Anna caused a major terrorism scare today. All by herself.

Anna lives in Novara. She was on her way to the Milan Airport (the bigger of the two) by cab. On her way to Greece. A major accident occurred. Anna’s cab was in the middle of it. Escaped however with some skidding and no damage.

Scarred her. Anna is easily frightened. Sounds justifiable in this situation, however.

She made it to the airport with a few minutes to flight time. She sat and to compose herself. She had her suitcase with her. When she boarded the plane to Athens, she forgot to take her bag.

Anna and her plane are in flight. I can picture Ana recalling she left her bag back at the airport. The crew became involved. Anna already involved. The Milan Airport security and police got involved. I don’t know who else.

Everyone suspected Anna’s bag contained a bomb. Her bag and the area where it sat was cordoned off. The bomb squad called.

A major furor. Properly so. Anna questioned upon arriving at Athens. I can picture her. A wreck! Speed talking and crying. I am not a terrorist!

A wonderful woman! Sensitive! Her one negative, she is easily excitable. A trait common among Italian women. .

Anna’s trip to the Greek Isles will be delayed by one day. She is too tired to move on from Athens. An evening in Playka and she will be fine.

I envy Anna. She is off to Santorini, Armogos, Lesbos and I do not know where else for six weeks.

I am sitting in Starbucks. Late tuesday afternoon. Wiped out. Moved today. In spite of having professional movers, I had to direct where everything went. Too much stuff. It is going to be hard/impossible to fit 3,300 square feet of furniture into 1,600 square feet.

Don’t know when Comcast is going to come. Still waiting for a call. No wi-fi, internet or land line service. I will not be able to do my podcast tonight. Need my own land line to do it.

This blog you will read tomorrow. When I finish, I will set it up to publish at 5 in the morning.

True dedication!

My mover was Henrik Olsson. Owns Tropical Movers. He and three of his men provided yeomen service. Bulls! Oh, to be young again!

Guaranteed I am going to have a couple of drinks tonight.

Last night was Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. Bob Nesbitt the featured guest. The best male vocalist in Key West.

Good company. Cindy and Jim. longest I have never chatted with Cindy. An interesting conversation. She an Evangelical Republican. I, a Democrat. Intelligent and calm from both perspectives.

A young couple on the other side of me. Kia and Meagan. Visiting. Staying in Marathon. Drove down for the day.

Kia a software programmer. Meagan, I apologize. I cannot read my handwriting as to your occupation. It happens.

The Republicans are doing well! Spent the last seven years telling us how they were going to repeal and replace Obamacare when they regained power. What a joke!

Food for thought: If the Republicans are not able to negotiate with each other, how can they negotiate with the Democrats.

The Republican healthcare proposal is a humane one. Sacrifice 22 million lives of ordinary citizens to give the wealthy a huge tax break.

Ain’t no other way to cut it!

Honesty always the best policy. Teenager Emily Walsh and her mother saw a bag in a cart in a hallway at Las Brisa. Emily opened the bag. $30,000 in bundles of cash together with some deposit slips and receipts.

A cell phone company owner’s money. Obviously forgotten/mislaid.

Emily and her mother took the bag of cash to the Police Station.

Bless them. That’s what should be done.

I hope the cell phone company owner has the good sense to reward Emily and her mother. At least $1,000.

I’ve had it. I am off to a shower at my new abode. Then a search for some clean clothes. And out for the evening!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Health care. Well, lets see. How long was hillary care talked about and worked on. Where did that go. Then along came obama care. How long did that take. And what did it do. Companies backed out, some states rates have doubled. It is a failure.

    If some folks think health care is a human right then it’ll take time to figure it out and get it right. While, all the while, convincing everyone its a right.

    The figures I see are now at 14-20 million without obamacare right now and its mandated. So the new figures are that 22 million will be without it while the mandate is removed and the cost is being lowered to try and make it affordable. Not everyone wants healthcare.

    We do need to figure our how to reduce our deficit, everything needs to be considered.
    Your liberal readers are going have a great time with this.

