Fantasy Fest continues!

Two biggies today. The Masquerade March and the Bourbon Street Pub Tea Dance.

The Masquerade March has grown over the years. Initially, it was a bunch of locals and tourists dressed in costumes who walked from the cemetery to Duval. Now numbers in the thousands. A second route had to be added several years ago.

Both groups will leave from the cemetery. One takes the old route up Fleming. The other, the new way. People party in front of their homes and on porches. The marchers are cheered on.

I have never marched. However, I have enjoyed several great porch parties over the years.

Key West’s gay intersection is Duval and Petronia. Two popular gay bars are cross cornered from each other. 801 and the Bourbon St. Pub. A big event starting at 1 this afternoon at the intersection. The event is called the Bourbon Street Pub Tea Dance.

A scaffold is erected in the center of the intersection. Two levels plus the street. The two levels have music makers.

There is a guy in black leather with his butt exposed playing a guitar on top every year. Ladies climb the scaffolding to dance. People dance in the street. Where room can be found. The intersection is packed throughout the event.

Bocce last night. Missed the toga party for it.

We played Larry’s team. We were tied with them for third. I am happy to announce we won all three games! Everyone on our team played well. We had to if we were to beat the opposition.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill at Body Owners. Then grocery shopping at Publix. I enjoy grocery shopping. I meet old friends and make new ones.

An attractive woman and I kept running into each other. Finally, she jokingly said…..I’m stalking you. I responded…..Please do!

I will be on the radio for 15 minutes at 12:30. 104.9. KONK News. Guy deBoer will be interviewing me re this week’s KONK Life column Boudicca, Warrior Woman.

It was announced yesterday that China is changing its policy from one child per family to two. Some news persons said it was because China needed added workers for its developing manufacturing industry.

Not correct. I did a TV show on the topic four years ago and wrote about the issue one year ago.

Four years ago, China announced it was studying whether to go from one to two children per couple. It took till now for China to make the decision.

The reason four years ago was who was to take care of the elderly. In China, the young always had taken care of the old. By limiting the number of children, China had limited the number available to care for elderly parents.

Last year, China discussed another problem. Under the one child rule, more girls than boys had been born. A significant number. The boys are now young men. There were not enough ladies to go around for marriage or sex.

Single Chinese men are traveling to the Korean border to engage in sex with Korean prostitutes.

In addition, a new business was born. The men wanted wives. The prostitutes sold themselves for an entire year agreeing to live as a man’s wife.

Such did not solve the problem entirely. Still not enough ladies. Multiple partners were born. Two to four men contract with one prostitute who would be the common wife of all of them for one year.

Enjoy your day!



This is the night! Perhaps the best of Fantasy Fest! Toga Party!

The place Sloppy Joe’s. Inside and out. The street packed.

Men and women wearing white togas. More women than men. Togas skimpy.

It is negotiation time. The key for the ladies is to get as many beads as possible. The men want to see and the women are willing to show. First, the breasts. Then a move downward, front and back. Each a separate transaction. The lower the body part exhibited, the more expensive. Breasts go for one ring of beads. The southern exhibits, two or more.

Ain’t nothing under the toga or covering the privates.

I suspect I enjoy Toga Party best for three reasons. First, I am a voyeur. What a bad boy am I! Second, I am a man. Men are visual. We enjoy looking at naked women. Third, I never got to a toga party while in college. Remember the movie Animal House? I went to a Catholic college and we did not do those things.

Years ago, I would not have missed the Toga Party. In recent years, they are not as important any more. Tonight, I have bocce. Bocce supersedes toga. An age thing, I suspect.

I watched the Republican debates last night. Each Republican debate is worse than the previous one. I don’t understand. There is much talent on the stage. The moderators are a major problem. Last night’s were the worst. The questions stupid, no respect for the candidates, not fair with follow ups.

Mike Huckabee got into something close to my heart. Social Security. He talked about the $3 trillion the government in effect stole from the Social Security Fund.

My day yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. The power went out while I was on the machine. About 10 minutes into my workout. Power failure common in the Keys. Some people left. Never know how long these things last. I waited it out. Locked into the treadmill. Power returned in fifteen minutes. I was glad I waited.

