From my perspective, Sunday was quiet. However so many things happened!

First, Meet the Press and The Chris Matthews Show. Between what is going on world wide and the Chicago teacher strike, these TV talk shows were the best place to be in the morning.

There appears to be a brief lull in the embassy crisis. Most experts believe it will reoccur and soon. Afghanistan’s involvement in the past 48 hours is sad, but was to be expected. We have 66,000 troops there. We are training the police and military to protect their own country. We have given the Afghans billions of dollars.

What happens? Either a police officer or soldier we have been training turns his gun on American soldiers and kills four of them.

Obama has a lot to deal with.

The Chicago teachers continue to enjoy their time in the sun. In the meantimne, the kids are still not in school. For shame!

Illinois law permits school teachers to strike. The law spells out the reasons why they may strike. Emanuel says the reasons the teachers are still out does not fall within the legal guide lines. He goes to court today to force the teachers back into the class room.

I wrote a bit.

Then watched some pro football. From the comfort of my bed. Second Sunday in a row I have not been to Don’s Place. Bad!

Dinner was special last night. Ate at the Yacht club. My guest was Lu Kramer.

An interesting woman. A terrific business background.

She spent several years as a Regional CFO for CIGNA Insurance. Then owned the Loreli in Islamorada. Her next business venture was owning the Hetrz franchise here in Key West. Her present ventures are two specialty stores in Clinton Square Mall.

An industrious lady! An intelligent woman ! I enjoyed her company immensely.

The reason I was at the Yacht Club was that it was prime rib night. I am on the Atkins diet. Low carb, high protein. Just the meal for me.

The assistant chef slicing the prime rib was a young man. Tall and lanky. Appeared not to have a pound of fat on him. I had him cut me an extra slice. I explained to him I was on the Atkins diet.

He broke into a smile when I mentioned the diet and said he had lost 60 pounds on it. My hero!

This morning is the end of my first week on the diet. Lost 5 pounds. I am not happy. I expected 8 the first week and then settle into 3 pounds a week. I have done this diet before.

I cheated last night. Had two gins. It was time.

The Huntington Post recently published an interesting article on Key West. The title referred to the 10 best kept secrets in Key West. Find and read! It was right on!

Enjoy your day!


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