On this date in 1793, France’s Louis XVI was guillotined. His wife Marie Antoinette not. Her demise via the guillotine did not occur till October 16, 1793.

Their history part of the French Revolution.

It is claimed most everywhere that prior to the Revolution and the royal couple’s beheadings, Marie Antoinette was told that the people were starving, there was not enough bread. Her purported response…..Let them eat cake!

If there was no bread, there could have been no cake. The French word for cake is brioche. Brioche a luxury bread enriched with butter and eggs.

Historians do not attribute the let them eat cake words to Marie Antoinette.

Let them eat cake first appeared in written form in 1765. Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote them in his autobiography Confessions. Marie Antoinette would have been 9 years old at the time.

The inaugural absorbed much of my time yesterday. I found it moving. Touched my patriotic side. In spite of the fact I was fully aware the kumbaya shown by both sides would be limited in time. As soon as monday. Democrats and Republicans will be at each other’s throats again.

Some things bothered me.

Five blocks away, protestors were engaged. Big time. Clashes between police and protestors. Chunks of pavement, baseball bats, and bottles the tools of protest on one side. Tear gas, stun grenades and low flying helicopters on the other.

More than 200 arrested.

I was disappointed the media failed to show more of the demonstrations. Everything in America/Washington is not kumbaya.

Another bothersome occurrence was how ten year old Barron was treated. He was ignored. By siblings and parents.

Trump’s children and spouses were shown walking inside the entrance way leading to the podium. Then the short walk on the podium. Barron was walking alone behind his adult brothers, sisters and their spouses. Not one could hold his hand?

Move on to Trump and Melania holding hands walking in the parade. Barron was left meandering alone in front of them. One or both could have held his hand(s).

He did not appear to be part of the family.

My day yesterday began with an early walk along Smathers Beach. A whole hour!

Watched the inaugural till dinner time and from about 10 in the evening till the three balls concluded.

At 5, I was at La Concha for Happy hour. Then to Tropic Cinema to view Hidden Figures. The movie worth seeing.

Afterwards, to the Chart Room. I did not stay. A busy night. People wall to wall.

I continue to be an avid fan of William Hackley’s life. His diary entry for this date in 1856 reflects a John Smith gave Hackley a hat. Apparently Hackley did not have funds to pay for the hat. Smith told him not to worry about it. When Hackley got paid, he would charge for his services.

Diana Millikan wrote me six months ago suggesting Hackley might not be financially secure. Merely a hard working ordinary person. She may have been correct.

I tried to research John Smith in Key West. Came up with nothing. There was a James Smith at the time residing in Key West. He was moneyed. One and the same?

Syracuse/Notre Dame at noon. On ESPN. I will be glued to  the TV set.

Key West’s Women’s March begins at 2. From South Beach to Mallory Square. More than 1,000 expected to participate.

Monday around the corner. Significant for me. I am going live on Facebook. Going Live with Key West Lou. See and hear me. Thirty to sixty second comments. Several a day. Whatever comes to mind at a particular. Segments archived so you can play catch up at any time.

I am excited. Hope the show is well received.

Enjoy your day!


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