Two years ago, I wrote a KONK Life column entitled Stay Out Of My Bedroom! It had to do with the morning after pill and politicians who were against it.

I find the need to write a brief bit bearing the same title. Stay Out Of My Bedroom! This time regarding the Catholic Church.

One of the topics discussed last night on my blog talk radio show involved Bishops and birth control. It was revealed monday that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops had written a letter to the House of Representatives requesting THE GOVERNMENT BE SHUT DOWN, unless religious employers were given a special right to deny birth control coverage to their employees. In effect, an alteration of certain provisions of Obamacare.

I was confused. I am confused. Just two weeks ago, Pope Francis said the Church had been too obsessed with gays, birth control and abortion. Too doctrinaire. The issue required a new look.  The Bishops apparently did not hear the Pope. The U.S. Bishops are involved once again politically with regard to the birth control issue.

The Good Book says…..render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, to God the things that are God’s. Sounds like separation of Church and State to me as set forth by Jesus himself centuries ago.

I am willing to listen to my priests preach whatever they like from the pulpit. That is their venue. I am adamantly opposed to the Church becoming involved in the political arena, however.

Another part of this whole thing that bothers me involves food. The House of Representatives recently passed a bill removing $40 billion from the food stamp program. A program that helps feed the poor, old and young alike. Free breakfasts for children are on the way out. Milk for babies  whose mothers cannot afford the sustenance is being denied to babies at this very moment because of the government shutdown.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York is the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. A very humorous man. A very fat man. Extremely. His body structure suggests he is eating. And eating well. Though many in his flock are not.

Somewhere along the way, Cardinal Dolan forgot two things. First, the Pope is his boss. How can he come out so forcefully against an item that the Pope recently said was subject to review? Second, how can he support a government shutdown that is contributing to the poor having less food available, especially milk fed babies?

Cardinal Dolan and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are wrong, wrong, wrong! They are the Tea Party of the Catholic Church.

Enjoy your day!


I had competition last night for my blog talk radio show. The President of the United States. I doubt anyone listened to me. The show is archived if you care to listen.

Today, a double anniversary. A day to remember in both instances.

First, 9/11. Forget not those who died, forget not the persons responsible.

Benghazi is already a year old. Seems like yesterday. The same mind framed people involved. Forget not the four who died, forget not again the persons responsible.

Babysat last night. Till late. It was after 11 when Lisa and husband returned. The only one still awake was Jake. He was laying on the couch next to me.

Robert and Ally were good. As usual. Baths and everything else done. In bed at 8:30 without a complaint.

Visited my doctor yesterday for the ankle pain. She has referred me. I see another doctor this morning at 9. Interestingly, no pain yesterday. It makes me wonder.
Dr. Lefferts suspected I might have a bone spur or small fracture. Dr. Louis does not think so. I believe it to be nerve related. We shall see.

I live and learn.

I have always admired Peary Court here in Key West. Initially, Naval housing. Private rentals after the Navy pulled out. Peary Court was sold this week.

Keys History in this morning’s Key West Citizen made me aware of something I never put together. Peary Court is named after Robert E. Peary, purportedly the first man to reach the North Pole. The feat was accomplished in 1909. In the 1880s, Peary was stationed as a Naval officer in Key west.

Have to move my butt. I do not wish to be late for my doctor’s appointment.

Enjoy your day!



Afghanistan and Iraq visited a Boston street yesterday. Two homemade bombs. Three dead, 154 injured.

An 8 year old boy killed after congratulating his father for completing the race. Two brothers standing next to each other each lost a leg. Many of the 154 injured face multiple operations.


Will there ever be peace?

It is doubtful. Men have been killing each other since the beginning of time. Violence appears inherent in man’s nature.

Tonight is Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My weekly blog talk radio show. Nine o’clock. I am sure what happened yesterday in Boston will be discussed. Join me. Share your thoughts with me.




I am off to less than a good start this New Year’s Day.

My blog talk radio show was scheduled for 7. About five minutes ago. I could not get into it. At my end, there are several steps to set up the show. The last two would not connect. I apologize to those of you that were up and waiting to hear pearls of wisdom fall from my lips. They would have included the fiscal cliff fiasco and Hillary Clinton, off course.

Again, my apologies. This was only week 3 of the show. Obviously still some rough edges to be worked out.

I partied last night as planned!

My goal was Duval somewhere near the Bourbon Street Pub. I wanted to see Sushi come down in the red heeled shoe.

