I was rummaging through some boxes stored in my closet yesterday. I came up with a wedding dress! Lisa’s! It is now in her hands for cleaning and saving.

The discovery brought back many fond memories for Lisa and me. It was 11 years ago that she wore the dress.

Today is a solemn occasion for the people of the United States. 9/11. As infamous as Pearl Harbor. Almost 3,000 killed. A day for recollection and thought. The enemy still exists.

I have a problem. 9/11 being such an important occasion in our history, why is there no mention of the event in today’s Key West Citizen? The event is worthy of a front page article.

A slight correction. There is mention of 9/11 in the Citizen. On the comic page. Seven lines as part of The World Almanac.

Visited Walgreens yesterday. Another prescription. The pharmaceutical companies are getting extremely rich as a result of senior citizen needs.

It was a new Walgreens yesterday. Each and every employee, whether behind a counter or passing you in an aisle, smiled and greeted you with a …..Welcome to Walgreens! It has to be the competition. CVS has three stores at the present time with two more under construction. The competition will be 5-1. Walgreens has initiated a public relations program to keep its customers.

The joyful greeting, etc. was needed. I found Walgreens’ staff generally cold and uncaring. Even surly on occasion.

Lunch was at Harpoon Harry’s. The wednesday special. A turkey dinner. $9.99. Loved it!

I discussed turtles yesterday or the day before. A study suggested there were too many turtles and the seagrass was suffering world wide as a result thereof.

Yesterday’s USA Today had a brief turtle story. The number of sea turtles in North Carolina waters is apparently dropping off. North Carolina measures by counting turtle nests. Two years ago there were 1,300. Last year only 549. A 58 percent reduction. Must be the sharks predominate yet in North Carolina.

The study I commented on yesterday and mention today must be in error. I felt that way upon reading about it. I spoke with some Key Westers who know and make their living via the ocean. To a person, they agreed the study could not be correct as far as Key West waters were concerned.

I dined at Hot Tin Roof last night. Remained quite a while. Even watched the President’s speech while there. The meal was excellent. Scallops risotto. Joseph and the bartender good company.

The bartender is originally from Old Forge. Fifty miles from my home town of Utica. In the Adirondack Mountains. We did a lot of reminiscing.

I finished the meal off with a snifter of Grand Mariner and a slice of Key Lime pie. The crust was it! Cashew nuts and gram crackers crushed together.

The President’s speech disappointed me. Yes, he is going a strep further. He will be bombing parts of Syria and doing some other things. Not enough

I believe ISIS is a growing threat and will be a major thorn in our side in a short time. We should not futz around. ISIS should be destroyed now! I do not believe the President’s plan is sufficient to accomplish such a result. Do we have to wait for ISIS to blow something up and kill many here in the United States before we react sufficiently?

For years there has been a large bodied man with long white hair and a long white beard reading palms in a booth on Duval Street. No more. He was shot in the head and killed by a thief in Trinidad yesterday where he was visiting relatives. His name Mahadeo Bhan Jerrybankhen. May he rest in peace.

I have to hustle. Physiotherapy for my shoulder starts later this morning.

Before I go, bocce tonight. I am going to try to play. Big game! A money one. A blood match. We play Larry Smith’s team. Serious bocce and a lot of hell raising.

Enjoy your day!


Met what I perceive to be an outstanding young man last night.

It was dinner time. I was in the lobby of the Marriott Beachside. A young Afro-American came in with a bundle of newspapers. This week’s KONK Life. I went over to get a copy. My habit is to check my column for printing errors.

The young man said I know you. He thought for a moment. Key West Lou! Louis Petrone! You write for KONK Life. He then went on to profusely apologize for a mistake he made. He appeared embarrassed. I did not initially understand what he was talking about.

His name was Kayon.

Besides delivering for Konk, Kayon also works in house. One of his tasks is to take my weekly column and reprint it in KONK E-Blast one day a week. Last week’s column was screwed up. E-Blast was one big paragraph. No separation of paragraphs. I complained to publisher Guy de Boer in an e mail.

Turns out Kayon was responsible. He explained he failed to hit a key.

I was embarrassed by how embarrassed and sorry Kayon was.

