Don has all the TV sets going Sunday afternoons. Pro football time.

I joined Don and friends to watch for a while yesterday afternoon. We watched from an area behind the outside bar.

Sunday afternoons are Don s are always a good time.

Mikey stopped by to say good bye. He was leaving to return to Kentucky. Don, David, Stan, and Dennis were among those enjoying the games. We were watching five at one time. Tom stopped by. He and Nicky are snow birds. They have returned from their home on the Jersey shore. Their new home. Hurricane Sandy destroyed their original home.

Cheryl and Roger were watching the games, also. Cheryl brought my book over. The World Upside Down. She asked me to sign it. I was honored! The book is my first published novel, as you are aware. It is available on and

After about three hours, I moved on the Chart Room. JJ bartending. He and the wife are off to Cancun tuesday for 10 days. Peter and Sheila at the bar. Met Alicia from Scottsdale.

Jean Thornton came in. The lady I dedicated yesterday’s blog to. She was still suffering from Alabama fatigue. We sat together and chatted a while.

Danielle, one of Don’s outside bartenders, was standing at the other end of the bar chatting with some folks.

Remington recently purchased the Pier House. Remington owns/operates something like 92 hotels. JJ pointed out to be that each Remington location has what Remington describes as a Point of Distinction. At the Pier House, it is the Chart Room. Hooray! We knew the Chart Room was distinctive however  even before Remington purchased it.

Publix’s fruits are always big and shiny. Look delicious. Generally are. About a month ago, I purchased some apples. One was still sitting in the fruit bin in the refrigerator yesterday. I had forgotten it.

I picked it up intending to find a soft spoiled item. Surprised I was! The apple was as firm and as bright as the day I bought it. I bit into it. Tasted as good as if purchased yesterday.

There must be something to these genetically modified seeds! Though I wonder  whether they will be healthy for us over the long run.

Tomorrow night at 9, my blog talk radio show. A half hour of interesting and revealing chatter. Join me.

Two topics on the agenda involve the Saudis and a court/social worker system out of control.

The Saudis generally engage Ethiopian immigrants as maids. They hang them from the ceiling and brutally beat them. I viewed a video where the maid was hanging upside down and screaming while being beaten.

The court/social worker problem involves a case where a Judge ordered a caesarean to be performed. The social worker system had decided to take the baby from the mother when the child was born. They did not want to wait for the natural birth to occur.

Abuse is on the rise in many areas.

Enjoy your day!

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