Eimy is a most beautiful woman!

I last saw her two years ago. Sleek. A lovely figure. A radiant smile.

I saw Eimy again last night. Still so beautiful. Radiant. Beaming is actually a better description. Rounded in the middle. Eimy is pregnant!

Congratulations Eimy! Mike, too!

Her family way has not detracted from her natural beauty. Only enhanced it.

Mike and Eimy live in Las Vegas. Mike is a mortgage broker. Mine, actually. Eimy, a CPA. Not working at the present, however. She is a stay at home while awaiting the birth.

They love Key West. Have visited here before. They will return.

We met at Louie’s Backyard last night for hellos. With them was Pete from New York. Pete is an old friend, also. Pete works on Wall Street. He was here with his girl friend Julie.

Pete is a charming guy. Has a unique sense of humor.

Also with them were Tim and Jenny. Engaged. Live up the road in Hollywood.

Jenny is crazy about Key West. Loves its laid back atmosphere. She wants to be married here. We briefly chatted about her options. She is tuned into L’Attitudes. They will have to work overtime to pay for the reception.

Great people! I could not join them for dinner. I had already enjoyed dinner a couple of hours earlier with the family.

We celebrated Fathers’ Day last night at Benihana. Robert was excited. His first time. Ally was haughty. She was a pro. She had been there two times previously.

Needless to say, the eyes of both were glued to the with cook and cooking process.

Robert surprised me. He was wearing a tie. He proudly told me he made the knot himself. It was not a snap on. Cameron taught him how to do it the day before. The knot was perfect. The ends of the tie met. I played dumb. Robert promised to teach me. He told me…..Don’t worry Poppa, it’s easy.

I have to start packing today. I fly to Milan Thursday. I cannot wait. I am looking forward to the trip.

Show time tonight! My blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

A quick half hour. I share my thoughts on current topics and issues.

Three situations I definitely will touch upon are our involvement in Syria, the new Catholic Church program requiring Catholics to act as Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses in going door to door, and a Boston Children’s’ Hospital program offering free hand transplants to children who have no hands.

Join me.

Enjoy your day!

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