Key West weather continues to be magnificent! Outstanding! High temperatures with no humidity. Air conditioning not  required while sleeping.

Keys’ weather changes dramatically. Next month, we could have evenings from high 40’s through mid 60’s. The issue then is not air conditioning. It is do you gave a heater or do you bury yourself under blankets.

Today is Friday. TV/internet show time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning. Join me.

Great topics. The best may be poverty. The impoverished are becoming a bigger and bigger class in American society. For example, were you aware that 1.2 million public school students are homeless. They leave for school each morning from under the bridge, the woods or an abandoned car.


I spent a bit of yesterday lying by my pool. When uncomfortable, I walk into the pool. Dunk all of me, including my head. And then come out to go through the routine again after a while.

I spent a good deal of the afternoon fine tuning this morning’s TV/internet show. It’s a good one!

Last night was bocce. I never made it. Took a shower and felt weak. Very. Thought I might pass out. Laid down. No help. Called David and told him the team would have to win without me. Ho ho! I also telephoned Lisa. My plan was to stop by before bocce to see Robert and Ally in their costumes. No way could I handle it.

I was in bed around 5 and stayed there. I do not think it is the diet. I suspect my blood pressure. You will recall several weeks ago it was running high and I could not control it. Finally, Dr. Mc Ivor got it under control. When I took my blood pressure at 5, it was 90/69. Under control plus!

This is Parrot Head weekend.  The organization is twenty two years old. Jimmy Buffet fans. They wear crazy hats, love Jimmy Buffet, and enjoy a special Key West weekend. Every 4-5 years, Buffet flies in, sings for an hour or two, and flies out. Always a surprise.

Parrot Head activities are centered at the Casa Marina.

Sunday afternoon begins the Power Boat Races.  A spectacular event! A world wide event! It lasts a week.

The boats are massive. Long thick cigar type. Fast. Expensive. Those who participate in the sport are well off financially. A boat obviously is required. Ahe rich owner to drive it. The owner and his crew, plus wives and girl friends, to enjoy the week.

They are spenders. Big time! Power boating is a millionaire’s sport. The restaurants and bars will do well. It is thought the Power Boat Races are the most profitable business wise for Key West.

It is excitement time watching the boats race. Make big time noise. Little or no mufflers. You turn your head swiftly as they race by. Her and gone just like that. An example of how fast they go.

There is another excitement. Many helicopters overhead zooming low to get pictures of the boats in action. You think you are in the center of a war zone when they sweep over.

I hope I get out tonight. I plan at starting at Don’s around 5. Then to the Chart Room. Then I do not know where. But, there will be a where.

Enjoy your day!





  1. “I suspect my blood pressure. You will recall several weeks ago it was running high and I could not control it.”

    As a fellow member of the “Cardiac Club” I hope you are OK. Be careful with your heart and BP. I’d seriously miss the blog and most importantly the man I have yet to meet. Always an interesting read.

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