Spent some time yesterday chatting with Spyros. Turns out he is a prominent person in Katapola. Besides his computer/internet skills, he is Secretary of what I would describe as the local Chamber of Commerce. Called here the Association of Katapolis’ Businesses.

An interesting conversation. We covered my reaction to Katapolis, its businesses and people. All favorable. We also covered Greek politics. A today hotbed.

I had no plans for the afternoon. A stupid sudden urge hit me. Go back and revisit the Monastery from last year. The Monastery of Pangia Hozoviotissa. It was a killer walk uphill last year. I made it. I swore however, never again. I did not keep my word.

A short bus ride and I was there at the foot of the hill. Let me put everything in perspective. The Monastery was built into the side of a cliff. Back around 1100 A.D., some King was sitting on the beach and an icon of the Blessed Virgin washed up on shore at his feet. He took it as a sign from Above. He had this magnificent I do not know how it was conctructed monastery built into the side of the hill to honor the Blessed Virgin and God.

For a normal person, the walk up takes about 15 minutes. For me, it took 30 yesterday. Not bad. I went slow. People passed me. I did not care. The steps/path was a narrow walk way winding around the cliff. I made it and did not feel as bad as last year. In fact, I felt nothing adverse. God was on my side! The wind, also. A strong wind was at my back.

Nothing inside had changed in a year, except for the Monk talking with me. A different one. He spoke English. Wanted to know where I was from. Key West. He knew of Key West. A bad place. People take their clothes off. I jokingly asked if he had been watching Fantasy Fest on the internet.

He was curious as to what I did. I explained Key West Lou to him.

There is a book guests are asked to sign. I had signed it as Louis Petrone. Several guests had signed after me. He said you must sign as Key West Lou. He then signed my name for me as Key West Lou with the date.

I am immortalized as Key West Lou in a religious place!

Dinner last night was at a new restaurant. Rita, the American living on Amorgos, had suggested I try the Corner Restaurant. I did. Good meal! No, a great meal! Steamed greens in oil and bruschette to start. Lamb chops as the main. These were for real. The best yet. More than I could eat.

I have been working at my KONK Life column since 8:30 this morning. Took me five hours. A bit long. However that is the time that was required to tell the story. It will be published next Thursday. The title is Flora’s Story.

So much for yesterday and this morning.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Thank you for your great stories! Love them and all of the beautiful pictures! You are a legend in your time! My brother, Neal first told me about you and how great of an entertainer and person you are. So happy to be able to join you on your adventures! thanks again, Lou! From Nevada, Missouri

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