I just finished Key West Lou Live. My 3-4 minute video on Facebook. Normally, I rant and rave about Trump or some world event. Today,  opted for a change of pace. Talked about what it is like to be a senior citizen. Interesting and amusing. From courting to Christmas Eve. Take a look. You will enjoy.

Yesterday was National Hot Dog Day. The hot dog worthy of such recognition. An American treat.

The Chart Room has hot dogs. Free. Next to the free peanuts and popcorn is a small boiler pot with fresh hot dogs bubbling away each day. As emptied, refilled.

The hot dogs a popular item.

Met Neal at the Chart Room bar early last night. A high school business teacher from Carrolton, Georgia. Back when drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers. Played three years minor league ball.

His wife, Connie. Did not meet her. She was in the room dressing. Connie owns a bridal shop.

Their third visit to Key West. Love it!

Kevin and Holly came in. Chatted with them a while. Good people. Bartender John joining us in conversation as time permitted.

Then to the Blue McCaw.

As expected, found new friends Paul and Ron at the bar. Sat with them. Enjoyed a drink and something to eat.

Paul and I discussed Europe. Especially Greece and Spain.

I was home at 8:30. As I was getting into bed, the phone rang. It was Terri. Come over and join us for dinner. Terri is cooking. Not tonight! I’m in bed!

Terri rescheduled me for friday night.

Donna is an exemplary cook. One of the best!

Terri is singing saturday night at the Blue Heaven. Stop by if you have a chance.

Key West is in the middle of Hemingway Days. Many events every day. My favorite is the Running of the Bulls. Saturday afternoon. Funny and awe inspiring.

Turtles a big deal in the Keys. Everyone concerned for them. The Marathon Turtle Hospital has a world wide reputation. Serious cases are flown to Marathon from all over the world.

Tomorrow Little Monkey and Coco are going home. Returning to the ocean after several months of treatment in Marathon. Nine tomorrow morning at Sombrero Beach in Marathon. Two to three hundred turtle lovers will be watching.

BOB is tired. He will not be writing today.

Trump is either stupid or trying to con us. The issue is Montenegro. A small nation of 300,000 people. NATO’s newest member.

Trump was on FOX news the other night complaining the U.S. should not contribute to Montenegro’s participation in NATO. The sense was the U.S. should not be committed to going to war over such a small country.

The truth of the matter is that Montenegro’s location makes it very important to both the U.S. and Russia.

Russia needs a warm water port. Montenegro would provide one. The U.S. has for years kept Russia at bay in its pursuit of Montenegro.

Either Trump does not understand that just written or he is setting up a scenario whereby Russia will be able to take over Montenegro.

Montenegro is no fool. It is presently playing the U.S. and Russia off against each other.

People of America, you got screwed again yesterday! The very rich, the one percent, won out over the rest of the people.

While Trump and Putin the news of the day and nothing else being discussed, Trump snuck a new change of the law in.

Publicly active non-profits were required till yesterday to identify their large contributors. Persons/groups like the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, the NRA, and Planned Parenthood.

Referred to as “dark money donors.” No more.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced disclosure of major donors no longer required. In an attempt to bullshit the public, he said it added to transparency.

Am I missing something?

Interestingly, the announcement came the same day a Russian woman was arrested and charged with conspiracy to act as an agent for the Russian Federation. One of her activities was building ties with the NRA and arranging for Russian monies to be filtered through to the NRA and other political organizations.

Jean Thornton, where are you?

Enjoy your day!


2 comments on “NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY

  1. Check out any gun magazine NRA ad. They are convinced that the smart people want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment and take away their guns, and that Trump is their only salvation.

  2. Probably a smart move for the NRA to go with that Russian meme. It’s exactly the kind of sentiment that malleable mindsets can get behind. Just about any thinking person with a second grade intelligence level would reject that as foolish, so if you fee that way or are even willing to support that, then fine, you are easily persuades, ill informed, unable to make your own decisions and frankly, just plain dumb.

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