Syracuse won yesterday! Beat #1 ranked Louisville.

It was a game of games! March Madness! The Final Four! Great basketball!

What a game!

Sixth ranked Syracuse won 70-68.

One of the finest basketball games I have seen. And I have seen many.

Does this make Syracuse #1 nationally? I think it should. Syracuse has only lost one game. There are about three other teams left who have lost one game, also. Syracuse should come out on  top of the heap because of the Louiville victory. Many prior to yesterday’s game considered Louisville man for man the best team in the country.

I watched the game at John’s Big Ten Sports Pub. John had 3 TVs set up for the Syracuse game.

I watched the contest in the back bar room with Don, Chris and Dan. Plus, several other Syracuse fans. It was high fives all around at the end!

Don has a friend, Ed. I have never met Ed. Ed was in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday. Ed apparently a die hard Syracuse fan, also.  He kept calling and texting Don every few minutes during the game.

Prior to yesterday, I thought Syracuse would lose. I am glad I was wrong. The reason Syracuse won was they made their foul shots, controlled the defensive backboard, and Trisch scored 18 points in the first half. Syracuse finally blended and played as a team.

I say Syracuse has earned the #1 ranking. We shall see.

Stan Musial. A baseball immortal. Member of the Hall of Fame. A giant. Musial died yesterday.

Today, he is sits with other comparable baseball greats in the heavens above. Persons like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted Williams.

I have a Key West friend of many years who lives on Cape Cod. Musial is her uncle. He is her father’s brother. Dee. Dee also has a home on Cudjoe Key. Dee is most likely with the family in St. Louis today. My condolences, Dee.

When I was a grammar school kid, baseball was big in my life and that of my friends. We were all die hard Yankee fans. A few also liked Stan Musial. So we would listen to St. Louis Cardinal games too. Note the use of the word listen. We would lie on a living room floor and listen to the games on a radio. No TV back then. It was the mid 1940s.

We headed over to the Chart Room after the game. JJ bartending. Captain Peter, Sheila, Frankie, Sean and Katherine, plus a big tourist crowd, present. We celebrated the Syracuse victory.

Captain Peter is 70 years old. I am 77. He always offers me his seat when I arrive at the Chart Room. Makes me feel ancient!

Friend Anna in Novara is celebrating the Feast of San Gaudenzio today. In italian, Fiesta San Gaudenzio Novara. The holiday is some what like the Feasts of Sts. Cosmo and Damien that my family celebrated in my youth. Fanfare, food. Roasted chestnuts are a favorite.

Anna will visit today the Basilica of Saint Gaudenzio. The Church. Then home to cook a big holiday meal for the family. The same as was done back in Utica on the feast days of old.

Do not forget. My blog talk radio show tuesday morning at 7. Current events, plus anything that comes to mind. A talk show. Call and chat with me.

It’s sunday. Don’s for football playoffs this afternoon. Maybe a stop at the Gardens afterwards. I have not been in ages.

Enjoy your day!






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