I finally went out last night. To the Chart Room to begin. Stayed quite a while. Enjoyed some excellent company.

My undergraduate work was done at Manhattan College. I rarely speak of Manhattan. No particular reason. I received a good education at Manhattan from the Christian Brothers. I enjoyed my college years. Much partying.

I realize I speak often of Syracuse. I do feel a very close bond with Syracuse. Not just for the time I spent there. My life since graduation has been intertwined with Syracuse professionally, socially and sportswise. I did not develop such a relationship with Manhattan.

Last night at the Chart Room, I spent considerable time talking with Jack Kelley. A Manhattan graduate! Class of 1968. I graduated in 1957.

Jack was a day hop, I a boarder. We reminisced. It was fun to recall and remember.

Jack went into the Air Force after graduation. Flew jets. Then taught jet training. Retired a major. Worked in industry as a consultant thereafter. Now he is retired as I am.

Jack has a second home in the Keys. Just up the road on Cudjoe Key. He has been at Cudjoe the past few weeks supervising the installation of a pool. Showed me a picture. It is going to be a terrific looking addition to his property when finished.

I enjoyed my time with Jack and trust we shall meet again soon. Most likely at the Chart Room.

Peter shared some of the Jack/Louis time. I felt bad. Once we got into Manhattan College, he was sort of out of the conversation. However, Peter did know where Manhattan was located. 242 Street and Broadway, end of the Seventh Ave line. Very few know that. Peter continues to amaze me.

Sheila and David were at the Chart Room, also. Chatted with them a bit.

Jean Thornton came in. With another Gene, a male one. Gene is an attorney from northern Florida who represents the Mel Fisher family’s interest in the emerald case which has been in the news the past couple of years. He and Jean were having dinner at the Hot Tin Roof later on.

I was hungry. Grabbed a couple of newspapers from the Pier House’s reception area and walked over to the Wine Galley. I sat at the bar alone, read the newspapers and had a bite to eat. The food at the Pier House is always good!

My back. Oh, my back.

It was better yesterday. However still bothersome. Probably because I did not take any pain pills yesterday. I had been in all week and intended to go out last night. I also intended to have a few drinks. The pain pills and alcohol would not have mixed.

I had three gins over the course of the evening. I had no pain when I arrived home. Though this morning I have had a few shots of spasm. Not bad, but still there. Nevertheless, I appear to be on the mend.

I wrote my column for next week’s edition of KONK Life yesterday. Titled it Man And His Changing World. I pontificated a bit. The column was inspired by the Boston marathon bombings. My two themes were man’s inhumanity to man and the changing world we live in.

The television station is running my Key West Lou Legal Hour four times a week. Once live. The other three reruns. The reruns are not necessarily of the most recent show.

I watched yesterday one of the reruns. I had never seen myself before. I was impressed! Liked what I saw!

My apologies for the lack of humility. I was taken with the mood swings, the humor, the seriousness, the factual data, the background insights, etc.

I am humbled by the fact so many watch the show world wide.

Today’s rerun is at 3 this afternoon. Watch if you are in the mood for a fast moving entertaining hour.

The show is aired on television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The show is also available world wide on the internet.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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