Syracuse was crucified and decimated yesterday afternoon. Virginia beat Syracuse 75-56. The worse beating in the three games Syracuse has lost.

It was close until there were 11 minutes to go in the second half. The game was tied 42-42. Then came the deluge.

I have no comment. Syracuse deserved to lose. I have no idea what the rest of the basketball year will hold for Syracuse. In spite of Syracuse’s record, it has been a rocky season.

I was supposed to watch the game at Don’s Place with Dan and Lisa. I never made it. I got sick. Very sick. Food poisoning. It hit me within a short time after lunch. A lunch I prepared for myself at home. Something definitely was bad. I spent the afternoon and evening in bed and the bathroom. The blessing is I lost 3 pounds.

I am not sure how I feel this morning. I have to find out in the next hour. There is another open house scheduled. I will cancel it if I am not better. I want my bed and bathroom to die in.

Two interesting Key West issues today. Both in this Sunday’s Key West Citizen.

One is backyard gun ranges. I made mention of them about a month ago. A resident of Big Pine Key set up a gun/shooting range in his back yard. It would bother me if I was the guy’s neighbor. Some have expressed concern.

Turns out there is nothing that can be done about it. Gun enthusiasts and the NRA control in Florida. A State law was passed in 2011  that permits shooting ranges on home property. The law further provides that if any elected official prohibits such gun ranges, he is subject to a $5,000 fine and revocation of office.

The second Amendment carried a step too far.

Public nudity is another issue. The issue makes it sound like people are running around bare ass on the streets of Key West. Such is obviously not the case. What is involved is Fantasy Fest.

In a letter to the editor in today’s paper, an individual complained. He appears to be a snowbird. This is not the first time he has complained about the issue.

He wants the city fathers to “…..clean up our town and take it back.” Because of him, public nudity is a front burner issue once again.

I will simply state Fantasy Fest is an adult party and has been such for more than 25 years. It was started because late October was a dead time. The merchants were hurting. It was hoped Fantasy Fest would bring tourists to Key West. It has. Sixty thousand come out to watch the parade alone. The business men are happy. I suspect most resident are, also.

The complainer is a squeaky wheel. My concern is that a squeaky wheel always get attention. It would be a shame if this one convinces Key West to regulate more the dress standards.

There is nothing wrong with Fantasy Fest that needs fixing as regards nudity. Pasties, spray painting and other existing ordinances cover the problem. I like the use of the word “cover.” It was purely accidental.

Leave whatever the nudity is during Fantasy Fest alone.

One additional comment. I would be surprised if the complainer even attends any of the festivities. I suspect it would be too shameful from his perspective.

The Academy Awards tonight. I am old school. I have enjoyed the Oscar awards all my life. I will be watching from my bed.

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Enjoy your Sunday. I hope I enjoy mine!




Time moves on. Things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

The 2007/2008 recession hit Key West hard. People did not have the money to vacation in Key West. The tourist season has been getting better the last two years, however. Last night it appeared unquestionably better!

I was having dinner at Square One. With the lovely Stephanie Kaple, The Key West Shoe Girl. She wears heels all the time. The tall ones. Even when playing bocce.

Square One was mobbed when I arrived and it stayed that way all night. Standing room only at the bar waiting for a table. Several deep. A spark of excitement in the air. I had not felt nor experienced it for several years.

Carmelo worked hard last night. I am happy for him that the new Square One Restaurant is a success.

The Key West Citizen has a daily historical part on page 2. Happenings from fifty years ago. Two items caught my attention this morning. One involved Arthur Godfrey and the other the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Arthur Godfrey was a big TV star in the 1950s and into the early 1960s. His was CBS’ most successful show.

I met Arthur Godfrey once briefly. In the mid 1950s, I was attending Manhattan College in New York City. One of the many part time jobs was as a messenger delivery boy. No bicycles then. Each messenger had a small several block area. You walked fast!

I was in and out of the CBS Building all the time. Many of which I saw Arthur Godfrey moving around. After making a delivery one day, I was in the elevator going down. Arthur Godfrey was on it, also. Just me and him. He look at me and mouthed a gruff hello.