I made it. With some difficulty. Parking was a problem. Seems like I had to park ten miles away. It was a long walk to Duval Street.

People crowded like sardines in a can. All happy. No one out of hand. The pre midnight entertainment excellent. Drag ladies performing on a stage set up in front of the Bourbon Street Pub.

I enjoyed a couple of drinks. I was able to push my way into 801 for some gin.

Several years ago, I did the midnight drop at Sloppy Joe’s. Immediately following the drop, the crowd dissipated, Sloppy’s emptied out. The night was over.

It was the same last night. Once Sushi made it down, every one left. The evening was concluded. It was ok by me as I was tired.

Sloan just telephoned. I called her earlier to figure out why I could not get into the talk radio show. She does not have it worked out yet.

My government/our government disappointed me yesterday and last night. So little, so late. Deadlines seem to mean nothing to these people. They should work for a living like every one else. If a deadline is not met, you are out of a job!

Government is broke. I am not telling you anything you were not already aware of.

Hillary Clinton’s problem bothers me. I am sure it bothers you, also. We know her. She is like family. How terrible her malady! I hope her recovery is swift.

Enjoy your New year’s Day. I am going back to bed.



I cannot diet and visit my usual haunts. The near occasions of sin are food and drink. So, I remain home evenings. My recollection is that last night was the second time in the 35 days I have been dieting that I went out.

I was excited. It was exciting.

The Chart Room was the venue selected. It had not changed. JJ bartending. Dave, Sheila, and Captain Peter in attendance.

I was good. Did not drink nor eat pop corn. Two diet Pepsi’s instead.

Captain Peter never ceases to amaze me. I learned last night he was a bird watcher.

The Captain spoke specifically of two birds. I did not know them. I know nothing about birds. He had sighted one species here in Key West. Another flying in mass over Miami recently. Both totally foreign to Florida.

The birds’ habitat is Labrador. They were far from home. Captain Peter attributes their Florida presence to Hurricane Sandy. Interesting.

Duval Street was packed. Jam packed. Traditionally, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is the busiest for Key West. Come Wednesday morning, there will be no one. You can throw a bowling ball down Duval from one end to the other without hitting any one.

Tomorrow my blog talk radio show! Seven in the morning my time. You can listen and/or call in. The show is quick moving.

This will be show #3. Help me! Not only listen, telephone me from anywhere with a comment or thought. I am going to lead with the fiscal cliff, France trying a 75 per cent tax on its millionaires, and Silvio Burlosconi having to pay his wife $3 million a month. We are not limited. Can talk about any topic you wish.

Those living outside the United States can listen in/participate via Skype.

It may be radio, but a computer is required to join me. It is a radio internet show. Found easily at Click on the second box that appears. The one with the date of the show. Voila, you will be in business!

I plan on going out again tonight. I will cheat, however. Plan on drinking. The game plan is to walk Duval a bit and at midnight watch Sushi come down on the red shoe at the Bourbon Street Pub. If I change my mind and stay in, I will still watch Sushi. CNN carries the drop live each year.

Hillary Clinton. How sad! How terrible! Hope her condition clears up swiftly.

Many were critical of Hillary when she announced she could not testify before the Congressional committee looking into Benghazi because  she had fallen and suffered a concussion. Many thought it was a convenient made up excuse. One of this blog’s loyal readers wrote and referred her malady as an “immaculate concussion.” I must concede, I thought ill of the situation as well. A lesson to be learned. Never jump the gun…..give a person the benefit of the doubt. Not all political figures are the same. Some tell the truth.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve day! Better yet, enjoy this evening!




Midnight New Year’s Eve, the world watches the ball drop on Time Square. In person and on television.

Key West has its own drops. Three traditionally. Perhaps a fourth this year.

The original drop is Sloppy Joe’s. A ball drops onto the roof. There is a huge clock marking the seconds.

The Sushi drop is at the Bourbon Street Pub. The drop is about 15 years old. Sushi is one of Key West’s most infamous and beautiful female impersonators. Sushi sits in a huge red slipper which is dropped at midnight.

The third is the drop near the Schooner Wharf at the Historical Seaport. A pirate girl descends from a high ship mast as cannons boom.

There may be a new drop this year. Cow Boy Bill’s. A honky talk saloon. A huge property. Famous for its mechanical bull. More famous for its Wednesday nights when it is competitive bull riding time for the ladies. Topless.

Word is that Cow Boy Bill’s will have a lady or ball descending from a tall scaffold.

