I decided to stop at Louie’s Backyard for a drink last night. It had been quite a while since I was last there.

Louie’s has the best view of the ocean in Key West. What a spot!

The bartender was Terry. We had never met before. A nice guy. We chatted a while.

His father is Craig Worthing. A radio talk show host extraordinaire!

Craig started his career in Maine. At some point, he ended up in my hometown of Utica, NY. I never met him. I am sorry I did not. He concluded his career in Miami.

Craig was well known. He was controversial. He did his show his way. Which on occasion caused  consternation.

He was his own man.

I met the son. I hope some day to meet the father.

The evening continued to be one of visiting places I had not been to in a long time. I have been thinking of weinerschnitzel lately. Where else! Martin’s! I was not disappointed. As always, excellent!

Lunch time yesterday was disaster time. I heated a container of soup in the micro. It was hot as I took it out. Too hot! My hand was burning. I threw the container towards the sink. Missed the sink. The top flew off and covered a whole section of kitchen with chicken soup. The window, the blinds, the walls on either side of the sink, the sink itself, the ice cube maker and cabinets beneath the sink.

What a mess. I spent some time cleaning it up. After first having buried my burnt hand in ice.

Tonight is blog talk radio time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A quick half hour of interesting chit chat.

One of tonight’s topics is Darrell Issa. He is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

I feared Issa as far back as several months ago. I did a piece on him on my TV show. I thought he was a loose cannon back then. He definitely is now.

Fast trains another topic. Big in Europe and China. Nothing here in the U.S. Prague is magnifying its profit factor with Love Trains. Interesting.

Myrtle Beach has become ultra conservative. To be expected. A solid Republican state. Thong bathing suits have been banned on it beaches. A 22 year old female vacationer has already been arrested.

I guarantee you will enjoy the show. Join me.

Early yesterday was spent running errands. Publix for groceries, the cleaners to pick up clothes, Walgreen for a prescription.

This morning big! Robert is graduating! From the third grade at Montessori.

Montessori groups the classes into three. He moves on to a new group for the fourth grade.

Graduations are always fun. Exciting especially for the young. Robert is proud. It will be a happy event.

I usually sit next to Lisa. She pokes me in the ribs several times during these events and says…..isn’t he beautiful!

Enjoy your day!


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  1. I just found you, looking for your father Caraig W.
    Where is he now? – What radio station?

    I enjoyed his transmissions every day in Miami in the 70’s



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