This is the weekend! Key West Poker Run weekend! The 41st year for this event.

The Poker Run has Key West giving itself over to bikers. More than 10,000 motorcycles have roared down US 1 into Key West. They leave with the same noise sunday evening and monday morning.

The bikers ride in on the most expensive motorcycles. Alone or with a companion. A wife or girl friend sitting behind them and holding on for dear life.

The Poker Run is a charity event. In the area of $100,000 will be raised. One of the recipients is the Key West Rotary Club. The Rotary turns the money over to specified charities.

Eight blocks of Duval Street have been closed off. A mini Mardi Gras atmosphere exists. Tents and stands. Cold beer and food. This afternoon in front of Sloppy Joe’s there will be a stage and all kinds of entertainment.

The bikers look like tough mean guys. Black leather vests, Hitler type helmets, etc. Most are doctors, lawyers, accountants and business men from all over the United States. Most have their bikes shipped to Miami. The bikers fly down and pick up their bikes in Miami. Then the 155 mile ride down US 1 with the sun, wind and water encircling them.

It is noise time, also. Big time noise! The bikes roar! However, this weekend no one cares. It is their time! Biker party time!

Did my tv/internet show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I heard about it all day and into last night. Viewers were excited about my supermarket comments/expose. Rising prices, corporate farms, favorable laws, and genetically modified seeds. The genetically modified seeds really hit home.

I had a good time last night. Unusually good.

My evening started at the Chart Room. Took me a bit longer to get there from my home in Key Haven. I was behind about 30 bikers coming into town.

A new bartender. Victor. He is filling in for Emily who is on vacation. Sheila and Peter holding court.

Met some terrific people.

Trish and Tommy. They live in Marathon. Marathon is all of 45 miles away. They periodically come into Key West for a fun weekend. We had some deep conversation about the economy. Nice people.

Then Mark and Kim. Locals. High school sweet hearts who found each other again after 41 years. Kim plays booce on thursday nights. My night. I will be looking for her from now on.

David was a no show. I wanted to play billiards with him this afternoon. I did not have his number and Sheila could not remember it. So much for billiards this afternoon.

Today is David’s birthday. Happy birthday, David!

I was hungry. Desired a good meal. Walked across Duval to the Hot Tin Roof. Chatted with manager Joseph a bit. Enjoyed scallops over a bed of extra wide linguine covered with a light oil. Finished the meal off with a snifter of Grand Marnier.

At that point, I should have gone home. It was time. My body was ready. I was prepped for bed.

Instead, I went to Don’s Place. Glad I did! I had a good time there, also.

Spent time chatting with Don, Michael, Nancy, Joanie, and David. I do not know who I love more. Nancy or Joanie?

Don introduced me to two young ladies. Karen was from Buffalo. Don is from Buffalo. Actually, Karen was from Amherst which is close to Buffalo.

Karen, I loved dearly! She reads my blog every day!

She is becoming a Key Wester. Has a condo at Truman Annex. She also is an acquaintance of a lawyer friend from upstate New York. Garry Outtrim. Garry practices in Herkimer, New York. He is associated with my law school class mate George Aney. Love George! George graduated somewhere near the bottom of our class. He turned out to be a most successful attorney. The best! George frequently joked about his class standing and his success later in the practice. He would say…..So and so was smarter than me, but I made the money!

Melissa was with Karen. Melissa is from Seattle. She has been living in Key West six weeks. Working. Still looking for a place to live.

I read an article yesterday about Pope Frances. The writer referred to him as a “…..flaming liberal.” I agree. Jesus was a liberal, loved everyone. Why should his representative on earth be any different.

Syracuse plays Tulane today. The Vegas line is 17 points. Syracuse is favored.

I was critical last week of Syracuse scheduling Wagner in football. Apparently it is habit forming. Miami, a football giant, plays Savannah State today. Miami is a 60 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!

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