The NBA Finals were exciting. As expected. It went six games. The Warriors won last night. They are the champions having won 4 games to 2. The Warriors were the best team on  the floor last night.

The Cavs went far with an injury ridden team. Two players did not even suit up for the series because of injuries. The Cavs played only 8 men. Lebron James was required and tried to carry the Cavs on his back. Even Lebron James has so much to give. He kept up the fight. However, it was easy to see his ass was dragging.

There is always next year.

I got to watch the last three quarters. Missed the first quarter. I was doing my blog talk radio show.

I spent a part of yesterday fine tuning the show. Thought the show went well. Covered five interesting topics. No critical e-mails as yet this morning.

Yesterday was difficult. Had a heart CAT scan in the morning. No big deal. Part of my annual heart check up. I see my heart doctor today to receive the report re the various tests I have been taking since thursday.

The reason yesterday was difficult was because I have an allergy to intravenous dye. Ergo, I am loaded up with benadryl. The night before and the morning before By the time of the test, I was a walking zombie.

The sleepy feeling stayed with me all day and into the late night. The show was difficult to do. I was worried I would go blank at some point. Perhaps the fear kept me awake. I fell asleep several times watching the Cavs/Warrior game.

Mosquito season is upon us. It gets worse the next several months. Fortunately, we have a Mosquito Control Board. The planes will be spraying shortly. The Mosquito Board has acquired two drones to discover mosquito beds in hard to get at places. We are at the cutting edge!

An interesting tid bit in this morning’s Key West Citizen History Section. The Panama Hotel opened in 1914 at the corner of Elizabeth and Eaton Streets. Rooms were $1, $1.50 and $2. Including running water in the rooms!

I wonder if each room had indoor plumbing. Or was it one toilet per floor? Or still the outhouse?

Whatever, we have come a long way.

This Rachel Dolezal thing has me confused. A white woman living as a black one. She wanted to. The only instances where I have seen color change attempted has been with a handful of blacks who passed themselves off as white. Rachel is the reverse.

Donald Trump announced yesterday! He seeks the Republican nomination for President. He immediately changes the tone of the Republican race. He will bring humor to the group running, who are otherwise boring.

Though Trump may have made billions, I think he is off his rocker a bit. I do not see him having any chance at success. Again however, he will trip up his competitors with his comments. A fun time ahead.

This week’s KONK Life hits the stands at 5:00 o’clock today. My column this week is The Petticoat Affair. A step back in history. A little Andrew Jackson, some Martin Van Buren, Washington ladies, and Margaret “Peggy” O’Neil.

Peggy is the main character. Her sexual prowess controlled events. The article has some David and Bathsheba.

The column clearly reflects the dominance of women in marriage. The husbands danced to the tune played by their wives.

Read the column. You will find it interesting.

Enjoy your day!




I am late getting started this morning. Had to be at the hospital early. Heart CAT scan. Part of annual check up.

The Keys History Section  in this morning’s Key West Citizen made mention of houseboat row. A part of yesterday’s Key West. A series of houseboats were tied off South Roosevelt Boulevard. In the area now fronted by an expensive condo complex.

The boats were of all sizes and shapes. Young and old. Some tied in a line. Others, helter skelter. A beautiful sight! A slice of the real Key West.

The houseboats were parked illegally. The State told them to get out. It took more than 25 years before the State succeeded. Most of the houseboats moved to Garrison Bight.

I loved the houseboat scene! I was disappointed when they were finally forced to move. A real Key West site forever lost.

I like the condos. The pristine water view where the houseboats once stood. However, it is Naples to me. I did not move to Key West to live in a Naples environment. I wanted to live in Key West time as my friend Howard Livingston would say.

Watched Jeb Bush yesterday. His Presidential announcement great show. Well orchestrated. One of the best I can recall.

I do not think Jeb Jush has it to win. The Bush family argument does fly. His comments from another time. He is out of today’s loop.

Bush lacks charisma. A necessary ingredient in a national and TV campaign. John Kennedy would not have won without it. Bush does not have it.

Judy Blume still on the road. She is touring introducing her latest book In the Unlikely Event. She is presently on the west coast. Every where she speaks, she is well received. a respected woman. a woman with a talent.

We await Judy’s return to her Key West home.

I started yesterday on the anti-gravity treadmill. I took it slow because of my recent sciatica problems.

Drove over to the Cuban Coffee Queen afterwards for Cuban cheese toast and coffee. I parked behind the new fire station on Simonton.

Key West has crazy parking machines. One gets a ticket out of the machine which is then placed on the dashboard of the car. There are two machines in the parking lot. Next to each other.

Both were broke. A City employee was trying to fix them. Success was not coming easy.

I stood around five minutes so I could get a ticket. No ticket on the dashboard and I would get a ticket! The gentleman from the City saw me standing there. He asked how much time I needed. I told him 1.5 hours. He said, ok. Be back by 1:30. I am calling in so no tickets will be given out till 1:30.

I asked…..Are you sure? No problem he retorted.

When I returned at the specified time, he was still working on the machines. I gave him a thumbs up and smile. He returned the same with a wave and smile.

A nice guy.

Big basketball tonight! Cavs and Warriors. Cavs have to win. Otherwise, it is all over for them.

My blog talk radio show tonight, also. Nine my time. Join me for some interesting comment.

Topics tonight include getting drunk on the front steps of your home not public intoxication, another police assault involving a 13 year old boy, why big company and government computers are being hacked, banks involved with FIFA scandal being investigated for failing to report money laundering activities, some Jeb Bush, an Austrian brothel owner who is protesting high taxes on his business by offering free sex in the afternoons, a Greece update, and more.

Enjoy your day!