My next  chore was to get the flat fixed. The tire was sitting on my back seat. With a rim in it, the tire would not fit in the Volkswagen Beetle trunk.

Got to Sears at noon. Told it would take to 4 or 5 before car was done. I suspected it would take that long. I was like 88th in line!

I left the car. Walked over to Regal Movies. I figured I would have lunch and then go to the movies. That would kill the 4-5 hours.

No afternoon movie available at the theater.

Enjoyed a two hour lunch at Outback. Read the newspapers. Left at 2. How long could I sit there? I even ordered a dessert to kill time.

Then to T.J. Max and Sears. Looked over men’s clothes. Not much time killed. Looked at everything else, except ladies’ underwear.

It was now three o’clock. Where was I to go? I was at the Sears Shopping Center without a car. I opted to return to the tire facility. My car was still in the lot. Had not been touched yet. Asked the guy about when. He said many still ahead of you. About five o’clock.

Went into Sears’ waiting room. Air conditioning not working well. Slept off and on.

Finally, the car was finished at 5:30. They could not find a hole. Did not know why tire went flat. Cost, $24.

I am concerned it will go flat again. We shall see. The tire is only six months old.

I hurried home to watch the debates which began at 6. First thing I did was pour myself a gin. Then blended into the recliner chair to watch.

I was tired.

Never got to watch the Royals/Mets game. Mets down 2. Next two games in New York should be interesting. The Royals almost won the World Series last year. I think they are committed this year and will be difficult to deny.

This week’s KONK Life column Boudicca, Warrior Queen linked to my Key West Lou website this morning.

Syracuse plays Florida State saturday. Syracuse a 20.5 underdog at the moment.

Bocce tonight. Play Larry’s team. We are tied with his team in third place. Serious business tonight.

Enjoy your day! If you are in Key West, add to it. Visit Toga tonight at Sloppy Joe’s!


Women have moved to the front lines of every endeavor. Politics, business, finance, religion, etc.

It was not always so. It has been a struggle. Isolated incidents of female leadership. Gender discrimination common place. Woman treated as second class citizens. When conquered, subject to beatings, rapes, torture and death. Suicides prevalent.

Hillary Clinton is recognized by many as the outstanding feminist of the day. There are others. Through the ages. Women like Carly Fiorina, Angela Merkel, Condoleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Indra Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Margaret Thatcher, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eva Peron, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc, Catherine de Medici, and Cleopatra.

In their own way, each lead. Each stood up for what she considered correct. No vacillating. They took the ball and ran with it. Proving in many instances women can be from Mars as well as Venus.

Going way back in history, it is difficult to identify female leaders. Before the birth of Christ, at the time, and in the immediate years following His death. The reason was chronicles were not kept by most peoples. A written history does not exist.

Which means the lady who is the subject matter of this column might have remained unknown. Even though she was wildly known throughout Britain and the Roman Empire during her time. What is recorded of her exploits is found in Roman writings.

Her name Boudicca. She and her husband Prasutagus were King and Queen of a Celtic tribe in Britain known as Iceni. They governed Iceni for many years. Lived lavishly and spent money like there was no tomorrow. Governed well. Shared the wealth. Kept everyone happy.

Rome was the power at the time and for several hundred years thereafter. Rome was a force in Britain. They had conquered certain areas and effectively controlled other areas.

Where a tribe or group was conquered, Rome had the legions govern. Where a tribe for example never fought Rome and was happy to live peacefully with Rome, Rome left that tribe alone to govern itself.

Prasutagus and Boudicca were King and Queen from the mid 30s AD to 60 or 61 AD.

Prasutagus died. He left a will. The will gave Iceni to Rome and his wife Boudicca and their two daughters. All as joint heirs. This did not set well with Rome. The arrangement Rome had with Prasutagus was that at the time of his death, everything became Rome’s. Nothing to the wife or daughters. Such was by agreement and custom. The custom phase was women could not hold title to property. The second class citizen thing.

Rome immediately sent legions to Iceni to put down what they considered a revolt. Which it technically was not. The Romans wasted no time. They killed the Iceni nobles. Flogged Boudicca and raped her two daughters in front of her. Additionally, the Romans arranged for the bankers to call in all loans the people of Iceni, including Boudicca, had outstanding.

