Water has become the topic of the day. Detroit recently. Followed by Toledo. The drought in southwestern United States. Now Fairfield, Texas is in the news.

Fairfield has water problems like other areas of the United States. They came up with a partial solution. They drink wetlands water. Yes, the place where snakes and vermin crawl about. Fairfield filters and treats the water chemically. The result is good drinking water.

Key West and the lower keys have been ahead of the game. I have had a home in the Key West area for 16 years. From day one, I heard that part of the drinking water was desalinated salt water. True!

Key West and lower keys’ water comes from two sources.

The primary source is the Everglades National Park. The four thousand square mile Biscayne Aquifer is located there. The water is extracted, treated, and then sent 130 miles via a pipeline to Key West.

Key West recognized many years ago that the water coming in was not sufficient to meet Key West’s needs. A process to convert salt water to fresh water came into being. Two desalination plants were constructed. One on Stock Island, the other in Marathon. The process is known as Reverse Osmosis Desalination.

The bottom line is that up to 4 percent of the drinking water in the lower keys is fresh water converted from sea water.

You never know by drinking it!

Bertha still  out there. No significant damage or injuries yet. Bertha has missed directly passing over the Turks and Caicos and the southeastern Bahamas. There is rain, however. Everyone everywhere needs rain so that is good.

Speaking of rain, the last three days have been rain, rain, rain here in Key West. It will rain again today. Each storm a storm! Heavy rain, thunder and lightning. During the night, I could hear the rain slap hard against my bedroom windows. The power went out. Did not mean it was always dark in my bedroom. The lightning came right through the closed wood shutters.

Two golf observations.

Poor Tiger Woods. His back again. He had to withdraw from the Bridgestone Tournament. You could see him hobbling.

Tiger has not been the same since the scenario with his wife several years ago. Though he has won a few tournaments, he is not the Tiger Woods of old. Everything seems to not work properly. Age is a factor. He is now 38. I doubt he will ever be the golfer he was.

The new Tiger Woods appears to be Rory McIlroy. A youngster relatively speaking. I think 25 years old. He has already won three majors. He won the Bridgestone yesterday.

The gauntlet has passed.

Enjoy your day!



I think Jake and I may have finally become friends.

Lisa and family were over yesterday afternoon to swim. Jake was with them. He swam a bit. Made no fuss about it. He rested at my feet. Made no fuss about that either..

Last night was Sunday dinner at Lisa’s. Both before and after dinner, I sat on the couch reading the newspapers. Each time, Jake jumped up and laid down next to me.

I finally made it! Jake likes me!

Robert and Ally love the water. It is a pleasure to watch them dive and swim.

I spent part of the afternoon watching golf. May Sergio Garcia hold onto his lead today to win. He fell into the background after a great start his first years playing the game.

Mickelson and Woods are disappointments. On the other hand, the greats cannot be great all the time. Not in golf.

I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted briefly with Don. A lot of people at Don’s. His bar is like a social club. His followers are there all the time.

Needed to grocery shop. Cupboard was bare again. I enjoyed the experience, as usual. Also, I find it good exercise pushing the cart up and down the aisles of the new Publix. A huge store!

Sunday’s Key West Citizen carries the bocce standings in its sports section. Surprise of surprises! Our team is tied for third place. Only 2 games out of first. We have only played 3 weeks. Two of the three we played well. The middle one a disaster. My sense is that every team is having a difficult time early in the season. There is no consistency.

Diana Nyad will add to her famous career this evening when she puts her feet down on a Key West Beach. Diana is 64. A long distance swimmer. She left Havana a couple of days ago. Her destination Key West.

This is Diana’s fifth attempt to swim the distance. It is only 103 miles. A tough 103 miles. The problems are sharks, jelly fish and the tides. She is doing the swim without a shark cage to protect her. The waves reportedly are 3-5 feet high.

It is claimed that the area between Cuba and Key West is the most difficult in the world to swim.

This morning finds Diana only ten miles off shore. I hope she makes it.

The Key West Citizen reminds us today of the Hurricane of 1935 which destroyed the Keys. The hurricane hit on Labor Day. Hundreds died. Buildings and homes were leveled. A train was actually blown off its tracks.

The hurricane was a Category 5. Winds reached 200 miles per hour. The tides were 18-20 feet above normal.

It was not a good holiday!

Tomorrow is tuesday. which means my blog talk radio show tomorrow night. Nine in the evening. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Join me for some interesting chatter about hacking the new way to wage war and Obama and Syria.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday I walked around to the other side of the bay. A big distance!

I had already walked a couple of times the same route. However, I stopped where the concrete roadway ended. At the end of the line were two junk cars and a dirt path. The end of the civilized world for me.

From where I sit on my terrace, I can see directly to the other side the bay. What I see is a Church of sorts. All of one inch high to my vision because of the distance. There is also a minimal scattering of homes. There had to be a way to get to the Church and homes beyond the junk cars and concrete road.

There was. I found it. Three hundred feet up the dirt path was a narrow paved road. I followed the road to the Church. Unfortunately, it was locked. That is the second Church I have tried to enter on Amorgos that was closed. The Last Supper Church in Milan said I had to leave minutes after I arrived. The Church was closing. Amoros’ two churches closed. I am never going to be redeemed!

Later in the evening., I was discussing the trip with some neighbors. We were trying to determine how far across the Church was. How wide the bay. Someone mentioned it was farther than Tiger Woods could drive. The consensus was at least 2 miles.

