Moore, Oklahoma.

Hard to believe!

All the devastation and loss of life. TV this morning vividly portrays the destruction. Reminded me of Hurricane Andrew. I drove through Homestead soon after. Houses and buildings down as far as the eye could see. As if the city had been bombed.

The number 20 again! Twenty young school children died when their school was blown apart. Shades of Newtown.

Why? Is it global warming? Is it a warning from up on high? Simply nature at work for no reason? I do not know. I have no opinion. A tornado of this magnitude is beyond my ability to comprehend.

A thought occurs. A political one. I wonder if Congress is going to screw around and delay with federal aid as it did with New Jersey.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A fast moving half hour. I share my thoughts on whatever turns me on at the moment.

Tonight, I will definitely comment on the tornado, the new Vermont End Of Life Law, throw in a few Washington comments, and my thoughts re the banks and major corporations getting richer and the former middle class not. Note the use of the word former. Plus, whatever else comes to mind. Or yours. You can call in and chat with me.

Yesterday was easy. I did nothing of consequence.

A business meeting in the morning, a bagel, coffee and the newspapers at the Plantation Coffee House, and lunch at Blossoms. The afternoon and evening I stayed home reading and resting. A lazy day.

An interesting experience at the Plantation Coffee House. As I was leaving, I heard Diane’s voice behind me…..Louis, don’t you want to pay!

Again, please join me for my blog talk radio show this evening.

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “MOORE, OKLAHOMA

  1. I think that the Gooferment has assumed the role of “insurance company” and defrauded the American people of the protection they should have.

    Bear with me, I know I have a tin foil hat and you’re a “good liberal”, but …

    Without the Federal promises of relief that are always late, sub-par, and very expensive, “We, The People” would organize and plan differently.

    This is exactly (almost) a repeat of the incident. Did “we” build better structures? Did “we” setup a better warning system? Did “we” hold local officials accountable for the reassurances they made that induced us to trust them?

    It’s “funny” to me that before the extent of the damage was known the Moore Town website was revised to remove the the assurances made after the last storm that it was low probability event that would not reoccur for 100 years. (MY response would have been “so what”, we should plan for it.)

    So, what are “we” going to do different this time?

  2. Not much as we keep subsidizing houses built on sand bars along both coasts so the rich can enjoy a dip at taxpayer expense. Maybe we stop that extravagance first and help the families in OK who had the audacity to build a house on a plain.

    After all, What Would Jesus Do? Eh? No point in heading to church if you say nothing.

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