The time was 60 or 61 AD. Historians are not certain as to the specific year.

Boudicca was not a happy woman. A strong willed individual. She led a revolt against Rome. Her army consisted of Icenians and some other tribes. Her army immediately grew to 100,000. She destroyed the Roman colony of Colchester. Colchester was a settlement for discharged Roman soldiers and also the site of a temple to Emperor Claudius.

Boudicca destroyed everything and everyone. Killed the Romans and burned areas to the ground. A Roman legion of 1,500 hurried to save Colchester. She ambushed and annihilated all 1,500 of Rome’s finest warriors.

Then Boudicca moved onto London. The Roman leader had nowhere the 100,000 fighting men Boudicca had. He left town with his soldiers before she arrived. Boudicca burned London to the ground and slaughtered any persons left in London. No mercy shown once again.

Boudicca then proceeded to St. Albans. Destroyed it in the same manner as Colchester and London.

In the three communities, she cut throats, hanged, burned and crucified. Soldiers and citizens. The tables turned. The Romans became terrified of her.

Nero was Emperor. He had no taste for this crazy woman. He considered withdrawing all Roman legions from Britain. The Battle of Watling Street, which the Romans won, changed his mind.

Rome sent a force to deal with her. Though Boudicca had many more troops, the Romans were better trained. The Roman soldiers slaughtered tens of thousands of Boudicca’s troops.

Boudicca had no desire to fall into the hands of the Romans. She took poison rather than be captured. Somewhat in the same vein as Cleopatra and the asp.

Gender discrimination was prevalent during these times. It is reflected in the words of the historian Dio Cassius who said Boudicca was “possessed of greater intelligence than often belonged to women.”

It must be noted that pain and suffering were inflicted by both sides. Some historians believe Boudicca was a bit harsher. She had no interest in taking prisoners. She slaughtered them by gibbet, fire or cross.

A gibbet was any instrument of public execution. Boudicca had two favorites. One was  hanging a person on a gallows type structure till dead. The other placing a condemned person in a metal cage and leaving the person to die of thirst.

Boudicca was less than pleasant to captured noble women. She impaled them on spikes, had their breasts cut off, and then sewed to their lips.

As indicated, the Romans were only slightly less severe than Boudicca in killing prisoners. Neither side wanted prisoners. They had to be killed. Both sides engaged in rapes, killings, torture, beheadings, cutting throats, hanging, burning alive, and crucifixions.

Makes one wonder if man has learned anything over the centuries. Al Qaeda and ISIS perpetrate similar acts today. An example that history repeats itself.

Boudicca used women and children as a last line of defense.  She would ring the battlefield with them so the Romans might be dissuaded to kill such innocents. The Romans were not dissuaded.

Boudicca became known as the Warrior Queen.

Who can know if she was right in killing and destroying as she did. The opposition was committing similar atrocities. She gave what she got. Sort of a what is good for the goose is good for the gander thing.

Additionally, Boudicca saw her daughters raped. Heavy. In such a situation, vengeance for some is no longer in the hands of God. It becomes man’s right.

Rome continued to control Britain for three more centuries. There were no more Boudiccas during that time.


Amazing! I go weeks without falling. Thought the problem had been corrected. Apparently not. One of the reasons I was falling is because I was not paying attention when using stairs. My falls were always either going up or down stairs.

The fall yesterday morning was going up stairs. I know why it happened. I was not paying attention! I was in a hurry and failed to look and lift my feet sufficiently.

Old age!

My rib cage on the left side hurts like hell. All night. Could not find a pain free position. Did not sleep one moment all night. I started this blog at 4:30 this morning. There was no sense in staying in bed any longer.

No bruising. Which surprises me. I am on blood thinners.

Fortunately, I see my doctor at 8:30 this morning to do blood work and get a flu shot. I will have her check me out. I believe I am ok.

Volkswagen recently owned up to cheating on their diesal vehicles big time. Bad Volkswagen! However, I must compliment Volkswagen in one regard. I have a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Never checked out the spare tire till yesterday. A whole tire! A regular sized one!