The Bourbon Street Pub/Sushi drop is world famous. CNN carries it world wide at midnight.

A few observations this day.

We keep hearing about the four Americans killed at Benghazi. Including the American Ambassador. Ten or more injured persons were airlifted out. Why have we not heard their stories? I cannot believe they were not interviewed. They seem to have been lost in the shuffle. No one talks about them.

Syracuse won a double header yesterday!

The football team beat West Virginia 38-14 in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. The team ends the season with a 9-5 record. Good for Syracuse! We have been a poor football team the past 15 years. The last few have seen Syracuse win a game here and there. Last year was better. This year the best. We should be even better next year.

The basketball team won, also. Beat Alcorn State 57-36. Nothing to write home about. Alcorn State plays a different game altogether. The game was merely a warm up for Syracuse. What happens next week when the Big East begins is what is important. Syracuse will do well this year. The question is how well. Much is expected from the basketball team each year. That is the price of success.

Income taxes continue to be a big issue. How much should the very rich pay? Obama wants 39.6 per cent. He will probably agree to less.

France has a taxing problem, also. The President wanted a rate for France’s millionaires of 75 per cent. It got shot down by a Constitutional Council on technical grounds. It is expected to return shortly and may pass.

It has been reported that some French millionaires are considering moving to the United States to avoid a high income tax.

Our millionaires should not complain!

Tuesday, I will be doing my blog talk radio show. My third one. Seven in the morning. A one half hour talk show. Listeners may call in to discuss topics with me.

I appreciate it is New Year’s morning. However, that is the day and time the show airs. If any of you are up, listen in. Enjoy a cup of coffee with me. You will enjoy.

We talk about anything and everything involving current events.

Enjoy your Sunday!





Key West is unique in many respects. One is the abundance of musical talent residing on the island.

Last night was the 29th Annual Christmas Concert. It is always held at St. Paul’s Church on Duval. A large Episcopalian church. The Concert is held on the altar. The pews the seating area.

All kinds of music are played. The connecting thread  being the Christmas season. The best of Key West’s best perform. Most are professional entertainers.

Included in the array were Larry Smith, Christine Cordone, Kathleen Peace, Peter Diamond, Carmen Rodriguez, JodyRae Campbell, Melody Coope, Michael Thomas, and Maj Johnson. They are all friends.

The Key West community turns out for the event. St. Paul’s normally holds 500 people. Extra chairs were provided last night. In addition, a huge number stood in the back of the Church.

It was Christmas! The feeling was there from the time one arrived till long after the Concert had concluded.

After the Concert, I headed over to the Pier House’s Wine Galley. It was Sunday night. The Larry Smith Sunday Showcase was being presented.

The Wine Galley was packed as St. Paul’s had been. Many of the performers from the Concert joined Larry. It was a gala evening! More Christmas singing plus.

It was joy to the world time!

Two songs played particularly affected me. By the manner in which they were sung. Jingle Bells was one. Performed by Christine Cordone and Kathleen Peace. The other was Oh Holy Night sung by Nancy K. Hoffman. Nancy sang the tune in Yiddish.

Steven the bartender sings also. He got involved.

My good friends and annual Christmas time visitors John and Allison Blenkinsoop were at the Wine Galley. They are from Leeds, England.

Tonight Santa Claus!

Santa is my personal friend. We talk via telephone with each other off and on during the year. As a special favor, he is coming to Lisa’s home at dinner time to sit a bit with my grandchildren Robert and Ally.

I have been doing this for years. Not only with Robert and Ally, but also with my children and other grandchildren. You can’t beat having Santa Claus for a friend in the eyes of the young ones!

Tomorrow at 7 in the morning my time, the Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show. One half hour. Via the internet. Need your computer and telephone. If you like, you can even call in and wish me a Merry Christmas, discuss current events, etc.

Join me with your egg nog and coffee.

Enjoy Christmas Eve!






The Saturday before Christmas was quiet and mundane.

I watched the Syracuse/Temple basketball game at noon from the comfort of my bed. Syracuse lost. By four points. Syracuse deserved to lose. The team did nothing right, except to show up. Made less than half their foul shots, did not control the offensive backboards, did not set up for plays, permitted the zone defense to be penetrated at will, etc.

Temple on the other hand played a perfect game. While Syracuse played its worst.

Better the loss came now rather than next month when the team is into Big East play.

Had a manicure appointment after the game. Cold outside! Wore long pants and a winter type jacket. It never got over 66 degrees yesterday.

