Don and Stephanie Manaher are grandparents again! Daughter Katie gave them a lovely new granddaughter. She has been named Nia.

The birth was two days ago. Don and Steph were at the hospital. Steph was in the birthing room and helped deliver Nia. Don was in the reception area waiting.

I was with Don and Steph at Don’s Place last night. Steph was buying everyone a drink in celebration. Her box of cigars.

Spent about 3 hours at Don’s. Chatted with Don, Steph, David, Hershel, Erika, Puff, Kurt, and I cannot recall who else. It was a good friday night crowd.

Dinner was at Don’s also. Steph sent out for food. Pizza, wings, and some sort of oriental peas. Don, Steph, David, and I enjoyed. I especially enjoyed. It was the first pizza and wings I have had in three months.

You are already aware of my dental calamity. I was back in the chair at 8:30 in the morning. Fix me! I hurt!

It took an hour. Think it worked this time. Pain 90 per cent gone. Better this morning. I was able to eat pizza and wings last night.

Spent the balance of the morning and part of the afternoon writing my column for next week’s KONK Life. The article is revealing. Hits you in the face with facts the US media seeems to ignore. The true story of the inter play between Greece and Germany arising out of the euro. I  venture that if there is a third world war, it could very well start in Greece between the Germans and Greeks. Not in the Middle East as most believe.

KONK Life will be on the news stand next thursday. Pick up a copy and read the column. I guarantee the contents will surprise you.

My television/internet show the Key West Lou Legal Hour was broadcast yesterday. No question which topic was enjoyed most. The one concerning an 18 year old girl up on drug charges in a Miami court who gave the Judge the finger and told him f–k you. She got 30 days for contempt of court.

Friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour is now available 24 hours a day on You tube. Look for Key West Lou Legal Hour. Easy to find.

A friend living in Armogos e mailed me yesterday. Maria. Amorgos is a Greek island.  Maria and her husband own the apartment I rented by the sea. The one with the terrace I enjoyed so much.

Greece is in a bit of turmoil. Her words reflected the situation: “…things here a little difficult…we hope for the best.”

Difficult does not describe the chaos well enough. If you wish to know the down and dirty re what is happening in Greece, read my next week’s article in KONK Life. I apologize for repeating myself. However, I believe the world should be aware of what the Greek people are experiencing and where I think it may all lead.

Nemo. We now name snow storms. This one a BIG ONE! Boston really getting hit. I have a friend who lives on Cape Cod. Right in the middle of it all. She will probably be digging herself out for a month.

Enjoy your day!

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