I am rarely excited about the decisions of the Key West City Commission. They make decisions, pass rules and regulations, and then sit in the corner like Little Jack Horner. Each sticking his thumb in the pie and coming up with a plum. Saying simultaneously…..What a good boy am I!

Decisions off the wall. They throw money at everything. Frequently not the solution.

Last year, the Commission hired a Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator. Chris Hamilton. Never met Hamilton. Began to think he was crazy as he got into the job.

The man moved. Earned his salary by making changes. Changes I considered not always good.

Bikes his job. He removed parking spaces and replaced them with bike lanes. He added bike lanes in dangerous places.

The man was pro-bike and anti-car. He forgot we who drive cars worry constantly about hitting a bike rider who with his 5 member family are rolling down a Key West Street. Some of the kids 4-5 years old. Then there is the 60ish woman who probably has not been on a bike in 40 years. She has trouble keeping her ass on the seat and wobbles uncontrollably.

I could go on.

I hope the position remains unfilled. Traffic congestion and parking problems have to be decided at one time by a group. Not piece meal. The City may be moving in that direction.

Got to the Chart Room early. Before 5. Wanted to see John about something. My self phone lost his number.

My game plan was to go from there to bocce. Never made bocce. The Chart Room was too interesting and fun to leave.

Met George. Nice guy. 47. From New Jersey. A software engineer. Could have been an Arts major. Reads everything. Big on Hemingway.

George visits once a year with a group of friends. One a police officer from Red Bank. The officer’s police patch hangs on the Chart Room wall. He proudly pointed it out to everyone.

George told me about Pompous Hemingway. A book of sorts by Hemingway. I tried to find it this morning. Could not. George, if you are reading this blog this morning, e-mail me how to find the book in the Comments section. Forget the long number you gave me. Turned out I did not know how to use it.

The new amphitheater is constantly discussed these days. Who to name it after? That person or company pays a fee for the privilege. Normally, very generous.

Several names have been mentioned. Jimmy Buffett one of them.

The anti-Buffett talk is amazing. Many do not want the facility named after him. Hard to understand. Jimmy Buffet is a part of Key West as much as Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.

A local I had never seen before was sitting at the other end of the Chart Room bar. Attractive. Her feet up on the bar stool next to hear. In her slightly inebriated high pitched voice she was berating Buffett as a choice.

In the very room where Buffett got his start!

Key West has bright stars in many areas of accomplishment. Dr. Cori Convertino is one.

Cori is affiliated with the Key West Art and Historical Society. She is the Curator at the Custom House.

She is a recognized maritime history expert.

Cori recently completed a two year project. The Flagler Railroad section of the Custom House. Fantastic!

She has been invited to speak at the U.S. Naval Academy September 14-15 at a maritime symposium. Her topic to be involves Commodore David Porter and his anti-piracy efforts in 1823 which effectively eliminated piracy from Key West waters.

Sally Rand was a famous fan dancer for many years. Even into her 60’s. She lived in Key West in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

I met her in 1965. At a convention at Grossinger’s in New York’s Catskill mountains. I was attorney for the group holding the conference.

Sally was retained to perform one evening.

I met her the night before at a small cocktail party at the Grossinger residence. At 60, Sally was still beautiful. We hit it off and I spent much time the next two days when not working in her company.

I was unaware she was the lady friend of one of my client’s officer staff. A secret friend. They had had a tiff.

Three days following the convention, I received a letter advising my services were no longer required and I was terminated.

A learning experience.

Harvey has displaced one million persons. Forty four dead. The number will increase as more bodies are found. Beaumont is a community of 120,000 persons. They have no drinking water.

The sadness of it all.

Irma is on the way. Similar in power to Harvey. Still two thousand miles away. A hurricane already. Expected to be a 4 when it hits in a week. Winds will be 140 miles per hour plus.

Whether it will reach land or turn north up into the Atlantic not yet certain. At this time heading for the Bahamas. Too soon to determine its impact, if any, with the United states.

After Harvey, I am concerned. I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Enjoy your day!



