Music has to be a trillion dollar business world wide. Most everyone loves music! Hear, sing, whatever.

CD’s and downloading the most popular sources. Vinyl on the way back.

There was a time when there were no “records.” Music lovers depended on sheet music. Lyrics and music printed on paper. Purchased at as music store. Taken home and played/sung around the family piano or merely sung.

The cost pennies.

The business grew. Especially from 1900 to 1920.

Irving Berlin a major contributor. His songs great then. Greater today. They will never die.

On this day in 1911, Berlin copyrighted Alexander’s Ragtime Band. An instant hit. Sold the most pieces of sheet music ever.  In the multi-millions. Made music big business nationally and internationally. Alexander’s Ragtime Band a phenomenon culturally and economically.

The tune was catchy. Its opening lines: Come on and hear, come on and hear, Alexander’s Ragtime Band…..the best band in the land.”

Hollywood made a move in 1935 titled Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Some parts factual, most fantasy. Great movie, however! Starred Tyrone Power, Alice Fay, and Don Ameche.

I sometimes wonder at my age how many remember these stars as I do. Alice Fay, a bit of a stretch. However Tyrone Power a swashbuckling hero for decades. Don Ameche the best supporting star in any movie he was portrayed in.

Two great meals this weekend.

Saturday night at Andrea and Joe’s. All kinds of goodies. Andrea decided on an appetizer repast instead of a full blown dinner.

How good is evident from the asparagus served. I hate asparagus. Never eat it. However was the good guest and ate what Andrea had prepared. Outstanding! Huge pieces wrapped in bacon. Broiled or fried. A rare treat!

We partied long. It was Andrea and Joe, Donna and Terri, and Louis.

I have not had corn beef and cabbage in years. Every year every restaurant I went to on St. Patrick’s Day had run out. Not this year!

I picked up Barbara at the airport around noon. She was hungry. I have to eat, she said. She had worked till one in the morning. Slept on a couch in the hospital lounge. Up in time to catch a 6 am flight.

She had to drive 40 miles to the airport. Typical upstate New York winter weather. Twenty six degrees and a blinding blizzard. She lucked out and was able to follow a huge snow plow. Otherwise would not have been able to see the highway.

I told her, “It’s corn beef and cabbage.” She agreed. I had read Schooner Wharf would be serving it. No room at the inn when we arrived. Every table and bar stool occupied.

We walked across the street to Harpoon Harry’s for eggs benedict. Harpoon Harry’s tuned out to be a great choice. They had a corn beef and cabbage special.

Absolutely delicious. Moist. Enough fat to give it taste. So good! We both went crazy. Talked not till done. The meal too good to interrupt with idle chatter.

Last night the Chart Room. John bartending. Met Shirley and Larry from South Dakota. Charming people. Funny. I learned South Dakota is so small population wise that it has only 1 Congressman and 3 electoral votes.

My friend Devin came in. My modern day farmer friend from northern Illinois. Barbara was into him right away inquiring how Trump’s tariff war with China was affecting his business. First time she had heard the fall out from someone actually involved.

I enjoy Devin’s company. A swift amusing mind.

We stopped at Publix on the way home. Barb upset my cupboard so bare.

You would have thought we were a family of 6. Two baskets full. Bill around $200.

If nothing else, I will be eating good for a couple of weeks. So much for watching my weight!

The Comment section to this blog has some interesting exchanges. Especially in the political arena. JustSaying wrote: “Dump Trump 2020. That will surely Make America Great.”

My girl!

Staying with Trump for the moment, the man is totally lacking in respect, good taste, manners, and the like. He insulted John McCain again. Trump has apparently never heard Let The Dead Lie.

America will never forget John McCain. Forever an honest to goodness war hero. He will live on in the history books forever.

Trump claims he had bone spurs which kept him out of the military. I think he was a draft dodger. He cannot hold a candle to McCain’s almost six years in a prison camp.

What bothers me most was Trump’s speech before CPAC last week. He spoke negatively of McCain. The crowd cheered, some even stood.

America has problems. A type which is dangerous. One which can easily turn into violence.

Dueling Bartenders at Aqua tonight. Terri White singing!

Afterwards, Barbara and I are having dinner with Terri and Donna at Antonia’s.

Some person or persons are going to get rich! Powerball up to $550 million. No one has won thus far.

The odds in winning are 1 in 292.2 million. Twenty five times harder to win than making a hole in one.

God blessed whoever wins! No question a life changer.

March Madness upon us. The Big Tournament. Begins thursday.

Syracuse an 8th seed in the Western Region. Play #9 Baylor thursday night in Salt Lake City.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Republicans hate John McCain, they are constantly banging on him. Mostly because they blindly do what their told, like with Donald Trump’s example towards McCain, ignoring the idea of thinking for themselves and doing what is right. This is sad, Republicans used to be nice people, not any more.

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