I have teeth! Implant procedures completed! I am thrilled!

Took one year and four months. A long time. Sometimes uncomfortable/painful. Worth it however now that everything is done. The implants are like my own teeth. And they work!

My first stop to test them was Blossoms. Cuban toast with cheese and tomato and Cuban coffee. Toast crispy. Teeth worked. I wanted to shout out I was so excited.

Last night I intended to get a steak. Changed my mind along the way. Had crispy fried chicken instead. I have not been able to chew chicken. Last night I did! Another wow! experience.

The weather continues to be strange. Rainy. Looks like it will rain again today. Weather reports confirm my thought that a front has been sitting over Key West. It will remain till thursday.

I showered, shaved, dressed and headed out for a night on the town.

The first stop was the Chart Room. JJ bartending.

Met Leslie. A lovely young lady. Early 30s.  New to Key West. She has been here this trip about two weeks. She does not intend to leave. Has made Key West her new home.

Leslie is originally from Nashville. A legal secretary. She is looking for legal work here. Has an interview today. I wish her luck.

Her trip to Key West was not uneventful. Passing through Tampa, she broke her leg. She was sitting at the bar with a cast on.

Things seem to be working out for Leslie. In two weeks time, she has found a place to live and a boy friend.

Welcome to Key West, Leslie!

Mike and Tina came in. I have not seen them in about a year.

They are from the Hartford, Connecticut area. Also own a home here in Key West. Small conch type over across from the cemetery. The neighborhood is quiet.

Mike’s work takes him all over the world. Spends a lot of time in Japan. Tina recently left her job in Hartford. She is going to be a Key West lady of leisure for a while. I like these two. We chatted and joked for well over an hour.

During the Leslie, Mike and Tina conversations, I was munching on popcorn. Something I have not been able to do in a long time. It was like filet mignon to me.

The next stop on the agenda was Don’s Place. A good crowd, including Don. Don and I chatted about bocce. What else!

I still have the mouse/mice problem in the wine closet. They are smart creatures. Adam has two large traps sitting in there. With cheese. Two days in a row, the critters have removed the cheese and apparently eaten it. Neither trap sprung either time.

I have  nine o’clock dentist visit. Just to see if I am happy. I am.

Enjoy your day!

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