Disaster has befallen a friend. Jean Thornton. A “…there is no joy in Mudville” situation. Mighty Alabama struck out!

Jean is a die hard Alabama fan. She lives and breathes Alabama. Jean got the wind knocked out of her yesterday. #4 Auburn beat #1 Alabama. With a crazy 100 yard plus run with seconds left on the clock.

Jean, my condolences.

David, my sympathies to you also.

Syracuse won yesterday. Beat Boston College with seconds left on the clock, also. 34-31. Syracuse ends the season 6-6. Makes the team bowl eligible. A disgrace. The bowl eligibility system, that is.

The system is nothing more than a way for the colleges to make more money. A team 6-6 going to a bowl! It has become dollars over academics. There is serious talk of paying football athletes at the college level. The primary argument in support of paying is the amount of money colleges are making on their football programs these days.

I disapprove.

Keith and Jennifer were over yesterday afternoon. Helping with the overgrown greenery surrounding my home.

Decided to do the other end of Duval last night. A break in the normal routine. A change of pace.

Started at 5. My first stop was Aqua. Quiet. Then to La Te Da. Tourists. Ended up having a cheeseburger at the bar at Southernmost Beachside.

Interestingly, I knew no one at the three stops. Where there were customers, they were tourists. Even the bartenders were strange to me. Obviously, I was there the wrong time of the day. Next time I will do it later in the evening. Maybe Wednesday. It has been a while since I have enjoyed Bobby Nesbitt’s early Wednesday gig at Aqua.

The Key West Citizen carried a newsworthy item this morning. Tourism has been up during the summer and fall. I am not surprised. It has been rare that there were few visitors on the streets. Another way of measuring for me is the crowd at the Chart Room. It has been pretty steady.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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