When will anyone beside employers and manufacturers begin to be concerned with robots? They are not just coming. They are here!

In increasing numbers.

Last year was a record year for robot usage in the U.S. Up 16 percent from 2017. Robots popular because they cut labor costs dramatically. Important in the U.S. since the highest cost factor in  a business are the workers.

Trump promised to bring industry back to America. In some ways he has succeeded. Not enough, but give the devil his due. The problem is Trump does not recognize that the returning industries will look to robots instead of humans in order to cut costs.

Which means America’s labor force has to be retrained. Trump has paid no attention to this problem.

Robot acquisition is moving rapidly. More and diverse businesses are acquiring them. Would you believe Major League Baseball?

Yes, Major League Baseball.

Major League Baseball recently signed a contract with the independent Atlantic League to test using robots as umpires. The test period three years.

Man against machine! It is going to be dramatic when a manager throws dirt at the robot ump and the ump throws his arm out and says…..You’re out!

Professional umpires are costly. Even Major League Baseball seeks to cut costs.

My outside activities yesterday began at 4. A 1.5 hour guest appearance on Laurie Thibaud’s Party Time radio show station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM.

Always fun! We are getting better with each other. The give and take. Laurie is terrific!

Following Laurie’s show, I walked over to the Chart Room. Tammy bartending. Some happy faces at the bar. Season time. Everyone is happy.

Met a couple. Cannot recall the name of the husband. Sorry. The husband retired 2 years ago. I remember the wife’s name. Mary. A stay at home Mom, her lifetime job was raising their 3 children.

Spent some time with Hercules and Sue. Loved being with them! Contemporaries. Both in their mid to late 80’s. Live near Chicago.

Hercules a retired municipal attorney. Sue a Smith graduate who became a Mom.

Interesting. Met 2 different ladies. Each’s career being a mother.

Then to the Blue Macaw. Packed. Happy Hour not over yet.

Ran into Andrea and Phil. Had not seen them in a couple of weeks. Good people. I enjoy their company.

One drink and I left. Needed to grocery shop. Refrigerator and cupboards empty at home.

Saw the new VFW on the Boulevard and decided to stop for a sandwich before shopping. I use to visit before Irma. Irma knocked the hell out of the building.

Good crowd. As usual. I enjoyed a Philly cheese steak sandwich.

Met Anton and Chris. Both fortyish. Civilians employed by the Joint Interdiction Task Force.

Interesting guys. Interesting work. One or both responsible for protecting the internet against hackers.

We had an interesting political discussion. One a Trump supporter, the other not. The conversation testy on occasion.

Finally, Publix. Closing time always a good time to shop. Few shoppers. Since I know what I want, I can zoom up and down the aisles and be done in 10-15 minutes.

Donna and Terri are taking me out to dinner tonight. Hurricane Hole. A guaranteed fun evening.

The Key West Custom House is one of the island’s premier historical spots.

The federal government constructed the building sometime around the mid 1890’s. The Custom House’s claim to fame from an historical perspective occurred because of the sinking of the Battleship Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898. On this day in 1898, the Navy Court of Inquiry met at the Custom House to investigate and determine the cause of the sinking.

The sinking and inquiry led to the Spanish-American War.

Syracuse/Wake Forest at noon tomorrow. I have no idea who will win. The season has been frustrating.

Israel’s Netanyahu and Trump are birds of a feather. With one difference. Netanyahu has a brain.

Netanyahu has changed over the years. Become increasingly autocratic. A warmonger. Not merely in defense of Israel. In order to establish Israel as the power in  Middle East.

He wants to take Iran down. He consistently seeks support of other nations to think his way and assist Israel if it comes to a war with Iran.

Trump dances to Netanyahu’s tune. Should war with Iran come, he wants the full support of the U.S. Trump will find a reason to join with Netanyahu.

The Israel/Gaza border problem increases in intensity every day. Each side responsible at different times. Occasionally, one side gets out of hand.

Recently, the UN Human Rights Council determined Israel violated international law when it intentionally shot children and journalists in Gaza. Part of a larger protesting group. Many died, including 35 children.

This past week, the Palestinian Governor of Jerusalem was arrested by Israeli forces. Israel has not yet advised why the man was arrested.

The Gaza problem and Palestinian Jerusalem problems occurred under Netanyahu’s watch.

Israeli elections to be held soon. Netanyahu a candidate once again. Yesterday’s news may affect his chances. It was announced by Israel’s Attorney General yesterday that Netanyahu had been arrested for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

Yetanyahu and Trump birds of a feather. Commit dangerous acts and walk under a black cloud of alleged criminal involvement.

Enjoy your day!




  1. “Netanyahu has changed over the years. Become increasingly autocratic”

    Trump started out that way, they do have some things in common…Bibi used *witch hunt* to describe his legal troubles.

    Maybe these guys are part of some demented fraternity.

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