Christmas in America has not always been as we know it. In the early days, Christmas was frowned upon. Considered pagan.

The Puritans did not celebrate Christmas. The earliest Scrooge of record.

The Puritans outlawed Christmas in Boston. From 1659-1681. Based on their belief that Christmas had pagan roots. It did.

Back in England, Cromwell also banned its celebration.

Came the American Revolution. No Christmas! It was only after the Revolution that Americans began to celebrate Christmas. Having won the War, the colonists were no longer under English influence re Christmas.

One observation. The post-Revolution Christmas first enjoyed in this country was not as we know it today. A story for another time, however.

Spent last night at the Blue Macaw. Terri singing. Chatted with Terri prior to her show and Joe Phillips.

On the way home, I was almost in an accident. A home on Duck Ave off Southern Boulevard was Christmas trimmed magnificently! The best I have seen this year.

My eyes were on the house and not the road.

A serious problem exists in Key West. Has for a couple of years now. The cosmetic shops on Duval. Tourist rip offs!

Customers get sweet talked into purchasing several thousand dollars worth of cosmetics. Or, a $100 purchase ends up a $1,000 one when a credit card is processed.

For some reason, the police do not feel they can crack down. A group of Key west Citizens do, however. Call themselves the Key West Rip Off Rapid Response Team.

The team already responsible for the return of thousands of dollars.

The Team picket with signs until the cosmetic shop returns money to the cheated customer. The Team believe the cosmetic shops give Key West a black eye.

The team is at it again. Tresor Rare on Duval has a $3,010 dispute with a former tourist. Tresor refuses to return the money. The Team will harass them till they do.

Someone has to protect the innocent.

A Trump screw up again. Syria. Trump announced yesterday he was withdrawing all American troops immediately based on his claim that ISIS had been defeated. ISIS not defeated. There are still 20,000-30,000 ISIS fighters wandering around.

Trump made the announcement without consulting with his defense, intelligence and military people. Nor the Senate. Everyone is furious at him.

The benefactors of his move are Russia and Turkey.

Once again, thank you Donald!

I am doing a guest appearance this afternoon on Laurie Thibaud’s new radio show Driving At 5. From 4-5. Radio station 105.7.

No format for the show. Laurie and I are just going to sit and chat.

Join us!

Enjoy your day!


  1. We all want a leader who can keep the promises they make. The issue is the quality of the promises as much as the people that support them. Wake up America, we are better than that.

  2. Woowee, Fox host grows a pair and tells Sarah that Trump is re-founding ISIS by pulling US out of Syria. Of course she poopooed the idea.

  3. What is the difference between Trump’s base and Kim’s base? The answer is that one of them doesn’t have a gun to it’s head. And that, folks, is the scary part.

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