This morning’s Key West Citizen in its History section states that on this day in 1994 B.O.’s Wagon was physically moved from Duval to its present location on the corner of Caroline and Williams Streets. Locally owned all these years. A great attraction. Does a big time business. A touch of old Key West.

The only body comfort for me yesterday was sitting straight up in my desk chair. My left arm and fingers hurt when hitting the  computer keys.

I spent the afternoon writing this week’s KONK Life column. Boudicca, Warrior Queen. A 60 AD story. Interesting. A woman leading the armies, as in Joan of Arc. Brutality big. Similar/comparable to or more than that being perpetrated in recent years by al Qaeda and ISIS. Also, gender discrimination.

I opted to write about Boudicca because of the similarity to today’s war brutality and the gender discrimination issue.

An observation. We seem to be having more crime than usual in the lower keys this year. Three recent murders come to mind.

Saturday night, a deputy sheriff was shot in the chest by a robbery suspect. A bullet proof vest saved his life.

The robbery suspect got away following a shoot out. He was discovered at a home on Von Phister sunday. He surrendered to the Key West police after a negotiation. The suspect had two bullet wounds from the shoot out the night before.

Larry Smith plays again! All over Key West. Monday nights at the Little Room Jazz Club. Music and people just like the Wine Galley. Larry is also playing monday through friday afternoons from 4 to 6 at Chicago.

Bocce standings came out yesterday. In spite of recent losses. we are tied for 3rd place with two other teams. All with records of 19-8. Larry Smith’s team is one of those tied with us for 3rd place. We play Larry’s team thursday evening. A blood match!

I am finishing this blog at 6:30. It takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours each morning to get out.

Enjoy your day!



Today’s blog will be short and to the point. It is just after 11 as I start. I had dinner with Jenna last night at Tavern ‘n Town. Had a flat tire when I left.

Keith pick me up this morning and drioe me back to the Marriott. Called AAA. Took a couple of hours for them to arrive. Tire changed. Spare a for real tire. New. Low on air. Stopped at the gas station to fill it.

Got home. Fell! First time in a long time. Tripped going up the stairs. Left shoulder and ribs sore. I was hurrying and forgot to pay attention.

Zombie Bike Ride today. A part of Fantasy Fest. Began three years ago. People dress in a scary fashion ride their decorated bikes on a 4 mile trip.

Three years ago when started, there were 40 bike riders. Today, over 1,000 are already registered. A party afterwards, of course. All the therapists at Body Owners were excited friday. They are all participating as a unit.

On top of everything else, I could not sleep last night. Time not wasted. Worked from 1 to 6 researching this week’s KONK Life column.

I decided to write about a woman. Strong women are very much in the news these days. I wrote of a woman whose exploits began in 60 AD. Her name, Boudicca. Also known as the Warrior Queen. An interesting story. I will write the article this afternoon.

Syracuse lost to Pitt yesterday 23-20. Pitt scored a field goal with 3 seconds left. Syracuse played well in the first half. Sucked in the second. Pitt a good team. Ranked.

No question, good things next year. No way this year.

I was supposed to be at Don’s Place at 9:30 this morning. The Buffalo Bills are playing the Jaguars in London. The reason for the early starting time. Clara was bringing breakfast. I was going to bring two dozen bagels. Never made it to Don’s.

The Marquesa is a fine restaurant. Top shelf dining. It is part if a hotel complex. The rooms are beautiful. The pool area gorgeous. A block off Duval.

Marquesa announced it is expanding. Construction to begin in January. Marquesa has bought the William Kerr House on Simonton and the Pilot House next door. The acquisitions will add 14 new rooms, a swimming pool and additional parking.

I am sorry if I offend some. However, I think Chairman Gowdy of the Benghazi sub-committee is an asshole. Inept. Some writers have been making fun of him. He has been referred to as Gowdy Doody. Also a most interesting observation: He led the Republicans into a Russian winter.

Theatrical people are passing on. The great Maureen O’Hara. A wonderful actress. Her career began in the 1940s. Also, Fenster. Remember Fenster? He was a part of the Adams Family TV show. His real name, Marty Ingles.

As Porky Pig was wont to say…..That’s all folks!

Enjoy your Sunday!