified staff.

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. A big one! A category 5! Terrible! Winds 200 miles per hour, tides 18-20 feet, just under 400 people killed.

You never know.

Supermarket carts seem to find their way all over the island. The supermarkets losing money. They have come up with a solution.

Some kind of modern day item has been implanted in carts being constructed today. The carts immediately and abruptly become inoperable when pushed past the perimeter of the parking lot. Locally, Publix at Sears has them.

The supermarket cry…..Leave my carts alone!

Bocce tonight. A tough match. We play Hell’s Rangers. They are hell!

Hell’s Rangers generally ends the season #1. They lose anywhere from 0-2 games. Impressive!

They are tied for #1 this season. Their record 6-0. We are tied for second. Our record 5-1. Records at this time mean nothing. Too early in  the season. All I know is that tonight we will have our hands full! One win would be a victory. Two, off the wall.

Yesterday’s blog affected many. The comments were overwhelming. The two issues that did it were Planned Parenthood and cannolis. One stormy, the other pleasant.

Enjoy your day!