There is that song that goes…..Back home in Indiana. Well, I am back home in Key West. Yesterday was my first day. I loved it!

Jet lag hovers over me. Not bad. A bit of a heavy head. Feel pressure on top. Otherwise not yet a problem. I woke yesterday morning at 4. Went to bed last night at 9. Woke this morning at 5. No sleeping or tiredness in between. I hope the trend continues in this fashion.

Yesterday morning’s first task was unpacking. Tons of dirty clothes. I already have Anna here this morning working on them.

It was great to sleep with air conditioning. I missed it in Italy. Horrible sleeping! Even with two fans blowing on me. Slept with the windows wide open. The mosquitos came in. Good for 8-10 bites a night. The choice was simple. Air or mosquitos. Breathing won out.

I had to renew my driver’s license. Lisa drove me. My license had expired while I was away. I did not want to drive without a valid license. It would be just my luck to be stopped or have an accident.

Took two trips to the Motor Vehicle Bureau to get the license. I failed to bring all necessary documents the first time. My old driver’s license, passport, and medicare card were not enough. Needed a recent bill directed to my present address and the Social Security card itself. I did as directed and was successful the second time around.

I do have a complaint, however. The woman who took care of me the first time was a bitch. First class. Bordered on rude. No smile. Seemed to take pleasure in my having to get additional documentation and return.

When I returned, she was not there. A man took care of me. A gentleman. Had a sense of humor. Explained some new things to me. Like the need for the gold star in the upper right corner of the new license.

The gentleman obviously enjoyed his job and people. The woman should be transferred to a basement job to work in solitary and have no contact with Motor Vehicle Bureau customers.

It was now after 3. I had not eaten since a cracker and cup of coffee around 7.

Some typical American foods are not available in foreign countries. Like simple ham and eggs. I had a craving! I was off to Harpoon Harry’s. Enjoyed the eggs, ham and buttered whole wheat toast. Did not touch the potatoes.

By the way, I lost weight on the trip. Eight to 10 pounds. Even though I was eating, it was generally only two meals a day. Add the walking and the weight loss becomes understandable.

Hope I can keep it off!

The heat and humidity in Key West is heavy. Much heavier than in Novara. We in Key West can tolerate it because we are in and out. Of our air conditioned homes, cars, restaurants and stores. Ain’t no air conditioning in Italy. There has always been a power shortage and the medieval buildings have walls too thick to work through.

Italians complain, but do not use the minimal air conditioning available to them. The air conditioning in a car is an example. No one turns it on. Gas is expensive. Like $14 a liter. Italians fear running the air conditioning will use too much gasoline. A fallacy. However, they will not listen.

My stop of choice around 5 was Don’s place. Don was still away in Indiana. He returns this evening. David, Hershel, Rob, Jimmy and Toni were there. I was glad to see them all. I assume they were equally happy to see me. I chatted for quite a while with David and Hershel.

Love Toni! She reads my blog religiously. Always tells me when I return from a trip how she daily followed it and how enjoyable my reports were.

Thank you, Toni!

I really was out of food! Away two months. It was Publix time. Loaded up. My usual American diet. Different from the recent European one. I worry I am going to gain the weight back.

Actually, I did not diet at all while on the trip. It would have been stupid. I was away to have fun. My meals were totally different. Fattening I would have assumed. Like a couple of hot rolls every morning. Generally, one filled with chocolate and the other covered in sugar. In Key West , it is fruits, whole wheat bread, and the like. No sweets!

I have returned just in time. David and Hershel told me bocce starts next week. Terrific!

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “FIRST DAY BACK

  1. Glad to read of your safe return! Thanks for the always-excellent accounts of your journey. It made us feel like we were there with you. We certainly missed getting a chance to visit with you during our month-long Key West stay in July, but we’re already planning on a return trip for next summer.

    Hoping you’ll be in Old Town when we get back to Cayo Hueso next July…and also hoping the Chart Room is still part of the planet then!

    Fair winds and following seas, sir… 🙂

    Billy And Cindy

  2. Welcome home. I have enjoyed each and every report. We (my wife Fran and Me) used google maps to see each place you talked about. Also this year you have returned without being hit by a car!!!


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