  2. The US govt ought to not be involved in health care at all. It’s way too socialist anyway. Leave it private, congressguys.

    • Careful, naive rightwing ideology on this health care issue could lead to Comcast (or someone like that), running our health care system, with someone like Martin Shkreli as CEO. And unlike a government run program, no way to reign things in.

  3. Quote: “The Republican healthcare proposal is a humane one. Sacrifice 22 million lives of ordinary citizens to give the wealthy a huge tax break.

    Ain’t no other way to cut it!”
    End Quote

    Actually, there is another way to cut it…most of the 22 million people will CHOOSE not to pay for healthcare insurance that they feel is too expensive, they don’t need it, or for whatever other personal reason they have.

    On a side point, if the government decides the only way coverage-for-all can work is to force everyone to buy it, why don’t they just open up Medicare for all ages? That system is already in place.

    • Tom you have great and intelligent points. I agree that what the GOP plan does is allow people to “opt out” of health insurance and by that I mean personal responsibility for their own welfare and maybe their family as well.

      I say this because we all know (or should) that we will be simply reverting to the old “ER Care” health plan for people who “choose” not to buy heath insurance in lieu of say “party money.” When they present at any ER, maybe in Key West, with an illness, injury or whatever, they will be treated and not left on the curb to have their baby there for example. Insurance companies and hospital groups than jack up OUR premiums to cover that “free” care. What a crock and Mitch knows it. We are a “Christian” nation (supposedly) and all and wear our WWJD bracelets at times like those so how can we turn them away.

      The Guvment is merely dumping their responsibility ultimately on the US, the beleagured middle-class taxpayer. As always. Heaven forbid the rich pay a penny more, after all they bought their election for them.

      Medciare for all from vets to the elderly and poor makes far too much economic sense for the GOP. It would not permit big pharma, big medicine and corporations to reap windfall profits on medical suffering. The examples of a monopoly company jacking up a badly needed drug’s price way beyond a fair profit are numerous. Thus, never happen. How many great ideas are thus dumped on the pyre of corporate greed while we let them?

  4. May I point out that the 22 million figure is “fake news”. As I understand it, if someone did NOT buy insurance and paid the penalty, they are then counted as having insurance. (Only the Gooferment could make this gobbledy goop up.) Then, when the penalty is no longer enforced, they count as uninsured. Argh!

    The Gooferment should not be involved in “health”, “health care”, “health care insurance”, or something else. It’s immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

    • Hmmm, last time I checked the Gooferment (now run by GOOFY Republicans) has been helping citizens with healthcare for 3/4 of a century. It is called Medicare and try and take your Grandma’s away fjohn so you can give the few billionaires a tax break. WTF! Talk about immoral!

      We paid through FICA for that sh&t, in my case every check since I was 16. So no, PAY me what I paid for! Screw the billionaire’s the GOP is sold-out to.

  5. fjohn reinke – I believe your arguments are incorrect – all of them, especially the one about the 22 million estimated INCREASE in uninsured. The number itself may turn out to be imprecise, but a significant increase certainly isn’t.

    Furthermore, the part about Government not being involved with “health”, “health care”, “health care insurance”, or something else, is NOT immoral, ineffective or necessarily inefficient. That’s is simply off base and wrong. You may not like it or prefer something else, but it is simply NOT immoral, ineffective or necessarily inefficient.

    And if we actually want to improve what you wish to characterize as Gooferment, perhaps we should stop electing goofs to run it. And perhaps we should probably also stop listening to goofs constantly denigrate it.

    • No Lynn, Michael makes more sense for us regular people. Fjohn is misinformed if you do any and I mean ANY research.

      Lynn – I assume you are 100% for ER Care right? Great idea.

  6. Leanardo on June 28, 2017 at 9:33 pm said:
    No Lynn, Michael makes more sense for us regular people. Fjohn is misinformed if you do any and I mean ANY research.
    end quote

    I think we can agree to disagree on that.

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