Yesterday I made mention of the Key West Citizen’s joke/make believe newspaper published each April Fools Day. I reflected on the total smoking ban instituted for Key West 20 years ago. A joke at the time.

Yesterday was April Fools Day and the Key West Citizen did it again! Published a newspaper replete with bogus yet humourous stories. The best one from my perspective was the front page article that British Airways had instituted a direct flight London to Key West three times a week.

The first British Airways jet had landed the day before to fanfare, water streaming, etc. Queen Elizabeth was on the flight. She intended to spend a few days in Key West to encourage tourism between London and Key West.

Convincing! Great imagination! The Key West Citizen is to be complimented.

My afternoon was busy. Not a minute to spare. I was on the go from one to five.

Started with Dr. Jackie Lefferts at 1. The second half of my annual physical. The pushing and prodding portion. A review of my blood results, etc. from the week before.

Two whole hours!

The good doctor said I was in the best shape she had seen in the six years I have been her patient. I hope her observation does not jinx me. I worry about these things.

Then to Lee Nails for a manicure with Tammy. A charmer!

Needed food. Publix was my next stop. The new Publix. We have two Publix stores in Key West at the present time.

The new Publix was too big for me. I could not find anyting. Ergo, I continued shopping at the old one. Till yesterday.

The past few weeks at the old store have been a pain. Too few check out counters open, too few baggers, only one person working the cold cut counter where three had been stationed, the employees less than friendly. I noticed the change. I asked around. Turns out the old store has a new manager. He is tough. Trying to shake things up. Many have quit. Those remaining do not care.

I care about the service I get. So it was off to the new store yesterday where things are normal. The manager there is apparently more tolerant. I will learn where everything is and how to make my way around the place.

There is a lesson to be learned by the new manager. Key West and its people dance to their own tune. Different from anywhere else. Key Westers have to be handled with kid gloves. They are a proud and hard working people. At the same time, a sensitive group. Step on them and they will leave you. That is the way it is.

The Chart Room last night. Me and Peter. We again solved many of the world’s problems. Banks were a major part of the conversation.

I was in the mood for wings. Headed over to Kelley’s. The best wings on the island.

I had not been to Kelley’s in a while. I ordered wings. They were different. Smaller and not as good. Not bad, but no where entitled to the title of best in Key West. I will have to find another wing place. This does not mean I am not deserting Kelley’s. Their food and personnel are still top quality. I merely do not like the new wings and shall order something else the next time I am there.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Join me. I guarantee you will enjoy the show. A quick half hour of interesting chatter.

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou this evening will include thoughts on wealth disparity, Boston College and birth control, and the Final Four. Plus anything you might wish to discuss. I take telephone calls.

The show can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, people listen to you. You should send a note to Kelly’s about the wings and ask why they changed an award winning recipe! I for one, won’t go there for wings the next visit to KW in a few months based on your comments.
    My wife and I take your comments seriously especially concerning restaurants in KW. 🙂
    We went to the Hot Tin Roof because of your comments as one example. Now it’s one of our favorites!
    Keep up the good work.
    John from Jersey

    • That is a great point and a possible idea for Lou. How about Lou’s Guide to Key West? It would make a great e-book on Amazon and do well I bet.

  2. Agree with John & Marty, I spent a lot of time at Don’s Place last summer based on your recommendations alone! Fortunately, the Hot Tin Roof and Wine Galley were already favorites. A “Key West Guide According to Louis” would be enjoyed by many!

    Just curious why you don’t give Winn-Dixie a try? My experiences there have been quite nice, a good variety, helpful folks, decent prices.

    • Actually, I am happy with Publix overall. Winn Dixie conmfused me when I started doing my own grocery shopping 7 years ago. They had a card/dicount system. I did not have a card. Was embarassed in line to say so and get one, etc. An old man who had never grocery shopped for himself before. Publix had no card system. They discounted whatever each week and let you know via advertisements and notations in the store.

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