We chatted a bit. Kayon impressed me. He is a winner!

Spent a couple of hours early afternoon yesterday at a business meeting. Two hours is too much time for business in Key West.

Then visited Lisa. Jake was chewing on a branch he brought in from outside. Fortunately, he did not swallow any of it. Just messed up the living room floor with chips.

Spent some time afterwards at home working on Growing Up Italian. I roughed out a chapter. I have a luncheon meeting today with my publisher Shirrel Rhoades. He is going to ask how I am doing. I am two books behind at the present time.

Wanted to enjoy dinner at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town last night. Looked like rain. The Marriott has indoor parking.

There was room for my car, but not for me. The bar was jam packed. I have never seen it that crowded. It was hello to bartender friend Steve and entertainer Mike Emerson. Then I left.

I tried the Chart Room. Emily bartending Had a couple of drinks and chatted with two couples from one of the Carolinas. Repeat visitors. Their next stop was Pepe’s for dinner.

I think the drinks have gotten smaller at the Chart Room.

I was reading USA Today. There was Ron Grossman’s name. Ron was a Utica attorney. Eight to ten years older than me. I have neither seen nor heard of him in years. His name was in USA Today together with his wife Doris’. The article concerned retirees and the places they picked to settle. Ron was interviewed. He and Doris are living in Sarasota.

I always liked Ron. We had a congenial relationship. Professional, not personal. The reflection that sticks clearly in my mind was a job interview with him. The time 1960. I had just graduated from law school. Looking for a position in a law firm. Ron offered me a job. He pointed to a desk off his reception area. He said you will work there and share your fees with me 50/50.

No salary. No way could I accept his generosity. I had one child and another on the way.

Bocce tonight!

Enjoy your day!




Requiem aetemam dona eis, Domine. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord.


It is all over. Syracuse lost to Michigan last night in the Final Four 61-56. It was Michigan all the way. Syracuse was down 11-12 points at one time. Came back. Could not win. The last two minutes were bad for Syracuse.

Syracuse’s fabled defense was good. The offense not so good. Especially where 3 pointers were involved. Michigan made 8 to Syracuse’s 3.

Overall, Syracuse went far. This has been a season of ups and downs. The team crested well at the end. Made it to the Final Four. A never give up team all the way. Coached well once again by Jim Boeheim. Congrats to team and coach.

Michigan fans were less than pleasant. A bunch of arrogant asses from my perspective. There were many Michigan fans at the Sports Pub. Few Syracuse fans. I had to move around because of the crowd. Sat near two different groups. The Michigan fans were out for blood. They were in your face with their lack of friendliness during and when the game was over. Not nice at all. I attribute their attitude to the fact that Michigan has not gone this far in the Big Tournament in 20 years. They did not know how a winner behaves.

I am glad the Syracuse basketball season is over. It was not good for my heart!

Louisville looked good in the second half of their game. Their full court press hurt Wichita State. Wichita played poorly the last five minutes. Stupid turnovers. I attribute Wichita’s poor playing at the end to a lack of experience, also. They had not been that far in the Big Tournament since the 1960s. There is something to be said for having been there. The next time a team generally is smarter and does not make the mistakes that cost them an earlier game.

Friday’s USA Today had a listing of the top ten donut places in America. Key West was #1. The place is called Glazed Donuts of Key West. I have never heard of it. The shop is purported to be located at 420 Eaton street. I cannot see it mentally. I intend to search it out.

Key West is handicapped for 2-3 years with big time boulevard construction. It takes me 15 minutes longer to get into town and 20 minutes longer to get home. A mess! Now a year old. We have learned to live with it and make do.

Key West City fathers do not always make the right moves. I sometimes think they have their heads up their asses. An example is Duck Ave. Duck Ave. is a collateral route when traveling Flagler. Flagler is generally the way out of town. Some have discovered Duck Ave. It goes the same direction as Flagler, runs parallel to Flagler. Some of us use Duck Ave. to avoid for a part of the way the heavy Flagler traffic.

It was announced front page in the Key West Citizen that a major renovation was soon to to be done to Duck Ave. Terrific! The city fathers must think this is the right time. Get it done before the boulevard construction is completed!

Enjoy your day!