Key West is a tiny island. One and a half by four miles. Yesterday I thought the island was going to be ripped from its moorings and blown away.

The wind and rain! Similar to a hurricane. For three hours non-stop. Wind bending the palm trees. Someone told me last night a palm tree in the Smathers Beach area was uprooted. The rain was coming in sideways. You could actually see it! Driven by the powerful wind. Right off the ocean.

I drove into Key West in the early evening after the rain had stopped. The flooding was the most I have ever seen, outside a hurricane. Everywhere. Most intersections. Whole streets in  certain places. Two consecutive blocks in others.

It was pick and choose to get into Key West. I saw some people walking at the entrance to Old Town. Water up to their knees.

While the storm was raging, I was sitting at the kitchen counter fine tuning today’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time. Via television from Key West to Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide via the internet. www.weyw19.com.

Join me! Today’s show may be one of the best I have ever done! Terrific material!

I finally made it to Don’s Place last night. No booce. The courts had to be flooded. Jimmy show me a picture of the courts on his cell phone. He had gone over earlier to look. Overflowing. Even the concrete walkways were  covered.

Don’s was basically empty.

Went to the Chart Room. A trip! Some downtown area streets for swimmers only. Finally made it. The Chart Room was basically empty. Emily and one couple.

Decided to try TGI Friday for dinner. It recently reopened under new management. Very few people, also.

I was disappointed in Friday. The new owner owns several restaurants in Key West. Varying in cost. All good. Friday not.  Ok, if you enjoy that kind of food.  Had three appetizers and finished none.

Months went by prior to the reopening. We all assumed renovations were going on. Apparently not. The place is the same. The barmaid told me they cleaned the place up and bought new chairs. That was it!

Overall, a disappointment.

Why were all three places basically empty? Had to be the weather. Although the storm had passed, people were not venturing out.

After my show this morning, I have to hustle to Montessori. Robert and Ally are in some kind of event where they are showing off their recyclables. Robert a ukulele and Ally a dress.

Two days ago, I mentioned Italy’s new President. I spelled his name Latte. I was wrong. It is Letta. Four persons from Italy e mailed to correct me. Sorry.

Lisa just telephoned to see if I was alive and well. She does so every morning. She told me her street was flooded yesterday. She could not get her car out.

Robert and Ally had to be picked up from  school. They needed boots and rain jackets. Lisa walked the three blocks. She said the water came up to just below her knees.

Enjoy your day!

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