My patience is being tried!

I continue to be inept at posting the trip photos. Sloan just left. I think we have it down to a science now. I am doing tomorrow’s post (Wednesday’s) Tuesday evening. I want to make sure I have it all correct.

You will first read this blog. Then three sets of photos should appear. Novara, Athens and Santorini. In that order. Athens should be after Santorini. However, it printed out in that order and I could not change it.

My grandchildren Robert and Ally could probably do what I have not been able to do here.

Let me share with you some background re the Athens photos.

I loved Athens! Santorini was best for the view. Athens for the lifestyle. There was a constant electricity in the air. Athens reminded me of New York City. Its old town Plaka the Village of yesteryear.

I spent several days in Athens near the beginning of my trip. Three days near the end.

Athens is civilization. First, a today civilization. After my time on the islands, I could not wait to return to Athens for a few days of civilization. A fancy hotel, an ok bathroom, a huge shower and tub. Amenities that were not available while I was island hopping.

Athens is also the home of civilization. The Acropolis, the Parthenon, Hadrian’s Library, etc. All before even Christ. The quality of the construction amazed me. Stone buildings as good as any that could be built today. Perfection in every detail. The homes and buildings also had a water supply and sewage disposal.

Plaka is an adult playground. It is the old part of Athens. Restauants and shops galore. Day and night. Bustling all the time.

There are 9 photos in the Athens grouping.

The first is me standing below Acropolis and Parthenon. To my right in the picture is a long road I had just walked up. Almost 2 miles at a 30 degree angle. My ass was dragging when this picture was taken.

The next photo is me higher up. I am almost to the end of the steps leading into Acropolis and Parthenon.

The finest (and most expensive) restauant in Athens is Dionysos. In this photo, I am seated at the dinner table. Outside.

The next photo explains one of the reasons why Dionysos was so expensive. I am standing in front of the restaurant. It is evening and dark. Behind me high on a hill lit up is Acropolis and Parthenon. From where I sat in the previous photo, I had a clear and unobstructed view of the buildings some two miles away high on a hill. Thrilling!

Welcome to Plaka. The next pic.

I was frequnetly tired. The next photo is me enjoying an afternoon drink in the Plaka. I was there for the chair more than the booze.

The next photo is me enjoying a night time drink in the Plaka. Plaka was the fun part of Athens.

The next photo represents a part of today’s news. I am standing across the street from Parliamwent. Thousands today demonstrated in front of that building and on the street where I stood. Tens of thousands. The news has already reported today that tear gas, stun grenades and molotov cocktails played a part in the protests. All because of German Chancellor Merkel’s visit. I said in this morning’s blog she would not be welcomed. I anticipated disturbances. They occurred.

Greeks frequently protest. They are an emotional people. A couple of years ago, they demonstrated for some reason I cannot recall. The hotel step my foot is on and all the steps going into the hotel were ripped out by the demonstrators.

The last photo is a view of Parliament from my hotel balcony. Visualize the thousands of people surrounding the building today.

During the last few days of the Athens portion of my trip, I stayed at the Gran Britagne Hotel. I never took a pic of it. All I can provide you is the balcony railing in the last photo. I mention the hotel specifically because of its history. The building is absolutely elegant. The service outstanding. I even had my own butler! During World war II, the Germans threw the hotel operation out and used the Gran Britagne Hotel as their general headquarters.

Enough. I need a drink. I am on my way out.

Enjoy your day!

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