There was a limousine waiting for Godfrey at the curb. As he was about to get in, he looked at me again. Where are you going, kid? I told him. It was about five blocks away. Get in, he said. I’ll give you a ride. It was an exciting ride for me. We chatted. He asked me all kinds of questions about myself.

An awesome experience for a 19 year old!

The other 50 years ago news item mentioned the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thirteen days in 1962 of tension for the world. We were going to war with Russia! Thank God it was avoided.

When the missile crisis occurred, I was two years into my law practice and had fathered three of my four children. Lisa was down the road.

Kenneth Keating was a United States Senator from New York. He brought the Cuban missiles to the world’s attention. He was the first one! He drummed on it daily in the Senate in open floor debate. The Senate did that then.

Keating was a good man and had done a good thing. No one was ever going to beat him. He could be U.S. Senator from New York forever.

It was not to be. Robert Kennedy claimed a New York residency and ran against Keating. Only a Kennedy could have beat him.

The election was the first time I met Robert Kennedy. I was a young active Democrat. He was speaking in Rome, N.Y. He, I and his advance man (who had slept at my home the night before) met on a stage behind a curtain for a quick five minute strategy meeting while a speaker and a political rally were going on on the other side.

My first impression of Kennedy was he was cold and calculating. His eyes never left yours. He understood the lay of the land and the way he wanted things done.

The Cuban Missile Crisis had many connections to Key West. Key West was the first line of defense. Artillery weapons and the military blanketed Smathers Beach.

President Kennedy came to visit Key West after the crisis was over. It was a short visit. One day. He lunched with the then State Senator John Spottswood. He may have been Sheriff at the time. I am not sure.

The movie PT 109 was in its formative stage. Spottswood suggested to the President the movie be shot in the Keys. Specifically, Little Palm Island. Spottswood owned the island at the time. The movie eventually was shot on the island.

John Spottswood became a powerful figure. He is one of those responsible for Key West becoming what it is today. His family has succeeded him in pursuing the best interests of Key West. I only know Robert and Elena Spottswood. Great people! Key West is their heart and soul.

Lets stay with the Kennedys for a moment. I see from the news that Kerry Kennedy was acquitted yesterday of the DUI charge. It took the jury a little more than an hour to decide. I think the charge and trial were the result of a publicity seeking young prosecutor looking to nail a big one. It would have enhanced his or her career. The whole thing was a disgrace. The woman was prosecuted/persecuted because she was a Kennedy.

Syracuse basketball today. At 4. Against Virginia. A big game! The spread has been moving. Today, Virginia is a four point favorite. I have absolutely no idea what the result will be. It has been that kind of season.

I will be watching the game at Don’s Place.

Enjoy your day!


I appreciate that most of you read this blog to share with me what I did the day before. You have to understand that there are days I never leave the house. Like everyone else.

Yesterday was one of those days.

It was lovely till around supper time. Then the weather changed. I sat at my kitchen table most of the day chopping away at the computer. I was working on one of the chapters that will be part of my next book Growing Up Italian. It had to do with how my grandmother colored Easter eggs for us.

I started getting ready for booce at 5:30. Since I was scheduled to play the third game, I did not hurry. I did not have to be at the bocce courts on time for the first game. As I was getting ready to leave around 6:30, the weather changed. Dramatically. As it frequently does. The sky darkened, thunder and lightning, and then rain like hell!

I telephoned Don at the bocce courts. Before I could even say a word he said…..Stay home! He said the rain was so bad everyone was crowded under the pavilion.

No problem at my end. By nature, I am lazy. I hauled myself off to bed and spent the evening enjoying television.

The weather is overcast and a bit cool this morning. There is a cold wind off the ocean. My home is on open water. I feel the chill. Actually, it is 68 degrees. High will be 72. Probably rain.

Dinner tonight with The Key West Shoe Girl Stephanie Kaple. Should be fun. Stephanie is very much a today woman. I am from another generation. Conflict will permeate the table talk.

Tomorrow, Syracuse basketball. This time Virginia. A major game against a ranked rival. Vegas has lost faith in Syracuse. My team is a 10.5 point underdog.

Like Porky Pig would say at the end of his  cartoons of old…..That’s all folks!

Enjoy your day!