Late with the blog today. Had my TV/internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. No reactions yet to the show. I am confident I will hear the plus and minuses before the day is out. I will report them to you tomorrow morning.

You Tube continues to be a learning experience for me. Every time I think I have it down, something else comes up.

I have previously advised that to watch the show on You Tube, enter Key West Lou on the site. Up pops my picture and show identification. I did this yesterday to see last friday’s show. It was on page 2 of the site. The shows were not in order. I had to search for the most recent one.

I complained to Krystal this morning. Turns out I did not understand the directions she had given me. Nothing new. New instruction is you type in Key West Lou and date of the show. Today’s will be Key West Lou 11/22/13. The show you seek will pop up as #1. The key is to enter the date of the show.

Note that my show is done on Friday. However, it is not available on You Tube till tuesday. Don’t ask me why. I do not know.

I was determined to get out last night. Stomach was still not right.

Stopped at Don’s Place first. Enjoyed a drink with David and Hershel. Hershel has the new book on order. Dave says he will be ordering his today.

Then to the Chart Room. Crowded! Turns out there is a wedding this weekend. A lot of the wedding party in the Chart Room. Emily was bartending and Peter was at the other end of the bar entertaining some ladies.

I met an interesting woman. Stephanie. 29. From Colorado. In the publishing business. It was a perfect match! I bored her with my book. Got into my blog. She does a blog, also. Though not daily. I checked it out this morning. Interesting. Nice appearing. Take a look. The blog is called Boots & Bacon.

Stephanie has a husband. Nick. I met him briefly. Merely to say hello.

Stephanie and Nick are here for the wedding. Friends John Paul and Tiffany. Magic sounding names.

I thought I should eat. I have not been doing much of that this week. A little illness is always good for weight loss. I have now lost 16 pounds.

I went to Roostica. Figured I would do it up good. I had a craving for lasagna. If you are going to cheat, you might as well do it big time!

Cheryl and Roger were there. Snowbirds. Returned to Key West last week. Interesting news. They no longer live in Kankakee (I am sure I spelled it wrong) outside Chicago. They bought a new home in Cape Coral, just outside Fort Myers. Cheryl and Roger plan on going back and forth during the year. Key West will always be in their blood. They will use their gigantic motor home to travel.

I am having dinner with a lovely lady this evening. Jenna.

Key West’s premier musician Larry Smith has been disabled a couple of weeks. He will continue in a disabled fashion for a few more. He had a double knee replacement. We spoke on the phone this afternoon. I plan on visiting him tomorrow.

Every one is family in Key West. Larry is still bed ridden. He has some sort of machine that has to be run almost constantly under his knees. It requires ice. A lot of it. Don visits Larry every day and brings with him the necessary ice. I spoke with Mary Deasy this morning. She told me she was going to be with Larry at 2 this afternoon to do something for him. Larry’s wife Christine has also been waiting on Larry hand and foot when not school teaching.

David and I were talking about Larry last night. Larry has been bow legged in recent years. Badly. Now he is straight legged. Which means he is taller. Probably two inches. It has to screw up Larry’s golf swing! Additionally, his pants will all be too long.

The book is out there! A week now. I know some are buying it. European orders thus far include China, Greece, and Italy. Many in the U.S. have requested the book. I am getting a slew of emails from people I do not even know telling me they have ordered the book. Most are aware of the book through this blog.

The World Upside Down by Louis Petrone. Available in ebook or paperback on and

Enjoy your day!



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