It has started. During the night. Issac’s precursor. Forty mile winds and rain.

Issac is not scheduled to hit till sometime tomorrow evening or early Monday morning. By that time it will be a 1. Possibly a 2. Winds around 75-85 miles per hour, if a 1. Around a 100,  if a 2.

A pain in the ass! A bit of fear and trepidation is starting to set in. It is the unknown.

Complacency is evident. Reflected by all of us who live in the lower keys. It has been six years since the last hurricane hit. There have been numerous since, but none that affected us. Most hurricanes start out heading directly for Key West. People are told to evacuate. Hotels and businesses close down. Then the path of the storm deviates and it does not hit.

We thought Issac was going to be another one of those misses. Does not look that way at this point. Headed directly for Key West! Passing right over us!

No problem if Issac is merely a tropical storm or 1. A bit of a problem if a 2. But we will survive. If a 3, we are in trouble. A 4 or 5 and we could be dead.

Issac is projected to become a 1 before it hits Key West. Hurricanes are fickle. They change swiftly. Direction and speed. Could be a 2.

I started preparing yesterday.

Water is important. The water system breaks down or gets contaminated. Publix had little water left. I should be ok. I have about 60 regular size bottles and 2 gallon jugs. I will fill the bathtub with water tomorrow morning. If the water system breaks down, the toilets do not flush. That is the reason for the bathtub water.

I bought all kinds of goodies to eat that do not need to be refrigerated. The electricity is sure to go. If down a substantial time, everything in refrigerators and freezers spoil. There are few stoves, etc. run by gas. Electric is generally used. Cannot cook.

So it is peanut butter, crackers, cookies, tinned fruits that need not be refrigerated, bananas, apples, cakes, canned sodas, etc. Neither a normal not healthy diet. But hurricane time is sort of party time, so what the hell!

Today the windows must be boarded. The wind at the moment will not make it easy. I never purchased hurricane shutters. I have sheets of plywood I have used for years. They are marked as to which window or door. Adam will screw them in. By some point this afternoon, every window and door in my home will be covered, except for a small door leading to the deck. There has to be  a way in and out. It will be dark dark inside.

I purchased two additional flashlights yesterday at Home Depot. I have a ton of candles. Again, the electricity will probably go. Which means no TV also.

All deck furniture will be thrown in the pool. That is how it is done. Garbage pails and other incidental items will be stacked in the garage.

Then I will be ready!

Oh, I forgot. No air conditioning if the electric power goes. Very uncomfortable!

I have a party tonight. Though the one I am attending was planned, there will be many pre hurricane parties. That is how locals react.

Tonight is Lobsterfest at the Yacht Club. I am throwing a small party. Ten guests. It was supposed to be outside. Has been moved inside. Should be fun. I will bitch big time as I drive in and from the Yacht Club. Because of the rain and wind. It will be…..Louis. you are stupid… should have stayed home!

One other comment of note. Yesterday’s show was terrific. People are very much into the Todd Akin rape controversy. I spent about 20 minutes on the issue. Revealed the “doctor” authority Akin was relying upon. There are two. One is a medical school professor who takes the position rape sperm and the woman’s egg do not unite. He says generally ovulation does not occur in a rape situation. His authority are Nazi studies done during World War II at extermination camps.

Women were grouped together who were due to ovulate. They were placed in gas chambers. Everything was as if they were to be executed. But they were not. They screamed and reacted as if it was the real thing. They did not know. They were then retested and most had not ovulated.


Ok…..this is it! Bring on your worst Issac. We are ready for you!

Enjoy your day!




7 comments on “IT’S ALL ISSAC !!!

  1. Louis,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours over the next hours as Isaac approaches. Cindy and I are hopeful that the storm’s effects on the area will be minimal and that all are safe in it’s aftermath. Of course, should you need to escape, our house is always your house.

    Keep us posted and we look forward to hearing your firsthand accounts over a few toddies at the Chart Room soon!

    Take care,

    Billy and Cindy

  2. Key West Lou,
    I saw the first few minutes of your Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday. You flippantly mentioned that Hurricane Isaac heading to Tampa (and the Republican National Convention) was God’s way of getting back at the Republican Party (probably not an exact quote, but after two glasses of wine, close enough).

    Since Isaac will most likely have more impact on Key West , using your revenge reasoning, could it be God’s way at getting back at the Key West Liberals? That’s just as moronic as your statement.

    I think you should change your moniker from Key West Lou to, more appropriately, Key West Lefty Louie!

    By the way, before you pull the lever on November 6, you should see the documentary “2016 Obama’s America”. If that doesn’t scare the begeevers out of you about the path this great country of ours is traveling down, there is no hope for you Liberals!

    • Follow up on my previous reply,
      Neil Armstrong (fellow Purdue grad) died today. Very sad. He was a humble man and avoided the spotlight. He symbolized the spirit of adventure our great country once had. Because of Obama’s budget cuts on NASA and the US Military, to pay for “redistribute the wealth” and other socialist programs, the USA will now rely on our former, and possible future, enemies to push back the frontiers of science and technology.

      That’s part of the “world order” that Obama wants the USA to be a part of! Good Lord, what is happening to our country?

      On November 6, vote for the team that will restore our country’s return to fiscal responsibility and world-wide greatness and respect. Hint, hint, it will not be Obama/Goofball “heart beat away” Biden!

      • Follow-up to my follow-up above,
        When we move to Key West in Summer 2013, I hope to meet with you and discuss (amicably, of course) with you our differing political philosophies. How about at the bar at Virgilios on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday whan Cathy (not Kathy) is the mixologist?

        Don (sometimes people call me Paul in the Witmess Protect Program :))

        • Third follow-up to Lefty Louie,
          I hope that you realize I’m “pulling your chain” on your Liberalism.

          Stay save during Isaac. Stock-up on water, ice, gin and your favorite mixer. Nothing else matters in Key West.

          I really do like some Democrats (if they agree with me).

          Don (brother of Elaine)

  3. Paul Don or whatever your name is….shut up. You probably don’t want to live in key west and you don’t spell well.

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