Gail Collins in a recent New York Times column commented…..Russia worked hard to get Donald Trump elected President. What did they get out of it? Multiple high level investigations…..these days in Washington you’d be much better off being a Mexican.

As to the Syria bombing, I believe these Middle East battles are not our headache. Especially a civil war. Our military should not die in such a fight. We are not the world’s protector.

However if fight we must, then let’s do it right. Hit ’em hard and hit them once. So hard they will not question whether we will return for a second visit.

We should have wiped out all six of Syria’s air bases in one night. Assad’s air force is his strongest military arm.

Six wiped out air bases proof to Assad and the world that the U.S. does not screw around.

Roostica for an early dinner last night. Limoncello wings.

Then to Tammy’s for a manicure. What a business! I am proud of Tammy and her husband Ricky. They work hard and deserve every success they are enjoying.

Then to bocce. Another no joy in Mudville evening. Team lost 2 of 3 games. Details bitter. Won’t even share them.

Something is wrong. The team is not playing as it has the past several seasons.

Weather changed. I woke in the night to a roar. A constant roar. It was the wind. Still blowing. From the north. 20-30 mph. Brought temperature down. From high 70’s at night to 65 last night. High today 75. Down from 87. Sixty five tonight again.

Amazing how Key West weather changes on the flip of a coin.

Our local Florida Keys Community College is to be complimented. There will be an April 12 ribbon cutting. Opening an era of offering an Associate Degree in Culinary Management. Needed in a  tourist destination community like Key West.

Enjoy your day!



Bicycle riding a problem in Key West. A problem for bike riders, cars and pedestrians. Anyone who says it is not does not, does not know what he/she is talking about.

Note the State of Florida gives Key West a ranking as the top Florida city for fatal crashes involving bikes. ‘Nuff said.

Key West has hired a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. His name Chris Hamilton. He comes to us from Virginia where he was involved with transportation issues. Says he has been visiting Key West for 20 years. He is now living on Stock Island and rides his bike to work at Habana Plaza on Flagler every day. No problems.

Hamilton claims it is a joy to bike ride in Key West. He always feel safe.

Respectfully, Hamilton does not know what he is talking about.

The bike problem is not on Stock Island or Flagler. It is primarily in Old Town and on Northern Boulevard. I suggest he ride his bike on Simonton from Caroline to Front late afternoons between 5 and 6. Duval in the afternoon. The length of Caroline, also.

It is an obstacle course. for vehicle drivers trying to avoid hitting tourists bike riding. Includes families with young kids and seniors who have not been on a bike in 50 years.

The problem is not with local bike riders. It is with the tourists. Don’t tell me there are not enough tourist bike riders to be a problem. Check the number of bicycles rented daily in Old Town.

I have a cold. I have not had one in years. A head cold. My fault. This has been a cold and wet week. I am on the anti-gravity treadmill five days a week. Raise a big sweat.

I immediately leave the building when I am done. Sweating away and no jacket. The car a 100 feet away. Normally, no problem. In this week’s cold, a big problem.

I deserve the sneezing and stuffed head I am undergoing this morning.

No treadmill for me today.

Immediately following the treadmill, I was at Lori’s getting a haircut. Still sweating.

Last night, a new experience. An English speaking opera at The Studios of Key West. A Thousand Splendid Suns. The lives of females in a Muslim country. Very subservient. Forcibly so.

The opera a work in progress. We only saw the first act. There is more to come at some time.

I went to learn about female life in an Arab nation. I learned nothing new. The ill treatment of women shown was what is already known by most. It was hard for me to follow the forceful singing. The sheer volume deafened the sound.

I am being critical, I guess. The story took too long to tell. I actually dropped off in sleep two times.

I compliment the Studios for offering this performance. Key West is bare of opera activity. I also compliment the performers. In spite of my negative comments.

Dinner followed at Hot Tin Roof.

Kissing is the title of this week’s KONK Life column. A history of kissing. The article was linked to my Key West Lou website this morning. It is also carried in today’s E-Blast.

I will not be doing my usual friday noon 15 minute radio interview with Don Riggs today.

Enjoy your day!