Talked with Santa claus on the telephone. Had to update him on Robert and Ally. Santa will be with both of them at dinner time Christmas eve.

Love it!

Planned on going out in the evening. I enjoyed my previous evening. However, I did not feel quite right. Stomach a bit queasy. Stayed home.

Diet going well. Tomorrow makes one month. Eighteen pounds so far. I will be cheating Christmas eve and day.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday morning at 7 my time. The Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show.  One half hour of current events to chat about. Join me. Listen in, talk, do whatever you like. You will enjoy.

The show is easy to find. Only on the internet. Listen. Nothing to see.  A radio talk show. Enter Or you can click the blog talk radio button on Facebook and Twitter. On Word Press, click blogroll.

In each instance, my blog talk radio home page comes up.

Two boxes on the home page. Click the second one containing the date of the show.

Voila! You will be there! Then follow the listen/call in instructions.

Enjoy your Sunday before Christmas eve!






Tomorrow is friday. Friday means the Key West Lou Legal hour. Ten in the morning my time.

Available on television and the internet. Airs on TV on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. From Key West all the way north through Miami-Dade County. The show also airs world wide via the internet.

I prerecorded the show yesterday. Jenna and Krystal will be off friday for the holiday. That left me with neither a producer nor engineer. With all the machinery involved, no way could I do the show alone.

Yesterday was Krystal and me. Jenna had left the day before. Working alone, Krystal had double duty to do. She was involved every minute. Did a good job! Understand. I am the “star.” I just sit. I am not permitted to move.

A good show! Wished all a Merry christmas. Got into Newtown. Explained who the Westboro Baptist Church is. Talked some tea party, Egypt’s Constitution vote, anti-noise laws, and more.

Even I am going to watch the show! It will be a first.

My heart doctor visit began the morning. I am in a national medical study. Has to do with mortality and morbidity. Whatever that means. As I understand it, the study involves specifically what fish oil does with regard to heart ailments. A five year study. Hope I live that long. I do not know if I am getting the real pill or phony one.

Took a nap in the afternoon.

Played around with how to get into the blog talk radio show I am doing. Much too complicated as I last reported. Got it down now. Two simple steps. Go to Do not forget the hyphens in key west lou. Up will come the blog talk radio screen. Two fairly large sized boxes will appear. Both involving me. Click on the second box. The one giving you the date and time of the show.

That’s all

Thank you again John Gapinski.

The blog talk radio show is tuesday mornings at 7. Bright and early. Coffee time. Enjoy yours while I enjoy mine. Only one half hour. A talk show. Call in and we can chat a bit back and forth. The subject matter is current events. But since Tuesday is Christmas Day, I would enjoy receiving a Merry Christmas call or two.

I am having a typical Louis Xmas shopping time. I have done none yet.

I enjoy giving. Always have. Do not enjoy shopping, however. Not just for gifts. For things for Louis, also. Like suits, shirts and ties.

Enjoy your day!



I did it! My first blog talk radio show. This morning at 7. I was nervous and excited.

One problem. No one called in. Hard to do a talk show without someone to talk with. I know people listened. Blog Talk Radio provides a list of callers after the show. One listener was from as far away as Italy.

PLEASE…..Listen and CALL IN to chat with me next week! As the saying goes, I was all alone by the telephone.

Jerry Gapinski is a loyal Key West Lou blog reader. He suggested an easier way to get into the blog talk radio site. It eliminates one or two steps. You still have to go to the Search Bar, delete it, and type in Current Events. From that point follow the specific instructions I provided in my 12/16/12 Key West Lou blog.

Thank you, Jerry!

One final thought. Several of you who read my daily blog periodically write to me to disagree with a position I might have taken. Some strongly. Where were you this morning? Lets have a dialogue. Call in!

Yesterday, I walked Home Depot again. I notice my legs get tired within the first 10 minutes. I cannot understand why. Fat or skinny, my legs look terrific. They are muscular. Appear to be the legs of an athlete.

Ran some errands.

Worked on this morning’s radio show and friday’s TV/Internet show.

I am getting despondent with the diet. I need to see success. Success to me is the scale. I have been stalemated at 16 pounds for a week. I am beginning to feel sorry for myself. Not good. Soon I will say what the hell and have a drink!

My thanks to those who listened to today’s blog radio show. To those who did not, I still love you. I bear you no ill will. Please however listen in next week.

Enjoy your day!