A peaceful Sunday. Another do nothing day.

Watched Meet The Press from bed. Spent a couple of hours at Higgs Beach in a sand chair. Read the Key West Citizen and watched bikini clad ladies romp around. Enjoyed a fish sandwich at the bar at Salute. Then home for some reading and television. Early to sleep.

To err is human. Perfect I am not. Occasionally, I make a mistake. I did in yesterday’s blog.

A lapus lingua. I called George Clooney Robert Clooney. What can I tell you? Several of you pointed out the error. Thank you. I never mind being corrected.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. My blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine in the evening. One half hour. Interesting matters to be discussed.

I plan on chatting about the present Egyptian situation. All kinds of things happening. You may not be aware of some.

A second issue for discussion is the new way terrorists are planning on blowing up planes, places and people. Breast implants. For real. London’s Heathrow Airport is on alert for them at this moment.

I find many things to be irritable about regarding the breast implant situation. One is the apparent ineptness of TSA and Homeland Security to get airport screening right. Recall two years ago the furor over the new x-ray screening machine. Well folks, the machine is now obsolete. It only is able to discern things outside the body. It does not have the ability to get into a female breast or body cavity.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “SUNDAY AT THE BEACH

  1. Looks like our airport security screening needs to be a little more ‘hands-on’ !. Where can one get an application ? Hehehehe.

    • Indeed the “hands on” training would be tough to pass up. I am assuming a contractor will “invent” a mammary gland scanner. Actually, not a bad place top hide a bomb given some of the sizes, shapes and obvious interior space that I have seen. I assume a properly configured scanner or x-ray machine could see the wiring I would hope.

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