The Boulevard construction in Key West changes, at least for me, where I go and how I get there and return.

I had three stops yesterday around lunch time. Publix, Office Max, and Walgreens. Because of the hour, I normally would have driven into town for lunch first at the Plantation Coffee House, Blossoms, or some other place.

But I did not want to fight the rerouted traffic and traffic itself. Ergo lunch had to be in new town rather than old town.

I decided on Goldman’s in the Winn Dixie Plaza. Directly across from Walgreens.

Goldman’s is a deli. I am usually there with Robert and Ally. This time alone. They are on vacation.

Ordered a cheeseburger. Fantastic!

After the errands were run, I wanted to go to Don’s Place. That meant taking on the construction, detours, etc. Turned out that for Don’s Place I would endure the negatives.

David was at the bar. Watching the PGA. I joined him. Further down the bar were Jimmy and Joanie. I had dinner with Jimmy and David the other evening. Joanie was in Colorado. She has returned. Looked rested from the trip. Gave her a hug and kiss.

My pink eye appears to be cured. I decided to stay in in the evening to make sure. I know. Sounds crazy. Ran errands in the afternoon and stopped at Don’s Place. Did not even think about my pink eye problem. In any event, it was a sandwich and TV last night.

Just my luck. A good portion of the PGA was rained out.

I woke early this morning. Around 5. Watched from the comfort of my bed Julius Ceasar. The black and white version. Marlon Brando as Marc Anthony. Love Brando’s Marc Anthony eulogy to Julius Ceasar…..I have come to bury Ceasar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones. So let it be with Ceasar.

As one ages, the number of prescription drugs taken increases. The drugs are costly. As a senior citizen, I buy them via Part D and a private insurer.

The cost is relatively cheap. Till you hit a certain point. That point is called the doughnut or donut. It is spelled both ways in the articles describing it.

The donut is a real hole! Other than the initial $350 drug cost, you pay 25 per cent of the cost of the drugs initially. Till you reach the donut. The donut begins at $2,800. It runs to $4,550. You pay 100 per cent of the drug cost while in the donut. After $4,550, the charge drops to 5 per cent.

The 100 per cent cost during the life of the donut is a killer!

One of the reasons is the cost of prescription drugs. I cannot believe they are so expensive. Sometimes I seriously believe the insurance and drug companies exaggerate the cost. This leaves more money in their pockets based on the increased cost the senior citizen pays.

Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act is supposed to help ease the burden. Not relieve it totally however for a while.

Recipients are to receive a $250 refund check from the insurance company this year. It was supposed to have been paid in June. I am still waiting for mine.

Over the next couple of years there will be deductions in the donut. The plan also provides for the total elimination of the donut by 2020. May I live that long!

This donut thing I am merely sharing. It came to mind yesterday. A prescription costing roughly $200 came up for reordering. I had to pay $200 during the donut.

I am now out of the donut. That $200 prescription yesterday cost me $10.

Imagine the burden on the senior citizen when in the donut. $200 is too much for most people. Remember there are other presecription drugs the seniors require. For some, it means skipping a few meals to pay for the drugs. Not the way in the USA.

Enjoy your day!

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