This morning is not just spectacular, it is glorious! Perfect. Even the birds are chirping.

I worry it is a prelude to what might be coming. Hurricanes. The season begins soon.

Babysat last night. Lisa and Corey went out to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

Where to go for dinner? The grandkids and I talked about it for a half hour. They are knowledgeable and experienced. We went from IHop to Turtle Crawl to the Half Moon Raw Bar to Matthesson’s to Harpoon Harry’s.

Harpoon Harry’s won out.

Dinner was great. Robert and Ally ate their usual. Cheeseburgers and french fries. I was in a breakfast mood. Ham and eggs.

We walked the waterfront afterwards. Robert is easy to deal with. Ally can be a problem. She is a free spirit. She climbs and walks on anything she can find. A mound of dirt, a concrete abutment, a raised curb. I am in constant fear she is going to fall and break an ankle.

We decided on ice cream. Dairy Queen. A gold mine! We had to wait 15 minutes in line before being able to order. Robert spoke right up. He wanted a double fudge chocolate shake small with a cherry on top. Got it out all in one breath! Ally ordered some crazy colored ice cream with chunks of chocolate. Poppa settled for a small cone of chocolate.

All night we talked. Constantly. About everything. The most exciting from their perspective was that Robert is going to get Cameron’s bedroom. Cameron is off to college in August. Robert and Ally presently sleep in a bunk bed in the same room. Robert is thrilled. So is Ally. This means she will have her own room, also. She told me Mom and Dad were getting her a new bed and desk.

Yesterday morning’s Key West Lou Legal Hour went well. Post show comments indicated Senator Coburn and Venezuela garnered the most interest.

Venezuela has a shortage problem. Toilet paper. A serious one. I read a story of a woman who looked for two weeks before she was able to buy some. Venezuela uses 125 million rolls a month.

The number by the way staggered me. How much do we use in the USA monthly?

I commented in yesterday’s blog regarding the crocodile who was recently shot in the head and killed in the Keys. A big deal. Crocs are an endangered species by law. I thought much ado was being made. They even had a beach front service at which the crocodile was eulogized by the Vice Mayor. He described the croc as having been assasinated.

The comments received yesterday and this morning are the most I have received on any subject. Amazing! Most disagreed with me. Protect crocodiles was the cry!

I wrote my column for next week’s KONK Life in the afternoon. Titled it Three Disgraces.

The first was Major Nidal Hasan. He shot and killed 13 soldiers and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood in 2009. While shouting God is Great! He is still in jail waiting trial. He is receiving full pay. $70,000 a year. Total so far $278,000.

The second was the Republican House of Representatives voting 37 times to repeal Obamacare. One vote was enough. The process costly. $1.5 million wasted so far.

The third involved tax avoidance. Apple’s CEO appeared before a Congressional committee this week investigating tax avoidance. Apple saves $102 billion a year with off shore accounts. All legal. My thrust was Congress should not be putting the CEO on the hot seat. They belonged there! They were the ones who listened to corporate America’s lobbyists over the years and passed the necessary legislation permitting tax avoidance.

You may find the entire article interesting when it is published next week.

Yesterday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour was recorded and is being rerun this afternoon at 4:30. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Crocs can be dangerous I read all the time stories about pets disappearing. Perhaps we should feed the vice mayor to one and see how he thinks after that. The PC PETA types are right in one respect “all life is sacred” and we should just kill stuff for the “fun of it”. Does that apply to babies too (i.e., the Gosnell trial)? No one seems to have a sense of proportion these days.

  2. According to Wiki the US uses:

    “Twenty-six billion rolls of toilet paper, worth about US$2.4 billion, are sold yearly in America alone. Americans use an average of 23.6 rolls per capita a year.[1]”

    One could say that is a lot of ______ (your mind not mine).

    I have to disagree with jasper fjohn68 about abortion. I believe almost all if not all people see no “fun” in an abortion. It is a horrible choice that due to the politics we dump on young Mothers too often with hate and no support. I always say you want to stop abortions than make easy adoptions universal and paid for by diverting some of our $$$$ from bombs, missiles and other devices of death that kill children as well.

    Human life hardly equates to animal life, yet all are sacred if you have any belief or faith. Crocodiles have their place and we should deal with relocating them not exterminating them. When we kill the last animal we will then realize that we have nothing to eat, not pets and no drugs to treat the diseases our modern poisons have inflicted on us.

  3. Turtle Crawl and Half Moon Raw Bar ? Hehehehe, 2 new eateries !

    Crocs and babies and such, We allow people to make decisions and laws regarding things that they have no expertise in or knowledge of. Such is life, its the crazy world we live in. Our country has been like that from the beginning when it was written that all men are created equal.

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