Happy Sunday!

There once existed a marriage bar to employment. One sided. Only applied to women. A married women was not permitted to work at most jobs.

The reason was that men needed available jobs to support their families. A working woman was taking a much needed job from a man.

Employment inequality at its worst.

The issue came to my attention this morning as a result of an item which appeared in the History Section of the Key West Citizen. On this day in 1902, the Board of Education requested the resignation of Sarah Ann Roberts.

Sarah was a teacher. Proper to work as one while single. Once married however a no no. A couple/family did not need two bread earners to survive.

Everything changes with time. In most families today, the wife/mother is required to work. The family could not survive economically if she did not.

The Chart Room first last night. A sparse crowd. John bartending.

Kevin and Holly were there when I arrived. Key Westers/snowbirds. Own a home in Key West. Rent it out during season. We are into season.

They also own an RV. They have been traveling the country. As far west as Las Vegas recently.

Crossed the street to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Ate alone at the bar.

Ordered rack of lamb. First time for me at Hot Tin Roof. Absolutely delicious! Best lamb I have eaten in ages. Potatoes and vegetables likewise. The flavoring to die for.

I mentioned to the bartender that the lamb was fantastic, etc. Before I knew it, the chef was standing next to me. He was thrilled I enjoyed the meal as much as I had.

I was sincere. Perhaps people do not compliment the cooking when eating out. I rarely do. If last night had not been exceptional, I would not have. Good tasting food is expected.

In spite of the fanfare, I still had to pay for my dinner!

Watched the President at his rally in Melbourne in the afternoon. A campaign rally. Basically the same as he gave many times during the campaign. I do not think he realizes play time is over. He is in the real world.

Nine thousand in attendance. Many middle aged and senior citizens. Some were interviewed before Trump arrived.

I was impressed with their loyalty. They loved Trump! Were on his side. Not concerned with the first month foul ups. Confident he would come through.

Syracuse/Georgia Tech 6:30 tonight. Syracuse a three point favorite. Syracuse must win 3 of its last 4 games to be guaranteed a spot in the NCAA tournament. If only 2, maybe.

Enjoy your Sunday!


    • True liberty, free from draconian religious influence and hypocritical values is more a liberal value than a conservative one.

      Like the Founding Fathers, I’ll take liberty over loyalty every time.

  1. Charles, no one is going to give you true liberty these days, so forget it and live with our great conservative values full of religious influence. Live with it. Liberalism is a mental illness as the great Rush says.

    • Rush is your mentor? I am so sorry for you. Disparaging other people that do not agree with you is stupid. No “side” or person has ALL the answers or values. Humans know what is the right thing to do and the wrong, we just often choose to do the wrong thing as it suits are selfish needs and interests be they greed, wealth or whatever.

      You think Jesus was a political Conservative? Have you read the New Testament. Leave the fake religion out of the alt-right nonsense. The so-called religion praised by the right wing is used purely to gain votes and scare people.

    • Actually Diana, relevant or not I am a fiscal conservative, I like to see return for outlay. That applies to finance and social programs. Not afraid to spend on an acceptable value to cost ratio. I believe done right and prudently, they both pay good dividends.
      Now on social issues the liberal/libertarian label is quite appropriate and considered an honor. When it comes to consenting adults it’s live and let live. So I guess if you want to be precise, I’m a libercon?

  2. It certainly appears to me there is a place for intolerance in KW. [ I’ve spent much time in the town].

    Actually though, I find as many conservatives in KW as liberals.

    I find no one more intolerant than a liberal. At least most liberals anyway.

    Telling a regular reader and poster to keep her opinions to herself while you continue to freely spew yours is a prime example. One ought to practice what one preaches.

    • Patrick,

      Key west is known for being accepting and respectful of those who may not be widely accepted otherwise. It isn’t merely tolerating but embracing and celebrating the right to be as we are unique and relevant. Key west is also in a traditionally conservative part of the country and I have encountered many conservatives in KW. I have been the target of the scornful look and reaction to my political views. That said KW is tilted to the socially liberal side, as was evident in the election results.
      Having opposing values and opinions is freedom of choice and expression. That is a right we all should cherish, but it should remain a personal belief and practice. Intolerance takes on a multitude of definitions, we are intolerant of the bitter cold or stifling heat, oppression by government, witnessing the beating of a child or animal, the abuse of the elderly and vulnerable etc. That is a fairly common reaction to such things and considered a positive one at that. Intolerance to language or action that infringes on or advocates to infringe on the freedom, liberty and rights we cherish, regardless if such opinion is held by majority or entrenched in religious belief should be opposed vigorously. Humanity is fragile. Life is challenging and uncertain. We should never forget we have more in common than not and to make an effort to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

      • I have a real problem when another person’s views are labeled a “mental illness.” That is about as intolerant of other views and people as it gets Patrick. Sorry, You Neocons, “Back to the 50’s and Good Ol’ Jim Crow Days” folks don’t have any monopoly on virtue.

    • Patrick – you must not really read the comments. Diana is the one stating liberal is a “mental illness”!! Not intelligent (kind or excepting) commentary there…

  3. Actually she said Rush considered liberalism an illness. You then called her an ass. But, I’m not going to get into this any further.

    Key West does accept many people, but, so do other communities. The acceptance of these does cost the taxpayer heavily. Key West being the tourist town it is can almost afford this. Some folks need help which I don’t really mind to much. Many just chose to live on the dole, that I have a problem with. I believe welfare should be a loan.

    I’m also a social liberal [ somewhat] but a fiscal/political conservative. I could care less how one lives as long as they don’t infringe on my rights.

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