Amy Hawkins and Jeffrey Wasserstrom in a recent Atlantic article made a keen observation. In the United States and most western nations, children are banned from movies that depict nudity. However, there are no age limits on touring museums where the same nudity is on display.

My sunday began with Sloan. Minor mechanical problems with the computer and cell phone. Resolved.

Later in the day, Hot Dog Church. Big crowd. About 40 women. And me. The only man.

Chatted with several of the ladies. My lesbian wives present. Sat with Donna. Terri off in an easy chair “watching” the Patriots game. Whooping it up!

More women than usual. Laurie told me it’s because the season is beginning. The crowds will get bigger over the next few weeks.

Then to the Chart Room. Just John and me again. Strange. Most nights packed. Two this week not.

I enjoy talking with John so it was of no matter to me. Probably to John. No customers, no tips.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Cupboard bare again.

Food terribly expensive! Prices goosed upward frequently in small amounts. Customers unaware of the price increases.

I don’t know how families afford it. Most are pretty much limited to food and gas. Not enough left for much else.

Tonight normally would be Dueling Bartenders for me. Terri White guest performer. Not this evening. Syracuse playing Duke at 7. I plan on watching the game from home.

Duke ranked #1, Syracuse unranked. Duke a 17 point favorite.

Cheryl and Roger Keast back! There home some strange sounding community beginning with a K. A suburb of Chicago. I have never learned to spell it correctly so the K has to suffice.

Enjoy their company. Look forward to seeing them this week. Probably dinner one evening.

Automobile accidents the primary cause of deaths in the United States for years. No more. Now, opioids. The National Safety Council reported that 2017 found opioid deaths exceeded those from car accidents. For the first time!

The report stated one of the reasons for the increase in opioid deaths was an increase among growing children and adolescents.

The opioid epidemic is overwhelming the U.S. We are not effectively addressing it. Too much money involved. Graft rampant. In excess of 100 persons per day dying.

Sad! A black mark on our society!

Beware! Freedoms can be lost through back doors.

It bothers me that I can criticize my government, but not Israel.

There is an attempt to reenact a law in existence when Trump took office which he has failed to renew.

Trump an anti-Semitic. No question.

Israeli money has been pouring into the hands of out politicians for years. Quietly. Congress reacted to the dollars as expected. Danced to the tune of he who paid the fiddler.

For years there has been a law appointing an anti-Semitic envoy whose responsibility was to monitor criticism of Israel. The law has not been renewed under Trump.

A powerful Israeli PAC has been spreading its dollars around to get it passed by the new Congress. Swiftly.

The new House of Representatives recently did. By a vote of 411-1. Now before the Senate.

The present bill stronger than the old law, which dates back to 2004, in that it provides the envoy with Ambassador status.

I have to believe the new House members knew not what was before them. I doubt any would vote for a law that makes it a crime to do something which with regard to our own country is legal. Referred to as freedom of speech.

Why is Israel receiving this strange protection? What about Great Britain, France, Canada, etc.?

Israel under Netanyahu has become war mongering. Expect everything from the U.S. Protections and assistance they do not require any longer. Our friend Israel is taking advantageous of us.

Netanyahu is an autocrat. He is meddling all over the face of the Middle East.

The Israeli people are our friends. Netanyahu not.

Whatever, the proposed law not a healthy one for American citizens.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Opioids, like all other recreational drugs, are readily available to anyone who wants them, always have been, always will be. Using them is a personal voluntary choice made by the hipsters. Why should I care if some die trying them? When someone ODs the other users call their dealers and request some of that same blend. Attempting to stop drug use is a futile waste of money.

    • Hipsters? Sounds a little pejorative to me, especially when you learn that the states with the biggest Opioid Crisis include West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa and Wisconsin. States not especially known for having large “Hipster” populations.

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