God is good!

Aurora Phoenix recently celebrated her five month birthday. Yes, five months. A wonder she is alive.

Her parents are Key West entertainer Rock Solomon and Michele Musel.

Aurora was born three months premature. Weighed less than a pound. She was not expected to make it through the first night. Within two weeks of her birth, she had heart surgery and 11 blood transfusions. She was kept alive at certain periods via a breathing machine. Her hospital stay was 100 days.

You say wow! She is a miracle baby! There is more. Aurora was a twin. An identical twin. Her twin sister Aria did not make it.

Aurora had PTTS, a rare condition that affects only identical twins and which had claimed her sister Aria’s life. The doctors thought Aurora would be blind. Via special treatment, the problem is receding and it is now believed Aurora will not suffer any loss of vision.

Aurora continues to need specialized medical care. Her parents take her once a week to Miami.

God bless!

I wrote early afternoon. Next week’s KONK Life column. The National Football League Tax Exempt. An interesting portion is the revelation of what motivated Congress in the first instanced to grant the tax exemption. Old fashion horse trading.

This week’s KONK Life column Greece In The Driver’s Seat was posted on my Facebook site this morning.

Later in the afternoon, Sloan was over. We worked on this and that. Her technical assistance is invaluable. I need her. I am from that generation which is not computer literate.

My Saturday night was typical. Tavern ‘n Town and Bobby Nesbitt. Not many people. I sat at the bar and read while humming to whatever Bobby was singing.

I ate a little more, also. Actually, a lot more! Salmon, spinach and risotto. Plus, two rolls. I almost went for desert. Key Lime pie. Better judgment prevailed, however.

In between Sloan and Tavern ‘n Town, I watched the Syracuse/Pitt game. Syracuse lost 83-77. A close game all the way. Decided in the last 3-4 minutes. I thought Syracuse played exceptionally well.

A small note of interest popped up on the internet last night. An announcement by the NCAA that a 30 second clock would be experimented with in the NIT. Apparently the numbers are not as good as previously re persons watching college basketball. The NCAA wants to make the games faster and supposedly more exciting. I learned from the article also that girls’ college basketball is played with a 30 second clock.

Last week, I mentioned an unusual sunset. The sun behind a bank of gray/black clouds. Radiating through in a reddish/pink color. I was not the only one taken by the sunset. This week’s Conch Color ran several photos of the sunset taken by various Key West persons. Amongst them,  Carmelo Vitale, Amy Culver, and Vicki Gordon.

Money abounds in some quarters. It was announced that China’s Sunshine Insurance Group was buying the Baccarat Hotel in New York City. Paying $2 million plus for each room, the highest price ever paid on a per room basis for a New York hotel.

After renovations, the cheapest room will be $900 per night. Not a recession figure

Starwood has contracted to manage the hotel.

Brian Williams was an asshole. The only way to describe his statements. What to do? Hillary Clinton did the same thing. The Senator from Connecticut lied as to his military service. No punishment was involved in either case. The public was quick to forget.

Does his being a news announcer make a difference? I do not know.

Generally, people who misspeak have excellent credentials without the lie. Why do it?

A birthday party this afternoon! For my dear friend Jenna.

Enjoy your Sunday!