The other side of the bay was interesting. Beautiful goes without saying. Besides the tiny Church, there was a taverna. A tavern in English. Also scattered homes, small coves, a lot of olive trees, and a man on a donkey. A donkey being the reliable and cheapest mode of travel on the island.

A big walk for me! Definitely at least 3 miles. Probably more.

When I returned to my rooms, I was exhausted. Nap time. When I woke, it was too late to catch the bus to Chora.

I was chatting with my neighbors and we decided to have a party on my terrace. The biggest spot in the complex.

We were American, French, Australian, and English. We chipped in and had take out. Take out exists everywhere.

The menu was vine leaves stuffed with rice and gyros. Pork and lamb. Followed by a series of Greek cakes. Plus alcohol, of course. Wine, beer, and gin.

A good time!

I only spent two nights in Athens. Five in Santorini. My total time on Amorgos will be a bit longer than three weeks. What I am about to convey, I did not notice in Athens or Santorini. The people are not the same as last year. The exuberance is gone. People are quiet. They will speak when spoken to. However, they are not as engaging as last year.

Who knows.

Spyros has become a friend. The internet guru who owns the internet store I am working from. He commented this morning that he did not see me last night. The cafe area/nightlife in Kapatola is small. An absence easy to note. I am glad Sypyos missed me.

Enjoy your day!



I shoved Mother’s Day aside yesterday to express my feelings regarding the possible closing of the Chart Room and Wine Galley.

Sorry Mom! I still love you!

My mother is no longer with me. She passed on some 25 years ago. However, I am certain she walks with me every day.

To all mothers everywhere…..Happy Mother’s Day! Belatedly!

I now celebrate Mother’s Day with Lisa and her family. We went to Sunday dinner at the Yacht Club. Always a pleasant family experience.

Ally is 7, soon to be 8. She has begun to express her independence. She wants long hair. Long long hair! It is already down to her shoulders, if not a bit below. Her bangs cover her nose.

I suggested to Ally she have her hair cut. No way!!!

Robert is 8. He will be 9 wednesday. His independence is obvious, also. His hair is a bit long. One missed haircut long. Robert’s hair has become extremely curly. He looks terrific! The young ladies will be after him some day.

Great golf yesterday afternoon! I am glad Tiger won. Golf needs the excitement he brings to the game. I was pulling for Jeff Maggert, also. At 49 considered old for golf. He was in it till the end. Came in tied for second. Sergio committed the master screw up of the day. He put two in the water on 17.

Dinner was over by 8. I was showered, shaved and dressed. I did not want to go home. Decided to stop at Don’s Place. Only five at the bar. I knew no one. I surmised everyone was celebrating with their mothers and went home.

Jake got out of the yard. Lisa’s home is surrounded by fence. Robert and Ally left the front gate open when they came home from school. Jake went exploring.

Lisa was terrified! She found him a block away. Running all over. Jake is not car trained. She finally got him. Got Robert and Ally also. They were properly admonished. I doubt the front gate will ever be left open by them again.

The annual Truman Symposium is at the end of this week. Technically referred to as the Truman Legacy Symposium. May 17-18. At the Little White House. Truman made 11 different trips to Key West while President and stayed a total of 175 days.

Key West loves Harry Truman!

Doom and gloom abounds! Word is the Chart Room is going down. Could be unfounded gossip. The rumor is based on the fact that the Chart Room will be closed today. The employees have been told not to come in. As I understand it, they have not been told either way whether they have or do not have jobs.

No word on the Wine Galley.

Show time tomorrow night! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Two items up for discussion. One is the IRS oppressing tea party organizations. The other, Muslims beheading 813 Italians in the late 1400s for refusing to convert to the Islamic religion. Plus anything else that comes to mind. Mine or yours.

Join me at 9 in the evening. An internet radio talk show. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



























There was an avalanche in Washington State yesterday. Three persons injured. One dead.

Why am I writing about an avalanche as I sit here in Key West basking in 80 degree weather? It has to do with Chamonix.

You will recall I spent two days last summer in Chamonix. Chamonix is in France. The village sits in a valley beneath Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and all of Europe. I was impressed. Majestic. Even in the summer, the top third of Mont Blanc was covered in snow and ice.

Two weeks ago, there was another avalanche. In Chamonix. Three killed.

Both avalanches reported a similar cause. Melting spring snow. Avalanches occur. The ground  surface snow opens creating huge craters.

People either get buried in the snow as it passes over them or they drop into one of those never ending openings. And die, unless fortunate to merely be injured.

Avalanches have become more recent the past ten years.

Scientists attribute that fact to global warming. The temperature at the higher levels has been steadily increasing. The snow melts faster. Avalanches become more frequent.

The problem remains a minor one, however. There is agreement that global warming will not become extremely dangerous regarding avalanches for at least another fifty years.

There is still time.

I had a be good to Louis day yesterday. Layed around the pool a bit. Watched the Masters from my bed. Napped.

I felt bad for Tiger Woods. A two stroke penalty. I agree, better than disqualification.

Today is the final round of the Masters. At least a dozen players can win. It will be interesting.

I did get out last night. Hogfish. Enjoyed a hogfish meal. Hogfish stuffed with crab. Oh, so good!

I have a birthday party to attend at 6 this evening. At the Chart Room. Che is 80 years old!

Enjoy your Sunday!