It was 1951. I was 16 years old and worked in a super market after school.

Baseball was the big sport in the U.S. at the time. The National League season had ended in a tie. The New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. On this date in history, the one game that would decide it all was being played.

I was wearing my working attire. A large white apron. Quietly replenishing Campbell’s Tomato Soup on the shelve. The radio was playing. We were all listening to the game. The whole world was.

It was the top of the ninth. Brooklyn winning. Bobby Thomson at bat. He hit a 3 run homer. Everyone went crazy. It was not that we all were Giant fans. It was the excitement of the moment.

I have never forgotten that day.

A supermarket. The one I was working at was called McHarris. Two Syrian brothers owned and operated it. They taught me a lot.

Supermarkets in 1951 were not as they are today. What was large then, is small now. The McHarris store was about three times the size of the Fausto’s off Duval.

Two other things come to mind. The Campbell’s Tomato soup was 3 cans for $ .10. My salary was $ .16 2/3 an hour.

It is overcast this morning. It rained extremely heavy for about 20 minutes. Bocce is tonight. Unless the sun comes out soon, I doubt we will be able to play. The courts will still be wet. The best that can be hoped for is that there are no puddles. Then we will play. However, the courts will be very slow. I do not like slow. I prefer a fast court.

Tonight’s bocce game is a money game. The side bet we have with four other teams. If we play, it will be a drinking fun time. A bottle of Polish gin is involved. If we proceed, I will tell you the purpose of the Polish gin and how it played out.

I walked again yesterday. Just around Key Haven. There is no question about it. A little exercise goes a long way in reducing weight. I started another diet Monday. Just cutting back and walking. The scale this morning indicated minus 4 pounds. It is a combination of the two that is responsible. I am eating about 25 per cent of my normal diet. Not easy. Plus walking on a more regular basis than normal. A bit farther each day, also.

Yesterday afternoon was spent preparing for tomorrow’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I have more work to do this afternoon.

The topics are coming together. The government shut down obviously will be one. I have decided to add on a weekly basis for a while examples of government waste. Generally interesting and in some instances so bad they are funny.

Greece and the Nazi party a must. The heads of the Nazi party are being arrested and thrown into jail. Instead of killing the movement, I fear the arrests have planted the seeds for revolution.

Other topics include a Key West price war, Lancaster, Pa. as capital of the United States for one day, a U.S. militarized internet, Venezuela maltreating the U.S., and more.

The more will include the story of a man who is terminally ill. Cancer. No chance for recovery. Grows his own marijuana to kill the pain. He and his family were raided by the police. He was thrown in jail for 42 days. He was released from jail because the drugs he needed to control the pain were costing the county too much money. He was sent home to do what he had been doing.

The show is at 10 in the morning my time. Available on television from Key West through Boca Raton on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available on the internet world wide. The show is You tubed and can be seen anytime. Enter Lou’s Legal hour.

Last night was my Duval crawl. I was out on the road.

Stopped first at Captain Tony’s. Always loved the place. Old and dingy. Always packed with tourists. Rarely a local. The customers all acting a bit crazy.

Then to Sloppy Joe’s. Packed, also. Tourists. Not having as much fun as those at Captain Tony’s.

I walked upstairs to the clothing optional bar on the roof of the Bull. Advertised as a place for people who like to party without their clothes. At least 5 years since I had been up there. It too was quiet. It has always been quiet when I am there. The only nudity I saw was the bar maid’s bare breasts. I cannot win.

Enjoy your day!




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