The entrepreneurial spirit is worldwide.

A Texan was visiting in Malaysia. He noticed in one town that there were many coffee sheds. All doing a big business. Customers primarily men.

He was curious why. Turned out some part of the coffee contained a natural ingredient similar to the active ingredient in viagra.

The Texan returned home and opened a one man business. He imported the coffee already bagged from Malaysia. Called the New of Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee.

Brilliant! A money winner! Till the FDA got wind. The FDA asked the Texan to voluntarily recall the coffee. The coffee ingredients needed inspection and approval by the FDA prior to sales being allowed in the U.S.

The Texan did as requested.


Imagine the impact of an early morning cup of coffee and an after dinner one in the evening. Smiles for everyone!

Hemingway was born this day in 1899. Oaks Park, Illinois.

Today, Key West is in the midst of its annual celebration of his birth. Hemingway Days!

Many events today. For me, Hemingway’s Birthday Party at Sloppy Joe’s. Cake for all!

The birthday party at 5:30. Followed at 6 by the second preliminary round of the Hemingway Look-Alike Contest.

Too many people in Key West. Too many tourists. Too many inexperienced scooter drivers.

I was driving on Simonton yesterday afternoon. Six scooters in front of me. Appeared to be 3 couples. The scooters a step up from a moped.

They were stretched out. Taking up about 40 feet of the roadway to my front.

All of a sudden, they all started weaving. From one side to the other. Cruising back and forth sideways.

The last in line was a woman. It was obvious she was not able to control her bike. I slowed down. Fortunately. The bike and her went down.

As I was pulling over to help, her friends were all around her. I continued on. I do not know if she was injured.

It happens too often on our congested streets these days.

Tavern ‘n Town for dinner last night. The salmon outstanding!

Read my newspapers. Saw Josefina at the end of the bar. she came over to talk. Josefina is Liz’s friend.

I found out why Liz was in the hospital 5 weeks. Liz is a diabetic and something got screwed up. Wrong food, might have forgotten to take her pills, etc. No one knows.

Liz is home. She called yesterday. Invited me to lunch at her home Sunday. I am looking forward to it. Liz a great cook!

Holly was with Josefina. I did not see her till I was leaving. She told me she went out with the ladies every thursday evening. Husband Peter Diamond performs thursday evenings at Little Palm Island.

Big Latch On returns saturday August 5. At the Echo-Discovery Center. No registration required. Merely show up and participate.

Big Latch On was a huge success in Key West last year. Involves breast feeding. Mothers world wide will be doing it at the same time. A synchronized event.

Big Latch On is part of International  Breastfeeding Week.

No Poker Run this year. No sponsor. Ten thousand cyclists in the past would arrive in Key West for a weekend. This year would have been the 45th annual Poker Run event held in Key West.

The City will provide no special accommodations for any bikers who may show up, except for increased police surveillance.

The underlying reason is motorcycle gangs. Commonly appearing the last few years in other cities at such events as Poker Run. A couple attended last year. There were problems.

The Rotary has sponsored Poker Run for years. They refused to do so this year because of the gang problem. Their members work the event and could be subject to harm. Additionally, liability insurance costs have risen because of the gang situation.

Trump and Congress are to be congratulated on the depth of their interest in the health of the people of the United States. CBO reported that out right repeal of Obamacare would result in an increase in the number of uninsured. Thirty two million.

The collar tightens. Trump is now making inquiry as to whether he can pardon himself, his family, and his staff.

I am a bit late in getting the blog out this morning. Got a call yesterday advising an early morning test had been scheduled for today.

Enjoy your day!



Wednesday again. Screw off Wednesday for me. Starts my three day weekend.

I do have a bit of work this evening for about an hour, however. Around six. Sloan will stop in. Miscellaneous things to deal with. Will go out when she leaves.

Spent parts of yesterday fine tuning last night’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Did the show at 9. Trump and Hillary took up the first half. I could not avoid political talk. Especially after Trump’s comment re the Second Amendment and Hillary.

I was watching live on TV. My immediate reaction was that Trump was espousing doing away with Hillary. My vision was Klu Klux Klanners in the night, guns drawn, riding to attack her.

An early dinner at Roostica. Holly Ann took care of me.

Discovered Holly Ann has had some interesting years. She lived two in Sicily. Said it was outstanding!

Country living. Drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of food, and just enjoyed.

Key West is located in Monroe Country. Monroe County announced its first Zika case. A woman in Marathon. Marathon is a 1.75 hour drive north from Key West.

The report indicated she did not acquire the disease here. She was infected while traveling outside the U.S.

I forgot about the Big Latch On. This past weekend. Women nationwide breast fed their children at the same time. The purpose to encourage breast feeding.

The event was held in Islamorada and Key West. Only 9 mothers and their infants participated. I thought their would be more.

Nationwide, 17,223 mothers breast fed. A record breaking number.

The Big Latch On leads easily into William Hackley’s life this date in 1855. His new born still suffering from a lack of milk. A Spanish woman was to have stepped in to breast feed tree times a day. No mention of her today.

What is mentioned is that Hackley bought a canister of solidified milk. $4.50.

Sounds like a forerunner of some sort of formula. Formula 1855.

The Department of Defense’s budget for fiscal year 2016 is $585.3 billion. Big bucks!

With all the dramatic tax cuts Trump is advocating, I wonder where the money would come from to meet such a Defense budget and all other budgets. Lower taxes require cuts in all budgets.

