Once you have lived in Key West a few years, you can pretty well predict the weather. Not just by day. By parts of a day, also.

Yesterday however I was wrong! Way off!

The morning had started warm. Then it suddenly got cold and breezy. I predicted it would shortly turn warm again. The weather would sneeze and the tropical sun return.

No one sneezed.

It was cold all day. High probably 70. During the night, the temperature was 62. At the moment it is 63. The high for today is projected at 72 and the low at 63.

I was out last night. Wore long pants and a sweatshirt.

I spent a couple of hours chatting with friend Captain Peter at the bar of the Chart Room. Sheila was leaving as I arrived. Emily bartending.

Peter and I have become bar buddies. Good! It is always a pleasure to chat with Peter.

Peter shared with me two interesting things he observed on tuesday.

Peter spends his days at Fort Zachrey Taylor beach, assuming the weather is good. Tuesday it was. He always sits in the same spot. Everyone knows him.

From his beach perch, he sees can see the length of the beach.

The jelly fish are in. Peter says they are not jelly fish. They are Portuguese Man of Wars. Who am I to argue with him.

The strong wind coming in off the Atlantic has caused the Man of Wars to be thrown up on the beach. There they lie. Even though dead, their tentacles still sting. A poison shoots out.

A tourist decided to pick up one of the Man of Wars. A mistake. Her finger got stung. Then she committed another error. She put her finger in her mouth and tried to suck the pain out. A no no. The poison will cause the mouth to swell. Followed by difficulty in breathing.

As Peter was running to help the woman, one of the park rangers arrived ahead of him. The ranger had a bottle of vinegar. He quickly had the woman fill her mouth with the vinegar. Vinegar prevents and/or reduces the swelling.

The woman walked away A-OK.

Peter made another observation from his beach chair. He saw a young lady walking and running down the beach. NBC TV cameras filming her. The beach had been cleared ahead of her apparently for safety as well as room reasons. Peter was permitted to remain where he was. Someone said he is here every day and is ok.

Sound mysterious? Not really. Peter claims the young lady was Chelsea Clinton. Makes sense if it was. She is a special correspondent for NBC. The only problem is yesterday’s newspaper and other media made no mention of her presence. I telephoned Key West’s great investigative reporter Sean Kinney to see if he knew. He knows everything. No answer. No call back as yet.

Cindy and Steve came into the Chart Room later. Cindy has been Jimmy Buffet’s Key West secretary for years.

She and Steve have recently adopted a dog from the dog pound. Cindy was carrying the dog. She told us it was a rat terrier. It was bigger than normal. A pleasant contented animal. Cindy says since they got their new friend, she has found a couple of dead rats on  her property.

On the way home, I stopped at Outback. Ate a whole meal again. This time lamb chops. I thought I was going to devour the bones, also. I fear I am pushing my luck food wise.

This morning AT 10, my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I have selected some interesting topics for discussion. Listen in and enjoy.

The show is available via television from Key West through the whole of Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide via the internet.

Enjoy your day!



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