Enjoy your day!



There is a sign this morning on Fort Zachary Taylor Beach: CAUTION and the picture of a crocodile. the picture taken yesterday. Shows a five foot croc lying on a rock just of the beach.

A hammerhead shark was sighted also. Friday. Again, just off the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor. The shark described as large. The shark was engaged in a battle with a large tarpon. Standing nearby in the water, two tourists. They got the hell out!

We are told crocs are shy and docile. Not dangerous. I don’t buy it! May be true, yet would scare me if I saw one.

I had a shark experience 15 years ago. In the waters off the Casa Marina Beach. Big shark! Brown. I am sure the water magnified it. But it still had to be huge. What I saw was monstrous.

Later that evening I was having drinks with some friends at the Square One bar. All locals, some Conchs. Told them of my shark experience. How frightened I was. They all laughed at me. Told me the shark I saw was a sand shark. Yes, big. No problem, however. Their teeth are set way back. All I would have felt was the shark gumming a leg or arm.

Maybe the gumming would not have hurt me. Guaranteed the heart attack would have!

Some Key West natives are not concerned about the water inhabitants. They say the water and land first belonged to the crocs and sharks. People the interlopers. It is their homes we have invaded.

I wonder what they would say if attacked or bitten by one.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Part of yesterday spent preparing for the show. The topics interesting. Included are the political conventions, police killings, military gear for police, prostitution at the conventions, media coverage of protestors, Venezuela update, and more.

A fast moving half hour. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Watched the Democratic Convention on and off.

Stopped by Rich and Cindy Boettgers for drinks at 4. Good people. Cindy a beauty. Love her. Rich a genius. We talked politics and local problems. Not always agreeing.

Left them and headed to Aqua. Dueling bartenders time. David sitting at the bar. Enjoyed the singers and David.

Hungry. Not much, however. Headed to Roostica where I enjoyed an artichoke dip.

Then back home to watch more of the Democratic Convention. Loved Michelle Obama. One smart woman!

I wish Sanders would end it. He is reluctant to cut the umbilical cord. Take that final step. You would think he encouraged and supported the Revolutionary War.

He is taken with himself. Too much.

The Big Latch On saturday. I wrote about the event when it took place last year. Part of International World Breastfeeding Week. To encourage breast feeding and explain the value of it.

At a specified time, those meeting in Key West will breast feed their babies at the same time.

The police/black acts of brutality will continue till a resolution arrived at. Neither side should be proud. However, I continue to maintain that the police invited retaliation. Retaliation was inevitable.

Proof of the pudding that police are shooting/beating citizens improperly are in dollar pay outs. Figures released for Chicago. This year to date, the City of Chicago has paid out $18.6 million to resolve police brutality lawsuits. $500 million in the last 10 years.

Enjoy your day!






Forbes reported that Key West is the top luxury market in the United States. Stated more simply, means Key West hotel rates are the highest in the United States. Hotel rates have increased every month the past 64 months. Record increases! Occupancy rates excellent.

Beware. Lest the hotels kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

The gay community revitalized Key West beginning around 1985. What is today was begun by them. Key West had become a ghost town of sorts after the Navy pulled out in the 1960s. The gays turned things around.

Key West’s gay community has been dwindling. Slowly, but surely. It has become a community of the older generation. Fewer young gays have been vacationing here or making Key West their home.

One reason is the cost of a hotel room and the cost of purchasing a home. Through the ceiling! So the gay community visits or settles now in Miami and Fort Lauderdale where prices are more reasonable.

The big hotels are no longer locally owned. They have been bought up by the huge corporate chains. The chains are profiting. The workers are not. They still worker for meager wages. Many leave. More will as they cannot afford to live in Key West.

We talk of the need for affordable housing. There would not be such a need if workers were paid a living wage.

A work day for me yesterday. Pleasure work. Other than an hour with Sloan, the day into the early evening was spent researching this week’s KONK Life column. I will write it today.

I have not decided on  the title yet. The substance will have to do with the rich financing elections. How big money today controls elections. We live in an era where elected politicians become the feudal serfs of the money class. Which means they no longer represent us.

Yesterday’s blog indicated a photo of Jenna and Dr. Chapman was part of it. No photo. I do not know how to correctly add and center a photo. Sloan does it for me. I forgot to ask her when she was here. Someday it will be entered for no other reason than to have everyone view the lovely Jenna and Key West’s icon Dr. Chapman, the victim of a raw deal.

Love women and their go for it attitude when there is something they support. Breast feeding in this instance.

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. No one has to be told of the health benefits to mother and baby. There was a time when breastfeeding was frowned up by the medical community. My four children were born in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Each time my wife advised doctor and nurses she wanted to breast feed. Each time they brought the new born to her saying…..Oh, we forgot…..the baby has been bottle feed…..you cannot breast feed.

No longer the case.

This month there are a number of Big Latch On events. A descriptive title. Women across the country will gather together in a certain area and all breast feed at the same time. Two such events are already scheduled for the Florida keys. It is hoped the Latch On’s will encourage further breast feedings.

Legionnaires disease back in the news. Sixty five recently reported cases in New York City. Four persons died this weekend already.

Legionnaire’s disease derives somehow from the water droplets in an air conditioning system. The disease is a form of bacterial pneumonia. In New York City, it has been traced to a Bronx hotel and a certain hospital.

Enjoy your Sunday!